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July 20, 2011

Dianne Feinstein, The Persona of Washington DCs Amoral Leadership

This blog is in response to Dianne Feinstein’s article “Walking the Walk on the Defense of Marriage Act” on the Huffington Post Blog today, 7/20/2011


The bill that she sponsored (S. 598) to repeal the Defence of Marriage Act is yet another masterful piece of idiocy which is bringing into the light the real agenda of Barack Obama’s presidential administration’s fundamental transformation of America. How much will “We, the People” tolerate before the majority puts an end to this idiocy?

It is sad that we (currently) are the generation/s of American citizens who will witness the collapse of the greatest nation in the world. The pleasure of sin and of being intolerant of Christian morals which exposes sin and immorality and holds societies accountable to the laws of GOD, have been systematically removed from the conscience of American society. America is governed by haters of GOD and “We, the People”, are fastly becoming slave-subjects to these elite and are too blinded by the greed of SELF to realize what is happening.

Dianne Feinstein is an amoral woman. As our nation’s sovereignty and moral foundations which have been upheld by The Charters of Freedom become amended to the point of no longer being recognized as the documents our founding fathers pledged their lives and fortunes to draft, and eventually earn our nation’s independence from the rule of tyranny, we will be once again subject to Washington DC tyrants as our GOD-given freedoms and individual rights are stripped from our grasps.

GOD is the only hope for America’s unique way of life being restored. What are you willing to do? 2012 will be an election year that will seal the fate of or will liberate the American people from, Barack Obama’s liberal elitist socialist agenda. Please, act now!!!

A recent blog which I wrote is so appropriate for addressing Dianne Feinstein’s moral dishonesty.



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