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December 3, 2011


President Barack Obama is a domestic terrorist! His world-view is destructive to the ideals that make America the greatest free nation in world history. Every single day there is news coverage that clearly shows that he and his administration are intellectually incapable of, and morally unable to lead the legislative and judicial branches of government in making the right decisions for the betterment of our nation. His will undoubtedly be the greatest presidential failure in America’s history.
The 2012 presidential election will determine whether a free American people become unwilling subjects to the world-governments liberal socialist agenda, or, we elect a man who will uphold his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and therefore, the good-moraled American majority. There has never been a time since America’s beginning that our freedoms have been at such risk of being abrogated. Just saying…


  1. I agree, his policies and ideas are really to the Extreme, UnGodly, Immoral and just UnAmerican. I read just today the senate repealed a Law in the military that Sodomy and sex with animals is Now OK where before it was not legal. Of course that lets the gays do their thing without worrying about it being Illegal. Thanks to the president and his gay agenda he has let them have every thing they ask for,we know gay marriage is creeping into every state in America it is Time to stand up and Stop the Evil gay lifestyle permeating our country. As a nation that Kills (abortion) Thousands of Babies each year Plus our country approving gay marriage how can we expect GOD to bless our Nation. It is pretty obvious the way our economy and how our leaders have kicked GOD out of every place we once held as Important, do we think GOD will continue to up hold and bless America? I think not.

    Christians need to battle this Evil lifestyle before it takes over our whole country.

    “We the People” it is our Duty & Honor to rise up in 2012 and get rid of obama and his socialist/Liberal agenda.

    Comment by Larry Owens — December 3, 2011 @ 4:04 PM | Reply

  2. President Obama has done more harm to our Christian nation than any other president in history. He has expanded abortion funding and pressured other countries to join in the killing. He has promoted and funded gay rights and failed to defend traditional marriage. He appointed a gay man as our safe school czar (though Kevin Jennings no longer is in that position) and began the indoctrination of our children in the classroom with socialism and the gay agenda. Mandatory gay history has started in California. He has transformed our military by doing away with “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell” and allowing chaplains to perform gay ceremonies. He has caused Catholic agencies to close rather than adopt to gays. He has failed to protect the conscience rights of workers when they want no part of assisting in abortions. He has allowed the removal of crosses across the country and allowed the Air Force to erect a pagan facility for earth worshippers. The Air Force cannot participate in the Christmas Shoe Box projects anymore. He has verbally tried to assuage the public angst by calling himself a Christian, but his actions scream otherwise. He has surrounded himself with pro-abortion cabinet members and appointees. He has furthered stem cell researching using embryonic stem cells. He has a socialist agenda and is bent on carrying it out as he nationalizes our banks, our housing, and works on nationalizing a school curriculum. Our country is in such serious debt that immediate action and sacrifice are required, but no leadership is offered. Yet, people will vote for him, calling him progressive, articulate, and handsome. Superficial fluff cannot save us.

    Comment by Adina Hoshour — December 4, 2011 @ 8:14 PM | Reply

  3. It is really sad that this kind of venomous, political manipulation and fabrications are coming from people who are supposed to be believers of Christ and truths. Hiding hatred and racism with lying lips. Blinded with culture and tradition, diseased with political affiliation, many are willing to sacrifice the purity of faith on the altar of fighting for ” Real America” Where were all this screaming voices when we had a bona-fide christian in the oval office and the the 8 years ended in the most cruel economic recession in history.
    The church is infected with partisan politics, raped and being used by the idols of conservatism and liberalism. Is Jesus Christ a liberal or conservative? Believers need to rise above this harmful ideologies. A kingdom minded believer is both liberal towards the poor and the needy while being conservative towards sin.
    It is pharisee-cal screaming against sinful habits like abortion, homosexuality,etc if you are going to keep quiet or encourage economic oppression, cooperate raiders and complete indifference to the plights of struggling and oppressed community in the name of ” free enterprise of greedy capitalism” Why should any bible believing christian vote for Romney if that is the best GOP can present?

    Comment by ebun — January 13, 2012 @ 9:50 PM | Reply

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