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September 5, 2013


“There is no power, but of GOD, the powers that be are ordained of GOD”

What is the role of the church? The church must continually ask the state (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government) whether its actions can be justified as legitimate action of the state, i.e., as action which leads to law and order, and not to lawlessness and disorder.
It is the churches role to help the state to be the state. If the state is not creating an atmosphere of law and order, as Scripture says it must, then it is the job of the church to draw the state’s attention to this failing. And if on the other hand, the state is creating an atmosphere of excessive law and order, it is the church’s job to draw the state’s attention to that too.

If the state is creating excessive law and order, then the state develops its power to such an extent that it deprives Christan preaching and Christian faith…..of their rights. The church must reject this encroachment of the order of the state precisely because of its better knowledge of the state and of the limitations of its actions. The state (Branches of Government) which endangers the Christian proclamation negates itself.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in a speech to his Christian brothers in church leadership 1933

Quoted from Eric Metaxas book: BONHOEFFER


What precisely is happening in America today, 2013?

Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of “Separation of Church and State” has been so fundamentally misrepresented that our current federal, state and local governments, academia, media and society as a whole view those who are Christian and believe that the biblical world-view is good and moral and right, are the blight upon American society as were the Jewish people in Germany during the Nazi Reich.

The church as most people see it today is divided, unsure of its purpose, and is therefore powerless. History does not lie! What happened less that 100 years ago is happening once again. While technology and advancement and most everything has changed since then, what our elected government officials are doing to restrict individual rights and outright outlaw all the other privileges the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantees every American citizen, is an exact replica of what Hitler and his supporters did leading up to and once their democratic republic became a dictatorship.

The confessing church then went underground. Christians were intimidated, slandered, imprisoned and murdered because they spoke the truths of the Gospel in opposition to the inhumane and criminal actions of the Nazi Reich.
What will the professing church of Jesus Christ do today in America to confront those in government with the ever relevant truths of the Gospel whose actions are godless, immoral and inhumane? Only time will tell. But as world history shows, persecution separates the visible church from the true church. I do…..and I am prepared. Are you?

Meditate upon this…


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