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August 28, 2013


No, this is no longer true!

A black man, Barack Obama, has won the Oval Office…..twice! A black woman, Oprah Winfrey, has topped the highest income bracket in America. Black people born of every conceivable social class have attained the most coveted achievements the world-over. What more can black Americans hope for? In reality, these examples take all excuses away.

It’s black uneducated children living in godless fatherless broken homes surrounded by ignorant lazy adults whose dependence upon government welfare handouts along with unchecked drug and alcohol habits have nurtured a youth culture to have no respect for themselves or the lives of others, who are the ruthless criminals and killers of themselves and of innocents today. The prison population in America is what it is for these reasons.

No, racism will never be non-existent. There will always be insecurity and cruelty among every generation and social class of society. But the black Americans’ worst enemy are those of their own race. Barack Obama, Bernice King, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Malik Shabazz, and all the others… These are those who will not allow the financial conquests of racism to cease to inflame the black hoodlum youths lust for lawless behavior and for revenge for having been born black. Rather than incite already fragile racial tensions, black leaders should go to any length to educate the young and still impressionable black American youth to the possibilities of what their life could be like if they would only work for it.

Politicians, the media and angry black Americans need to stop blaming white people for the bondage blacks inflict upon themselves!



  1. the Blacks are still in Slavery under the Liberal Democrat control especially the Poor inner city Blacks of course the middle class and the supposedly Black civil rights non-leaders are keeping them there for their advantage to keep promoting Civil unrest since it is a Big Money business for them. When you have 50% (Approx.) could be more or less with a Man using the black women to deposit their sperm (Donors) then they leave a mother poor and mostly uneducated to raise or turn them loose on the streets they will turn into animals since the strong have to survive on the streets.

    Comment by vietnamvet1971 — August 29, 2013 @ 8:13 AM | Reply

  2. I’m curious, would you oppose whites working in their self interest?

    Right now only white pastors are not allowed to say “my people”, as in “We need better solutions to improve the lives of my people.”

    Would you oppose whites having churches or learning centers dedicated to their economic and social advancement and security?

    Right now only whites are not allowed to have any college fund.

    Would you oppose white Christians having an exclusive and explicit nation with no immigrants?

    Right now Japan is 99% racial and ethnic Japanese with virtually no immigration. There are no cries of “racism” (whatever that means).

    Would you attack Japan for being too Japanese? China for being too Chinese? Africa for being too African?

    Blacks vote for Obama because he’s black. Whites don’t even get to have an opinion. If whites have no opinion, no religion, and no homeland, what good is the church for whites?

    Comment by TheRealTruth — December 31, 2013 @ 7:12 PM | Reply

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