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December 9, 2011


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“Jesus, lover of my soul; you give me strength to overcome where
you lead for the experience of knowing it’s in you I depend. The
foundation upon which I have established my faith is in the acceptance
of your sacrifice; I am a man now redeemed. You became salvation and
took upon you my sin to suffer and die that I might live again. In you
do I trust; your Words have I hid in my heart. Oh, the joy of knowing I
am your friend. Washed and made clean by the blood of the Lamb, you
are my hope everlasting in this peace I have found. Shame cast away in
a river of grace; confident, I stand upright in your presence, my King.
Free from the bondage and slavery to sin, being healed in my body,
mind renewed and made whole. Innocence once lost has now been
restored; you are my God, my Savior, my Lord.”


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