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January 15, 2012


I’m amused with the arrogance of educated people who think that they are wise, but are actually imbecile. Those who exercise all of their cognitive reasoning in the attempt to rationalize away the undeniable truth of creations God and with it, the thought of having to give an answer to the moral law-giver for the life one has lived. The recent debate between David Wolpe and Dinesh D’Souza, and A.C. Grayling and Matthew Chapman “The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion” was the epitome of intelligent ignorance.


In his book, the recently deceased author Christopher Hitches wrote about “God Is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything.” His world-view, much like the world-view of both Grayling and Chapman and most every person alive today both religious and non, focuses on the wrongs that imperfect people do, as was addressed by David Wolpe in his opening statement. What they intentionally avoid bringing attention too is the person whose life has been fundamentally transformed by the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Who is then used by GOD to bring about radical change in the lives of other people and, has led the way to many of the greatest humanitarian advancements in world history. I would like to suggest that God is good, and that good apart from God is in reality the arrogant expression of irrational justification of a person’s perceived self-worth. Pride is the sin which God hates most!

Read a book the will challenge the self-proclaimed atheist and the adherent of every world-religion that has ever been observed, in their attempt to explain away the evidence of the Christian religion being the only true expression of worshipping creations God. Their religion is in the rejection of, or is centered upon mans attempt to dethrone God by bringing God down to man’s attainment. Whereas Christianity is God’s own handiwork in the salvation of the person who in humility accepts the scandalous representation of the Gospel as God’s only will and testament of His separateness to humanity. No one apart from Jesus Christ has, nor ever will, be accepted by the Holy, Holy, Holy God.

So in summary, the real lesson to be learned here is to never give to a fool the microphone. The blind person cannot lead other blind people out of spiritual darkness. But in this age of tolerance where we now find ourselves, Christian apologists such as Mr. D’Souza are required to give equal time to the fool who has nothing to say worth hearing. I long for the day when the Christian man who is confident in the knowledge of the doctrine of Christ’s substitution, stands face to face with the educated imbecile as Elijah did to the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, to make a mockery of them. Elijah had no respect for their unbelief, neither do I. The world longs for the sons of God to be revealed, whose lives and preaching and ministry of caring for the people in the communities where they live, proves to that society that “The World Is Better Because Of Christ.”


August 21, 2011


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Could Zachery Tims untimely death be an act of the judgment of GOD foretold in Scripture that would come upon false Sheppard’s whose motivation was not for the care of GOD’s people, but is rather of themselves?

Read (Ezekiel 34:1-16) – GOD is the enemy of false teachers, and will eventually bring judgment upon those who misrepresent GOD’s truth.

I do not question Tims profession of faith in Jesus Christ. I do though question the sincerity of his salvation because the messages he preached were entirely man-centered and shamefully void of the true Gospel which the apostle Paul wrote that pastors were to proclaim and to defend. Jesus said that the true child of GOD hears His voice, and that GOD knows them because they follow after Christ. (JOHN 10:27)
Tims gospel, which I have heard in person, was not established upon biblical doctrine, but is that of the human desire for health, wealth and self-esteem. (ROMANS 16:17-18) The Word of Faith gospel. The Trinity Broadcasting Network gospel. A gospel which is a combination of Pentecostalism and the Faith Movement, whose root teachings stem from a 19th century New Thought cult made popular by E.W. Kenyon. After Kenyon came Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen. Then came Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar. And is now a gospel being proclaimed to the world through all forms of media and literary art by their sons and daughters of the Word of Faith movement such as Paula White, Joel Osteen, and, the recently deceased Zachery Tims.

This is a false gospel which lowers GOD to mans level while raising man to GOD’s. This is dangerous! GOD is sovereign. Man is sinful. GOD is holy, holy, holy. Man is wicked. GOD made the way for man to be saved. Man must come to GOD on the terms GOD has established. This is to trust GOD to accomplish the finished work of salvation made available only through the atonement which Jesus Christ became on our behalf. Tims preached the prosperity gospel. The Bible teaches that we are to give up all of our wants, needs and ambitions to the work GOD has called each Christian to walkout every day of our lives. To teach anything other than what Scripture reveals is the will of GOD is heresy. Scripture also reveals that the greatest damnation reserved in the depths of HELL is for those who teach another gospel. (GALATIANS 1:6)

I have a history with the Word of Faith movement. For twenty years I thought that those mentioned above were GOD’s generals. But the more I studied the Bible and sought GOD’s guidance in rightly dividing Scriptures truth, the more evident it became that what they were teaching was not of the GOD of the Bible. I withdrew myself from these people and have since surrounded myself with believers who hold to the central tenants of biblical doctrine. I encourage you to do the same.

