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April 19, 2012


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It’s one thing to believe in something. It is something very different to believe that one has the right to be arrogant towards and intentionally insult others when what is believed to be true is morally, ethically and shamefully wrong! Daniel Savage is such an example.

In a culture that is wholly given over to the expressions of whatever one believes is right for that individual, there is no better example which defines the character of what bigotry really exemplifies. Savage, which is a name rightly and…..divinely given to this man, is to the rest of us, the epitome of arrogant conceit of the love of oneself having overwhelmed a person of male gender who lacks the basic tenet of cognitive reason. Born a male, Dan Savage lives as if he/she/it were a female. Talk about being confused! Lets be rational… Two men, “this is the topic of discussion”, fondling each others genitals, kissing, sucking the others dick, and engaging in anal copulation, defies the realm of reason. This ain’t natural!
And yet, this savage male in gender has given his life to the advocacy of this immoral behavior and even dares to express disdain towards any and all who should believe that this deviant sexual appetite is harmful to society.

Dan Savage is one of a few percent of our society today who are wholly confused with their sexual identity. It is because their parents, childhood influence and surroundings, education, entertainment, and society as a whole has been programmed to believe that relativism is true for each person, and that there are no moral absolutes. Well, intelligent people know that this is not so…

I grew up around people like Dan Savage, and these people lived like savages. Men I should have been able to honor, respect and trust, looked at me and then used me as an object of their immoral sexual pleasure. Having had this experience and knowing how it has negatively affected my life, I become angry when someone like savage Dan opens his mouth to criticize another person when I know just how fundamentally fucked up he/she/it really is.

At a recent speaking engagement in Seattle, savage Dan said to a group of highschool journalism students what his opinions were in reference to bullying, same-sex attraction, embracing homosexuality, and then degrading any and everyone’s faith in what the Bible teaches about the sin of homosexuality. Who now has become the real bigot? That’s right. Dan Savage, and every other militant homosexual advocate who spews out their hate towards the person who dares to confront their destructive behavior.
Their platform of tolerance and acceptance and equal rights, has become the platform of hate and intolerance. It is now time that the good moral majority stands up to the few heterosexual bigots whose intent has been and continues to use politics and the media, education and entertainment, to force everyone to accept their sexual expression as normal behavior. This is something I refuse to do! And if the American majority continues to remain silent in reference to homosexual equality, then what other harmful behaviors will these sexually immoral people attempt to have legalized? Just look at many of their lives… Do we really want this savage behavior to influence the life choices of our youth? I know different. I will never be silent!

Dan Savage is a waste of breath…


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