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January 16, 2013


President Barack Obama, you sir and the elected representatives for the American people are not honoring the oaths each of you swore to protect and to defend Constitutional Law nor the sovereign rights of the citizenship which employees you. By usurpation and by Executive Order yours and past presidential administrations have violated the trust of the American people. You sir do not adhere to the code of conduct required of the governing body as is outlined in the Constitution for the Republic of the United States.

By usurpation you have imposed upon all of the American people that which you believe is best for all without the approval of Congressional consideration. Understandably you sir have no respect for Democratic and Republican oversight of our Constitutional Republic because of the undeniable fact that they have no respect for the American people. It is therefore our opinion that you sir and the elected representatives for the American people do not deserve the office nor the privileges which our hard work affords each of you and your families.

By Executive Order yours and past presidential administrations have signed into law actions which will be imposed at a time of your choosing upon the American people, all of which are strictly forbidden by Constitutional Law. You sir do not represent the best interest of the American people. But what you have done is prove to the informed citizenry that you are not a man whom we can trust.

In 2009 you told middle class America that our labor and earnings would not be taxed at a higher rate. Well sir, you lied! As of January 1, 2013 we have all had additional taxes taken from our personal incomes. Monies which are taken away from law-abiding hard-working and productive people and their families, only to be riotously wasted by incompetent people such as yourself because we have not held you accountable to the oath of office each of you swore to fulfill.

As the planned inflation has drastically raised the cost of everything we all must have and consume to live, our standard of living is continually decreasing. But you sir, seem happily content to enjoy endless all-expense paid vacations paid for by the American people. This is not right!
As the result of the economic times in which we all find ourselves, we the people have no choice but to adjust our priorities and make sacrifices to ensure that we can provide for our families and meet obligations. And to add insult to injury, it is undeniably evident that you sir and the elected representatives for the American people and the fortunate one’s used to advance the governments intrusion upon every aspect of our individual lives continue to award yourselves undeserved pay increases, the best of health care and the plethora of perks which are available only to the political ruling elite.

Well President Obama, we the informed have had enough of this blatant behavior! The very few men and women in Washington, DC who believe that our labor and sacrifice is their inheritance of position for acquisition must end. Yes Mr. President, the American people are awakening from decades of dumbed-down inoculation by the hands of people like you who despise what made America the greatest most productive society of free thinking people in all of wold history.
It is undeniable that you sir have deceived a large ignorant and uninformed percentage of people who believe that big government is good for the Republic we all call our home. But now that we are faced with the harsh realities we must all recognise and confront today, it is joyous that even some of the dumbest of the dumbed-down have become aware of the criminal activity committed by you sir, and by the elected representatives of the United States Federal Government. We do realize that it is to your shock that the American people are now awake…

The media will not vilify us into silence. We are taking action. We are the citizen Militia. You sir, and the elected representatives employed by the American people will not disarm us. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. We who are the informed understands that power corrupts and that you sir and the elected representatives of the established Democratic and Republican parties are compromised. Yes, we are awake. Yes, we are angry. And yes, we will hold you president Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and each of the states elected representatives and the Supreme Court Justices accountable to the moral obligations of righteous governing. Something each and every one of you are guilty of not dong.

You sir, and past presidential administrations have raped, pillaged and plundered the American people for far too long. You have restricted our freedom of speech and of the right of peaceful protest. You have imposed government sanctioned restrictions upon the religious rights of the American people. And now you intend to implement restrictive gun laws upon us which is strictly forbidden by Constitutional Law. President Obama, unconstitutional law is not a law which “We the People” will obey!
For decades now it is people like you who have worked tirelessly to remove from the conscience of the American people all knowledge of GOD, and of Christ and of moral behavior. You sir, and the bipartisan legislature are the reason our brothers and sisters senselessly kill each other. You sir and the elected representatives are to blame for all of the difficulties we all face in America today.

President Barack Obama, you sir and the arrogant imbeciles whom you surround yourself with are a stench which can no longer be tolerated. Your day of reckoning has come due! We the informed know full well the outcome of when a tyrannical government takes away from the citizenry the capability of armed resistance. America was founded in battle and will remain a sovereign Republic as the result of a citizenry committed to the preservation of Constitutional Law. Laws which guarantee the sovereigns’ right to resist and if necessary fight the oppressive actions of a government in great need of humility.

