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September 28, 2011


The news media, talk-shows, books, magazines and blogs are all a buzz with discussion about the bullying of children today. Everyone has an opinion for who they believe is to blame, but no one is willing to accept responsibility for what we have brought upon ourselves.

In the day and time we live, Americans have become a spoiled, arrogant and self-centered people whose main focus is what feels good and could care less about what is morally right. I believe the experience of my life has earned a platform for me to say this. Life for me has not been easy and I had to sleep in the bed of my choice. Living the way I have, and working as a bartender has given me an insider’s view of just how ignorant people really are about their true selves. For twenty years I listened to people’s inebriated justifications as to why they behaved the way they did.

You have a house, two cars and all the toys, a spouse if you’re married, however many kids and a pet, your career, a part-time job or two, financial debt and nine credit cards all maxed out and you are stressed. Is it any wonder why you drink, do drugs and pursue emotional ease the way you do?
You’re a member of this club and that committee, basketball on Monday and the designated soccer mom on Tuesday. You would never consider a community outreach on Wednesday because it’s ladies night with no cover charge for girls and domestic bottles are half price. Thursday is over-the-hump night as you corral with all of your buddies at a pub to watch soccer on a HDTV mounted over the bar, and here comes Friday. Everybody’s living for the weekend date night out to dinner, big screen movie time and then you end up at a club to dance all of your frustrations away─girl hunting, boy hunting or whatever your sexual preference with cocktails flowing to inebriated bliss. You wake up hurting, about mid-morning on Saturday, and stumble into the bathroom to get rid of the poison in your system. You then begin to make calls planning the day’s events to try to recapture lost youth. And that night, you do it all again. Sunday morning comes around and your head is swimming with vibes of the weekend, so you stay home to recuperate and pop a few tops watching ESPN. You’re living life!
Man….you have arrived and are proud of your accomplishments. Sacrifice to career has earned you great respect among vain peers as you strut around in a pompous show of confidence, having achieved the American dream. You’re oblivious to reality and that everything of value has crumbled all around you. Your spouse or significant other cannot stand you and the kids are going to hell in a hand basket. Having no guidance, no discipline and no direction, they turn to the mentally-challenged individuals of today’s arts, entertainment, music and sports industries to be the model of their dreams.

Youth in America are hopelessly lost in their search of social acceptance and self-expression, all because of the influence their culture’s cliquish peer pressure has on young people today. The neighborhood where they live to the school they attend, what they wear to the car they drive and how many “in” people they know. And if someone is not like them, they are less than and made to know it.
Young people today are mean-spirited because the have no sense of purpose or self-respect. In school they are taught an evolution theory as truth, and look at the effect it’s had on shaping the opinion of what they think of themselves. This self-perception is what has influenced how they treat other people.

How many times have I caught teenage girls in bars with fake IDs, and their parents have no clue where they are? They’re being drugged and raped by adolescent men old enough to be their fathers while you sit back and discuss the lies of politicians with people as misguided as you are. The priorities of people in this nation are way off from where they need to be and something must be done to alter the direction it’s heading. We have a government that intends to control and regulate the things that influence ethics in people, and this is the reason why so few have escaped the effects of moral decay that have now shaped a culture with no value for human life.
One of the greatest atrocities of our time is the estimated 1.4 million abortions every year in the United States. Women do this in the name of avoiding an inconvenience, but in reality it is one of the methods being used to depopulate the world. Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an evil sadistic woman. Read the history about this woman and her writings. Those who work for this organization today are no different than her. Log on to the internet and do your research among the only nonbiased media archives to learn the truth about issues like this.
As difficult as my life has been, I am drawn to those who cannot defend themselves. And to the vulgar people committing this crime, either legislatively or in person, against the sanctity of human life, your day in court is coming. God will judge you.

Take a moment to reflect on the example being set for young people to follow. Do you really want your children to be just like you? What is more important, the justification of hiding from the shame of your past or maybe even the pride of what you have accomplished, or their future? What will you have to experience before accepting responsibility for the many wrong decisions you’ve made? What you should do is ask for your family’s forgiveness, and then lead them in doing what is necessary to make things right with God. But no, this would point the finger of blame at you and that’s why you allow your children to do whatever they choose.
Whether it’s TV or video games, running the streets until late in the evening, experimenting with alcohol and drugs, sexual intercourse with another child or maybe even committing a crime, your children have watched you do nothing to try to model their behavior. They know you really don’t care.
As they get older, you pull your hair out wondering why they behave the way they do and why they have no respect for you. Well…..look in the mirror─they’re a spitting image of you. To justify what you have done, you embrace the ideologies that claim a child’s behavior is the result of a medical condition. You continually endorse those in public office who make laws to promote filth like Social Justice Education, which has removed from today’s culture all conscience of accountability.

