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September 30, 2012


The Obama administration’s theme for the 2012 election is “FORWARD

History tells a very different story of the political ideal associated with this word. While it is undeniable that both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration committed treasonous acts against the American people, the Obama administration is no longer concealing the intent of subjugating the American people to an international socialist government rule. The debt amassed by Obama’s policies have brought America to the brink of economic insolvency. Obama has repeatedly prevented private business from investment into and of expanding economic growth and therefore the American people have had to rethink what each of us have in the past thought either important or of necessity. While 40,000,000 people expectantly receive some form of government assistance and contribute nothing in the form of tax revenue for federal, state and local government purposes, the rest of America’s citizenship is either unemployed or they work two and three jobs in the attempt to provide for their own families.

Instead of our tax revenues benefiting the American people, billions of dollars have been illegally given to foreign governments and billions more riotously wasted by the irresponsibility of both republican and democratic elected officials because their constituents do not bother to educate themselves with the checks and balances written into law and are established by the US Constitution. Our ignorance is the execution of the agenda of subjection set forth by the corporate and the political elite to collapse the only society that has the moral fortitude and the armament to stand up against the dissolvement of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the rule of One World Government.

Considering the illegal executive orders signed into law by acting U.S. Presidents since the illegal Act of 1871, which combined takes away the sovereign rights of every American citizen. We are, according to those who study trends and world events, just one major event away from Martial Law being declared in America. This is the plan by those who mentored, funded and then placed in the executive office of the President of the UNITED STATES a man whose world view is anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-personal freedom, and is to be executed during his second term in office.
When this happens, everything that is believed about Barack Obama by the hapless sheeple who cheerfully and dutifully voted into leadership the most dangerous man to have ever served in Americas highest office will then understand that they were played the fool that they really are.

There are those in public office and others who through independent news sources do all that they can to educate people with facts in hope of awakening these people to the truth of what is really happening to our Republic, the states of residence which we all call our homes. If we do nothing different than what has already been done the elite will succeed with crippling any hope of America ever being a sovereign and self-sustaining society of free people capable of self-government. Is this what we really want? If not, then what are you willing to do individually and with other like-minded people to preserve and to protect our way of life? Act now before it’s too late!


September 27, 2012


What if one day very soon all that we know is forever changed. That which we believed true is not while events currently effecting how each of us lives reveals the truth about what none of us could have ever imagined would ever be.

Every government of the nations of the world and the people of these nations are not at ease. We see this on the news every day of the week. Within each of us is the thought of something not being right. Something that causes concern. Something that the common man can’t quite understand, but yet having a gnawing feeling of an impending event or series of events happening of the magnitude which we have no power to change.

The nations governments are broke both morally and financially.
Which is reflected among the civil unrest of angry people who are themselves morally corrupt and are unsure of the future.
The price of foods have and will continue to increase dramatically.
There are wars and rumors of impending wars with nuclear capability.
The threat of Martial Law enforced by civil police, and both national and UN military forces.
There’s division among societal classes, world views, faiths, races, as we all frantically try to make sense of the nonsense to no avail.
We are witnessing first hand nations and government leaders unashamedly aligning themselves with other nations and government leaders in the attempt to stabilize currencies, markets and trade, while assuring the people of peace and safety. Peace and safety of which none of us are confident of because of the events we are all subject too every day of our lives. These government leaders know what they are doing…

Something is coming… We all sense this. Some dubious. Some reluctant. Some expectant. But if or when this something happens it will affect all of us in so many different ways that none of us will ever be the same again. Few people are prepared and even those of us who have prepared are not, in my opinion, fully prepared for the life-changing circumstances we could all soon have to come to terms with. Especially those of us who live in the modern western hemispheres.

There is an important question every person must ask of themselves:

“Should these events happen and everyone is overcome with fear and hunger and of the urgency of self-preservation at the unfortunate cost the less fortunate, will one rightly judge another’s motives to either offer help to those in need or to take a life so that someone else will not become a victim?”

Do I have what it takes? Do you?

I as do others, hope that the signs of the time which we now live in is not what we believe is happening. But the Bible teaches that this will happen one day and the evidence of this prophetic truth is world history. It does not matter what one chooses to believe about the Holy Scriptures. The Bible has time and again accurately predicted world events which came to pass exactly as was written and during the times these writings instructed they would. All great societies that rejected GOD have come to ruin. And sadly, it’s quite evident that history will very soon repeat itself once again.
All that we are witnessing is leading us to an understanding that we do not control our lives. GOD does. And when societies collapse there is only one hope for moral law which has the power to rightly rule immoral people.

There is hope for those who believe Christ and will cry out for the salvation of their soul. We may not be delivered from out of harm’s way. But it is very clear in Scripture that the one true GOD Jesus Christ will save those who believe, and should it be GOD’s provident purpose these people will build again the nations.

Email this blog to everyone you know. There may not be much time left before everything changes. These people must be made to think. Some will believe and this is why we do what we do!