Even considering recent events which the lunatic left uses to influence the ignorant and uninformed populace to beg for government intrusion, we the informed will disobey any and all unlawful restrictions imposed upon the right of a free society to keep and bear arms. America’s founding fathers were brilliant me. This cannot be said of those in government today! What about “Shall Not Be Infringed” do you not understand?


January 5, 2013


Reported crime statistics in America for the year 1960…

8,740 murders.
17,190 rapes.
107,840 robberies.
154,320 assaults.
912,100 burglaries.
2,183,600 thefts.
And 292 abortions.

1962 the United States Federal Government banned prayer in public schools.

1963 the United States Federal Government banned reading the Bible in public schools.

1973 the United States Federal Government legalized abortion.

1993 crime statistics…

24,530 murders.
106,010 rapes.
659,870 robberies.
1,135,610 assaults.
2,834,800 burglaries.
9,384,000 thefts.
And 1,495,000 abortions.

The year 2011…

14,612 murders.
83,425 rapes.
354,396 robberies.
751,131 assaults
2,188,005 burglaries.
6,875,132 thefts.
And 1,212,400 abortions.

These numbers tell the undeniable truth that without moral restraint and the fear of an immediate consequence for their actions, people are capable of the vilest of behaviors.

Today January 5, 2013 the very same government that gave us free moral license resulting in the numbers listed above are once again telling us that they know what is best for the American people. And to make a point very clear, both the Republicans and Democrats and the Independents currently in public office all have a track record which tells a very different story. These privileged Ivy League types, many of whom are the children of the parent/politicians of yesterday who became multimillionaires by the exploitation of the American people, have amassed a national debt in excess of $16.5 trillion dollars that is now owed by every single man, woman, boy and girl alive today and for generations to come. These out-of-touch-with-reality morons have no clue of what their constituents, you and me, have to deal with ever day of our lives.
They award themselves high six figure salaries and the best of health care while living in multiple million dollar homes and driving the best automobiles our tax dollars affords them. Their children attend the best and safest schools while they themselves enjoy the security of an armed personnel escort every where they go. Private jets taxi this elite class of people all over the globe to pleasure themselves on our dollar while “We the People” are loosing our jobs and watching the money we do have rapidly loose its purchasing power. They believe that they are better than us only because we have not made it our business to hold them accountable to the checks and balances established within the frame work of the United States Constitution. All of these people have grossly abused the authority given them by the American people. President Barack Obama is exhibit number #1 of wasted tax payer money on ego gone to seed. They have intentionally and have systematically brought the Republic of America to the brink of self-implosion and still we allow this insanity to continue unchecked. And just as the American people begin to awaken from decades of denial and of thinking that our elected officials are concerned about our well-being, they now intend to disarm us…

The concern every American citizen should have with regard to the motivation behind the 113th Congress is of individual attempts of gun confiscation. Should Barack Obama by the end of January 2013 sign another executive order or by their one-sided legislative process through the Senate and the House of Representatives succeed with a gamut of new gun restrictions signed into law without the full knowledge of us the people, then things will get concerning very quickly.
They know full-well the danger of an armed conflict against a united citizen militia. The Gestapo police, Homeland Security, US Military and UN blue helmets combined do not have a chance of disarming us. But alone at home at night or whenever they choose to invade our personal property we do not stand a chance.

Yes some of them will die. But so will we… What then of our spouses our children our families?

There is no doubt that many of us will resist unlawful restrictions and laws imposed upon our Constitutional rights, and rightly so. But against the numbers they will send against us individually, the cause is already lost. We have far too many examples on record of when local and state police, federal agents and the military took from the American people their individual rights. No due process. No explanation. No nothing. Former presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have signed the necessary executive orders that are now in place which supersedes the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights with Martial Law authority. When they do decide to act, we will then have no individual rights. On that day America will cease to be a Republic as we become subjects to a Dictatorship. What events in recent history remind us of the actions are witnessing our ELECTED OFFICIALS mimicking today?

