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September 14, 2012


I watched 2016: Obama’s America tonight. The movie finally came to Somerset, KY where I live, and I was the only person there. This concerns me…

The evidence given by Dinesh D’souza and the people he interviewed as to the radical Neo Marxist world view of Barack Obama should concern every American citizen. The insight that is given of the man who was elected to the presidency of the largest economy and the strongest military power in the world is vastly different than that which the liberal-left communist mainstream media has reported. Barack Obama is leading Americas executive, political and judicial branches of our “ELECTED” government far away from the ideals which Americas founding fathers built our free Republic upon. Obama’s idea of hope and change is the fundamental transformation from a sovereign and free self-governed people protected by an intimidating military strength to that of a regression of such magnitude, that our posterity will never know the freedoms and the opportunity and of the prosperity all Americans once had the right to achieve, unless we take action now! This November of 2012 is the most important election in the history of our Republic.
Barack Obama and the few people that he surrounds himself with are stealthfully dealing a death blow to the states of residence we all call our homes, and yet “We the People” do little more than argue amongst ourselves over which political party is to blame for what we the people have brought upon ourselves. If only the masses of people who in reality act more like sheeple would open their eyes and their minds to the evidence that is right in front of our faces, it would infuriate even the dumbest of the dumbed-down.
Less than 400 people, most of them guilty of crimes against the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore its citizenship, have for the last four presidential administrations set in motion policies which became law and when enforced has created all of the events which ARE determining the lives of over 300,000,000 people. This is not right!

What, I ask, are we willing to do to preserve the only way of life all of us have ever known?

Just for thought… We do nothing as “THEY” dismantle our military, devalue our currency, restrict our freedom of speech and the right to protest, take away our right to keep and to bear arms, criminalize the proclamation of the Gospel and imprison those who through public discourse dare confront the immoral conduct and character of “THEY”, and all-the-while amassing such enormous debt upon the people that our infrastructure crumbles under the weight. And when no longer capable to pay the debts owed to the United Nations whose military might is beyond our defense, America becomes just another reminder of the great societies throughout world history whose own arrogance brought upon themselves their utter destruction.

Is this the future that we want? If not, then we had better do something drastic. We are the majority. “THEY” are the minority. America, please wake up!

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  1. Hello Bill: I agree with all that you say “We the People” had better Wake Up and see that our Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme – ment with this Administration of Liberals and their Evil agenda is Destroying America as we know it. IF people think they have Freedom of speech and other Freedoms they take for granted then I feel sorry for them. But this is a well thought out Plan over the Years and Obama has been hand picked years ago to be Placed in office @ this Crucial time in our Nations Crises to further Socialize our Nation. If people watched the DNC and that Circus and their Evil platform and still believe the democrats/Liberals care about us and our country they are being Brain Washed.The Main stream Media news organizations are ALL Liberal Propaganda machines to serve obama and make sure they re-elect him. And as Christians we are being Attacked and it will get worse. NOW is the time to stand up for GOD and our Christian Religious Freedoms or be Trampled under the feet of Socialism, I have never seen the American people so not caring or just UNAMERICAN and will support obama who has said so many Evil things about us Christians. Wake Up American if you Cherish your GOD given Freedoms or Wake up wondering what happened to them.

    Comment by vietnamvet1971 — September 14, 2012 @ 6:46 AM | Reply

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