While Tims’ family and friends, and congregants mourn over his untimely death, I feel it imperative to write this blog in hope that someone reading this will understand the urgency of the time we now find ourselves. The end of mans’ time is very near! Take notice at the world around us. The religious world and the secular world. Scripture too teaches that we will know that the time of Christ’s second coming draws near. False teachings will abound. People will be deceived. It makes no difference how appealing the presentation is. 99% truth is a lie! Most of what is being presented today as the Gospel of GOD is a false gospel.

None of which I have said is anything but my speculations. Still though, GOD’s Word is true. That which a man sows, he will also reap. I’m saddened that Zachery Tims has now met GOD face to face, and was found apostate. Take heed lest you too be found wanting in the presence of the only true GOD Jesus Christ…

Note: According to authorities, there is no evidence of a crime. There is though some speculation in reference to a white powdered substance found in the room. Tims had a history with drugs. Could he have possibly kept hidden from his wife and congregation a temporary relapse to an escape from reality? This kind of behavior is not uncommon among the leaders of today’s false gospel. There are many questions of which I’m sure we will soon have the answers to.

June 14, 2011


A child not trained by loving parents will, inevitably, do things that will lead to decisions that will bring upon them trouble and/or injury and even death. This is unquestionably evidenced by the amoral condition of our societies today. This is true in the natural world in which we live and, it is even truer in the supernatural realm from where life has been granted to us all. Just as parents should have certain unquestionable expectations for their children to follow, it is certain that GOD does!

Your, my and everyone else’s opinion about what we think is right and wrong matters not. The only opinion that carries weight is what GOD has said!, and, the only voice that can accurately explain to people what GOD has said is the person/s who believes in and who adheres to a Biblical/Christian world-view. Homosexuality, as well as all other behaviors that are revealed in Scripture to be sin and an offence to GOD, must be confronted with the Word of GOD in hopes of the hearer realizing their hopelessness before the holy “Father GOD” who will judge all of humanity based upon the life they have lived.

This is why the true Christian witness is despised by today’s moral-relativistic societies. It is not hate and bigotry to tell someone that how they think, speak and choose to live is wrong. It is the only true expression of human love that can rescue evil people from the terrible anger of GOD which will one day come upon all people who hate GOD, and who have rejected GOD’s gift of love through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross of Calvary.

This is, according to Scripture, foolishness to the person who does not have an understanding of the message of the Gospel, but, neither does ignorance excuse all people whom GOD has declared evil and are also commanded by GOD to repent. This is why the person/s whose life has been transformed by the recreative work of GOD unto salvation will not be intimidated by, nor will they avoid confronting the culture in which they live in hopes of reaching those who are granted the free gift of salvation.
Having an appreciation for the undeserved mercy and forgiveness of GOD is the compelling factor in authentic Christian witness and testimony. We love people because GOD first loved us, and we know that apart from the correction of GOD we also would, like a child whose parents do not correct them, endure trouble and injury in this life and inevitably, eternal death.

Rather than calling someone a bigot, a hater, or the many different vulgar names spewed from the mouths of those who are truly intolerant, maybe you should seriously consider the courage it takes and the authentic expression of love shown to you by the person/s used by GOD to lead you to salvation.

It is your GOD given privilege to choose to believe in GOD or to not believe. This is what separates humanity from all other created things. What a privilege we have been given to know GOD in this life and to learn about GOD and, to one day see GOD face to face, and will forever enjoy the awe-inspiring realization of fellowship with the man-GOD, Jesus Christ. Heaven awaits those who with child-like faith believes and trusts in GOD for the promise of salvation. But to those who are rebellious, HELL has been prepared. To reject Jesus as Savior and as sovereign LORD is to spit in GOD’s face! This is not something that I recommend you do…

Repent of your sin and live. Repent not and you will be damned! This is the Christ-centered biblical Gospel that must be preached.

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