It is beyond time to even attempt to believe that we can successfully debate legislation. We know that the political elite control all branches of the US Federal Government. They pass whatever it is that they choose. As Nancy Pelosi has famously stated: “They would have to pass it so that we could then see what’s in it.” Are we really this far gone from the ideals our Republic was founded upon? I certainly hope not! The only way to stop this insanity is to remove them forever from positions of power. Alone this will never happen. Understand that there’s only around 600 men and women employed by us who make up the body of the federal government. While it’s evident that the American society is divided in half, I believe the ignorant half fails to realize that all of us will suffer if we allow these criminals to succeed with destroying the greatest free-thinking society in all of world history. The masses united together, armed and prepared to aggressively demand their removal will accomplish the end objective.

Our Individual Constitutional Republic’s Sovereignty! We all want to realize the joy of life and personnel liberty as we pursue whatever it is that makes us happy.

Do not think for a moment that they do not intend to confiscate our guns and leave us defenseless against aggressive tyranny. We had better act now before it’s too late!

Sadly though, I do not have faith in this many of America’s citizenship… Ours is a spineless society!

January 2, 2013


America was first an idea that a free society was capable of self-governance, but possible only if that society would follow the established rule of laws.

Each of Americas founding fathers signed a letter of secession addressed to those who ruled by tyranny, declaring their unwillingness to unjust rule and thus setting in motion the events which eventually earned the American Republic its independence.

The founders of the American Republic debated ideas and eventually agreed upon and then wrote the documents, the “United States Constitution” and “The Bill of Rights” which are the sovereign laws which govern all of this Republic.

The freedom that was believed possible and forged in battle then must again be defended today from restrictive oppressions and tyranny at any expense.

Tyranny relentlessly seeks opportunity to take away our freedom, the sovereign rights of every free-born American citizen to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As the year 2012 comes to an end there is enough evidence for all who will but seek the truth to prove the criminal activity of the majority of the elected officials currently holding positions in all offices of the US Federal Government. These men and women, both Republicans and Democrats and even Independents are guilty of crimes against Americas Constitutional Laws and therefore are guilty of crimes committed against the sovereign citizenship.

They were duly elected to safe-guard our individual freedoms and the sovereignty of our homeland. But have instead pillaged, plundered and raped unchecked for decades at the expense of “We the People” who entrusted theses men and women with positions of power which then corrupted. What was once done in secret is now boldly spoken of due largely to the fact that the majority of Americas citizenship is ignorant of our own historical past.

The ruling elite have but one agenda: To enslave the free-thinking minds of the greatest society of achievers throughout all of world history. Skillfully and methodically these tyrants have written amendments to the United States Constitution which takes away the sovereigns’ rights, only because the ignorant have begged to be ruled while the knowledgeable remained silent and did almost nothing. Legislation will not work when said legislative due-process is controlled by the ruling elite.

The only reason these criminals have not as of yet destroyed our Republic is for the fear they have of the Citizen Militia. There are some 300 million registered guns and untold millions which are unregistered in America, much of which are owned by law abiding citizens. And beginning January 3, 2013 the New Congress will attempt to pass into law what is strictly forbidden by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

We know the consequence should we choose to not resist the forthcoming events which are inevitable. History does not lie. If we allow the ruling elite to take away our Republics only true security, then America will rapidly cease to be a civil law abiding society. Chaos will erupt. People will die. Hope will be lost. As the elite relish in their long-awaited conquest.

The American people had better wake up from the long-time inoculation of ignorant bliss, to then join together to hold these criminals accountable to the laws they have broken. For in failing to learn from history, we will all very soon relive it!


I first want to address the reposting of this blog title and content.

Because of my stand on biblical principles and of what I write concerning both political parties of the US federal government, my name and book title have been blocked from the Huffington Post and numerous liberal and conservative news networks and social sites. I started a new blog under an alias Wilhelm Cross to gain access to these information sites for networking purposes. But I have decided to blog exclusively using my author name, and those who do not like what I have to say can remain stupid.

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