September 17, 2012


Have any of you who claim to be Christ’s followers ever stopped from all the business of “YOUR” life to seriously consider what is the true meaning of the Gospel? According to the majority of those who are pastors of all the different denominational and independent churches in America and many others around the world, GOD wants everyone to be loving towards and inclusive of all faiths and lifestyles, healthy in body and mind, are financially sovereign, and are the envy of the communities in which they live, believing that this is evidence of true Christian expression. A gospel which is built upon the needs, the wants, and the hopes of people.

Contrary to this belief, the Bible is a testament of GOD from GOD, and is given to us for the purpose of revealing the deity of Christ in creation and through the salvation of those who believe. When studied carefully, the Bible tells a very different story than that which is believed by most people who profess to be either Christian or Catholic, or of the many religious beliefs which are similar too and are wrongly thought to be Christian. True Christians the world over suffer incredible hardships and persecution, imprisonment and are often murdered for their public proclamation of faith in Christ by Islamists, Hindus and the observers of many different world religions, while especially in America today we arrogantly live far above our needs and are adamantly opposed to submitting to that which is taught in Scripture as the biblical expression of Christian faith.
Our life is not our own! We who have come to realize the vile sins we have committed against the Holy GOD, and that we desperately need salvation and have believed and accepted Christ’s atonement for our sins are now obligated to be a witness to those who have yet to learn this truth. This calling is not meant to be contained within the safe-zone of the buildings where we gather as is purported by those opposed to the proclamation of the biblical Gospel. Yes, here is where Christian disciples are to be taught by those whom GOD has ordained to give instruction to how we are to rightly understand what the Scriptures teach about GOD, and of how this knowledge then forms our world-view and thus defines the Christian life that we live among world-societies. If not us, then who? This is the evidence of the Gospel’s message which people first see in our character and is evident by the conduct of our lives.

In the time in which we now live people do not want to be told that they sin against GOD and that they must repent and turn away from the sinful life that they love, and trust Christ for their salvation. People are either adamantly hostile towards those who would even dare to offend their emotions, or they want only to be told that GOD is love, and that they are free to live any lifestyle they choose as long as they love GOD and are kind and accepting of everyone they know.
I believe that this is the greatest injustice a Christian can commit against another person. Unless we are willing to confront the societies in which we find ourselves we are not a living testament to the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and therefore we have sinned against GOD. As Christian disciples, we must boldly confront people with the truths of the Gospel and then pray that GOD will bring to life in these people the seed of regeneration that has within itself the power to transform the life of those who will believe. This is uncomfortable and it can be intimidating especially considering the hostility which many people express towards the true Bible believing Christians of today. They hated Christ. Do not think it strange that they will hate us also.

Ours is an impossible life apart from the undeserved favor of GOD whose Spirit indwells the recreated spirit and the renewed mind of the person who dares to believe. We are commanded by GOD to repent and to believe Christ, and to tell others that they must do the same. Only then does GOD willingly give to us the hope of assurance in knowing that in Christ we are declared righteous and that we are saved from the wrath of GOD which will one day come upon all who did not believe. Theirs is a lifetime of hopeless questions of which only the Christian disciple has the answers for. We are the salt of the earth. Let us act like it!

September 14, 2012


I watched 2016: Obama’s America tonight. The movie finally came to Somerset, KY where I live, and I was the only person there. This concerns me…

The evidence given by Dinesh D’souza and the people he interviewed as to the radical Neo Marxist world view of Barack Obama should concern every American citizen. The insight that is given of the man who was elected to the presidency of the largest economy and the strongest military power in the world is vastly different than that which the liberal-left communist mainstream media has reported. Barack Obama is leading Americas executive, political and judicial branches of our “ELECTED” government far away from the ideals which Americas founding fathers built our free Republic upon. Obama’s idea of hope and change is the fundamental transformation from a sovereign and free self-governed people protected by an intimidating military strength to that of a regression of such magnitude, that our posterity will never know the freedoms and the opportunity and of the prosperity all Americans once had the right to achieve, unless we take action now! This November of 2012 is the most important election in the history of our Republic.
Barack Obama and the few people that he surrounds himself with are stealthfully dealing a death blow to the states of residence we all call our homes, and yet “We the People” do little more than argue amongst ourselves over which political party is to blame for what we the people have brought upon ourselves. If only the masses of people who in reality act more like sheeple would open their eyes and their minds to the evidence that is right in front of our faces, it would infuriate even the dumbest of the dumbed-down.
Less than 400 people, most of them guilty of crimes against the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore its citizenship, have for the last four presidential administrations set in motion policies which became law and when enforced has created all of the events which ARE determining the lives of over 300,000,000 people. This is not right!

What, I ask, are we willing to do to preserve the only way of life all of us have ever known?

Just for thought… We do nothing as “THEY” dismantle our military, devalue our currency, restrict our freedom of speech and the right to protest, take away our right to keep and to bear arms, criminalize the proclamation of the Gospel and imprison those who through public discourse dare confront the immoral conduct and character of “THEY”, and all-the-while amassing such enormous debt upon the people that our infrastructure crumbles under the weight. And when no longer capable to pay the debts owed to the United Nations whose military might is beyond our defense, America becomes just another reminder of the great societies throughout world history whose own arrogance brought upon themselves their utter destruction.

Is this the future that we want? If not, then we had better do something drastic. We are the majority. “THEY” are the minority. America, please wake up!

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