Look at how many entertainment venues there are for people to immerse themselves in while doing their best to numb that feeling of insignificance. Whatever the mind can imagine! The amount of alcohol consumed today by casual drinkers and alcoholics is staggering. Again, read the statistics about alcohol related deaths, spousal and child abuse, date rapes and all the violence resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. This is the environment teenagers can’t wait to experience and by the time they turn twenty-one, most are well versed in self-indulgence. This is what America’s enlightened culture is doing to your children.
The younger generations are mad and have no example to follow, and you Mr. and Mrs. Career, are the reason they will stand before God naked and ashamed. Their distrust of you will be the edifice that will condemn them to an eternity in hell because of their rebellion to God.
Like you, I enjoyed the feeling of being drunk because it was a temporary escape and the only place where I felt good about myself. The only problem is, it doesn’t last and to get there again you have to drink more alcohol, and over time it becomes addicting. While drunk, you do things that you regret if you have a conscience, and most of the time these things can never be undone. I’ll say it again, hurt people hurt people.

There are no absolutes in the minds of people and it seems as though everyone has been left alone to do whatever they desire without a thought of an impending consequence for the choice they make. Now that self-indulgence has shaped how we live, people refuse to be told or acknowledge their conduct of living is wrong, and that they will be held accountable by a sovereign God.
This is why there is so much wrong in not only America, but in every nation today. This mentality crosses every societal boundary, whether liberal, moderate or conservative, socialist or free. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace or the inevitable judgment of His law. Who do you think you are?

But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Romans 9:20

The Bible is the only how-to manual revealing the foundation of truth capable of restoring self-worth and bringing about lasting change in a culture that has lost all sense of who they are. When all else fails, read the directions. It’s really that simple.


April 24, 2011


For several years now there has been a concerted effort by academia, authors and religious leaders to try to convince people that the Bible is no longer relevant.

– Stephen Hawking does not believe that nature reveals the hand of GOD in creation.

– Christopher Hitchens argues that GOD is not great.

– Oprah Winfrey said that GOD is a feeling experience and not a believing experience.

– Deepak Chopra believes that god is everyone, and in everything.

– Eckhart Tolle wrote that deep within the human mind is absolute stillness in which one can experience the ‘Joy of Being’. 

– Muslim Clerics teach that Islam’s Allah is the god of peace to whom we must all submit to. 

– Brian McLaren preaches a new kind of Christianity.

– Joel Osteen happily encourages his listeners as to how to have their best life now.

– Barack Obama’s political stance is that we must be respectful of everyone’s religious beliefs, so that we can build upon this ideal a peaceful, world-wide community.

– Bill Maher’s disregard of GOD is that of a hapless fool.


– Rob Bell’s recent book suggests that GOD’s love will ultimately win everybody a home in heaven.

And by what authority have they come to these speculative assumptions?

Lots of people find these teachings compelling, but to the discerning, it’s strikingly clear that these teachers all lack wisdom. The evidence being that they present to us the premise that GOD is utterly confused, and they attempt to lead people to believe that we can live as if GOD has no law. Please, think objectively. GOD is not confused! 

Of all the texts written to support the thousands of world-religions, only the Bible is specific, and leaves no room for the ideals of relativism.

Scripture teaches us that:

– In the beginning GOD created.

– GOD is holy, holy, holy.

– Humanity is evil, and seperated from GOD.

– GOD became man to be the atonement for man’s sin. 

– Only those who trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross will be rescued from the wrath of GOD, and will for all eternity be loved by GOD.


– GOD will one day judge the rebellious of humanity. 

The message of the Gospel is vastly different than what we have been told. It can then be said with confidence, that all of these people of whom the world looks to for advice are themselves deceived, because what they teach is not based upon the truth of what Scripture reveals.

The answer then to the question behind their questions is that the absurdities of all the differing observations have led people away from, rather than towards, the knowledge of the one true and living GOD. As for the billions of people who follow false-teachers and have rejected GOD’s gift of love, HELL is their just punishment.  

The good news though is that GOD reveals Himself through the person of Jesus Christ, and then actively accomplishes the humanly impossible work of salvation in that person’s life. With today’s confusion about who GOD is and about the clarity of what the Bible really teaches, the transformation of a person’s life is a definitive answer to the skeptics of the Christian faith. So yes, there is the need for this truth to be taught.       

The Bible is very clear regarding the revelation of the person of GOD, the reality of HELL, and about the penalty Jesus took upon Himself, in our place. Eternity is forever. Choose wisely as to whom you listen too… 

LIVING IN THE HOPE OF MY IMAGINATION”, is a compelling story that gives testimony to the Bible being the only revelation of GOD, with the power to change lives.

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