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January 2, 2012


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We were in NOVA for a funeral, and to visit my wife’s family during the holidays. New Years Eve we were invited as guests to attend a private event featuring a well-known musician/band, food and an open bar, all to a sold out crowd. While the blues themed music was really good, everything else about the evening grieved me. The atmosphere was charged with excitement fueled by alcohol as the countdown to 2012 grew close. The people in attendance were a mix of early 20s to late 50s professional yuppy types. Smiling faces amidst the buzz of chatter was a constant theme throughout the night. People seemed to be happily enjoying this time to reminisce. But as the evening progressed I watched as the alcohol began to take its toll. One man fell backwards off of a bar stool on to the floor drunk. An attractive late 40s socialite was too inebriated to stand on her own. Others who had no business being on the dance floor made complete fools of themselves. Watching these lonely people longing for acceptance became the focus of my attention. The hopelessness which is so vividly clear on the faces of so many people who have way more stuff than most other people was really sad.
It mattered not the age or the income bracket these people belonged to. Everyone there was excited about something that offered nothing to help fill the great big empty hole no amount of self-satisfying pleasure-seeking will ever fill. Why is this?

Of all the people that were present I would be willing to bet that no one else looked at this pathetic gathering of lost souls the way that I did. And it is because this used to be me. I am so thankful that I am no longer in bondage to a lifestyle such as this, and, that I now have a desire to be different. The question which I believe is of utmost importance is, “What can the church do to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”
This is the answer they all need. But, Scripture is very clear that people would rather not hear the Gospel because then they are faced with the choice of remaining within the comfort zone with which every person has, or submitting their life to the will of GOD in repentance of their sin. Which is something GOD has commanded that every person do. And yet the church has failed miserably with engaging the societies in which we live. This is evident by the countless people whose lives are destined to repeat the endless quest for justification through self-satisfaction.

As midnight came upon us and everyone raised a Champagne glass in a toast to their new years resolution, I knew all to well the delusion each of them would face this coming year.
It is very sad to know that these people will continue to live their lives without any regard of GOD, and of the consequence of their wrong choice. Some will step into eternity this new year unprepared to meet their GOD and Savior Jesus Christ. Who will, when upon bowing to their knees in utter shock to the reality of having to acknowledge Jesus Christ as LORD, realize that the hope of their salvation is forever lost. All the while GOD weeps…

While “we Christians” make resolutions to read our Bible’s more, to pray more, be a better person, lose weight, save money for retirement, or whatever the resolution might be, I would like to suggest that it’s now become urgent that the true disciples of Christ begin to engage our culture with the Gospel of GOD in the attempt to reach a world full of people who have no hope. How dare we pursue our Best Life Now when the majority of people we know are lost and without Christ and are therefore judged by GOD and are damned!

A person can change, but only if they are willing to seek the change of heart that can be found in Christ. But they will never begin to seek this change of heart until the church of Jesus Christ engages in evangelism outside the walls of comfort most of us have found within the buildings we call church. The delousional ideal of the separation of church and state which has been taught to the American people as a Constitutional law is a falasy of the grossest kind. It violates the law of GOD which commands the Christian to go into all the world and make disciples of men. No where in Scripture is there a statement refering to the sharing of our faith in Christ. We are commanded to command that people repent! And until we do, not only have we done the gravest of injustice to the people we know, but also have we sinned against GOD. Lets not be disobedient any longer.

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  1. I agree brother, the answer is in GOD’s Holy Word BUT most people are running from GOD instead of running to GOD, if they accept GOD and his answer it will expose their fragile lifestyle unbelief/sin. I see the world through my christian eyes also and I shake my head and say if they would only read and accept GOD’s word (FAITH) and turn from their sinful ways, we wrestle not against flesh & blood (if we walk in and after the Spirit we will not let the Flesh win) but it is a Spiritual fight.It is a Daily Spiritual Battle we face each day we wake up. Put on the Whole Armour of GOD and Resist and Stand against the wiles of satan, our ONLY Defense!

    Comment by Larry Owens — January 2, 2012 @ 9:13 AM | Reply

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