Poetry and Satire

December 18, 2018


Attractive, educated, successful career, acreage, lakefront house, white picket fence
All the toys a girl could want, time to play money to spend
One of three siblings, both sisters married with kids, family close by, great friends, yet still alone sleepless in her bed
CEO, work romance a taboo not allowed, dating a challenge, her success scares
On the lake bikini rocking women jealous men stare silent
Saturday night out tight dress high heels, three martini’s in she asks him to dance
Liquor emboldened his hands go where they shouldn’t, not desperate she pushes away
Martini four, a favorite song alone she sways
Last call martini five knowing not to drive, key in ignition, several miles blurred by
Up early Sunday head pounding couldn’t sleep, gin and tonic double in hand
Misty morning sun beginning to peek, sitting on the dock toes in the water, pondering, she weeps
So much to give, expectations set high, not willing to settle has the right one slipped by
Alone, no one near, at the moment vunerable, in weakness it could all end here
Drink thrown back, so much pain, silent grave the cold deep water she leans
Phone rings, a boy she new in college now a man, distance too far, they kept in touch but it’s been a long time
Family business sold no longer tied, willing to relocate, for hours they talk, laugh, cry
Three days she waits, excited, the possibilities of what this good fortune might bring
There he stands tall, dark, handsome, the man she admires
Pulling her close his arms strong embracing, the kiss gentle, she melts
Lights dim, dinner, a bottle of wine shared, music playing softly, they talk of future hopes, goals, plans
Spooning, her hand firmly grasping his, finally at peace, she cries happy tears


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