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September 28, 2011


The news media, talk-shows, books, magazines and blogs are all a buzz with discussion about the bullying of children today. Everyone has an opinion for who they believe is to blame, but no one is willing to accept responsibility for what we have brought upon ourselves.

In the day and time we live, Americans have become a spoiled, arrogant and self-centered people whose main focus is what feels good and could care less about what is morally right. I believe the experience of my life has earned a platform for me to say this. Life for me has not been easy and I had to sleep in the bed of my choice. Living the way I have, and working as a bartender has given me an insider’s view of just how ignorant people really are about their true selves. For twenty years I listened to people’s inebriated justifications as to why they behaved the way they did.

You have a house, two cars and all the toys, a spouse if you’re married, however many kids and a pet, your career, a part-time job or two, financial debt and nine credit cards all maxed out and you are stressed. Is it any wonder why you drink, do drugs and pursue emotional ease the way you do?
You’re a member of this club and that committee, basketball on Monday and the designated soccer mom on Tuesday. You would never consider a community outreach on Wednesday because it’s ladies night with no cover charge for girls and domestic bottles are half price. Thursday is over-the-hump night as you corral with all of your buddies at a pub to watch soccer on a HDTV mounted over the bar, and here comes Friday. Everybody’s living for the weekend date night out to dinner, big screen movie time and then you end up at a club to dance all of your frustrations away─girl hunting, boy hunting or whatever your sexual preference with cocktails flowing to inebriated bliss. You wake up hurting, about mid-morning on Saturday, and stumble into the bathroom to get rid of the poison in your system. You then begin to make calls planning the day’s events to try to recapture lost youth. And that night, you do it all again. Sunday morning comes around and your head is swimming with vibes of the weekend, so you stay home to recuperate and pop a few tops watching ESPN. You’re living life!
Man….you have arrived and are proud of your accomplishments. Sacrifice to career has earned you great respect among vain peers as you strut around in a pompous show of confidence, having achieved the American dream. You’re oblivious to reality and that everything of value has crumbled all around you. Your spouse or significant other cannot stand you and the kids are going to hell in a hand basket. Having no guidance, no discipline and no direction, they turn to the mentally-challenged individuals of today’s arts, entertainment, music and sports industries to be the model of their dreams.

Youth in America are hopelessly lost in their search of social acceptance and self-expression, all because of the influence their culture’s cliquish peer pressure has on young people today. The neighborhood where they live to the school they attend, what they wear to the car they drive and how many “in” people they know. And if someone is not like them, they are less than and made to know it.
Young people today are mean-spirited because the have no sense of purpose or self-respect. In school they are taught an evolution theory as truth, and look at the effect it’s had on shaping the opinion of what they think of themselves. This self-perception is what has influenced how they treat other people.

How many times have I caught teenage girls in bars with fake IDs, and their parents have no clue where they are? They’re being drugged and raped by adolescent men old enough to be their fathers while you sit back and discuss the lies of politicians with people as misguided as you are. The priorities of people in this nation are way off from where they need to be and something must be done to alter the direction it’s heading. We have a government that intends to control and regulate the things that influence ethics in people, and this is the reason why so few have escaped the effects of moral decay that have now shaped a culture with no value for human life.
One of the greatest atrocities of our time is the estimated 1.4 million abortions every year in the United States. Women do this in the name of avoiding an inconvenience, but in reality it is one of the methods being used to depopulate the world. Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an evil sadistic woman. Read the history about this woman and her writings. Those who work for this organization today are no different than her. Log on to the internet and do your research among the only nonbiased media archives to learn the truth about issues like this.
As difficult as my life has been, I am drawn to those who cannot defend themselves. And to the vulgar people committing this crime, either legislatively or in person, against the sanctity of human life, your day in court is coming. God will judge you.

Take a moment to reflect on the example being set for young people to follow. Do you really want your children to be just like you? What is more important, the justification of hiding from the shame of your past or maybe even the pride of what you have accomplished, or their future? What will you have to experience before accepting responsibility for the many wrong decisions you’ve made? What you should do is ask for your family’s forgiveness, and then lead them in doing what is necessary to make things right with God. But no, this would point the finger of blame at you and that’s why you allow your children to do whatever they choose.
Whether it’s TV or video games, running the streets until late in the evening, experimenting with alcohol and drugs, sexual intercourse with another child or maybe even committing a crime, your children have watched you do nothing to try to model their behavior. They know you really don’t care.
As they get older, you pull your hair out wondering why they behave the way they do and why they have no respect for you. Well…..look in the mirror─they’re a spitting image of you. To justify what you have done, you embrace the ideologies that claim a child’s behavior is the result of a medical condition. You continually endorse those in public office who make laws to promote filth like Social Justice Education, which has removed from today’s culture all conscience of accountability.

Look at how many entertainment venues there are for people to immerse themselves in while doing their best to numb that feeling of insignificance. Whatever the mind can imagine! The amount of alcohol consumed today by casual drinkers and alcoholics is staggering. Again, read the statistics about alcohol related deaths, spousal and child abuse, date rapes and all the violence resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. This is the environment teenagers can’t wait to experience and by the time they turn twenty-one, most are well versed in self-indulgence. This is what America’s enlightened culture is doing to your children.
The younger generations are mad and have no example to follow, and you Mr. and Mrs. Career, are the reason they will stand before God naked and ashamed. Their distrust of you will be the edifice that will condemn them to an eternity in hell because of their rebellion to God.
Like you, I enjoyed the feeling of being drunk because it was a temporary escape and the only place where I felt good about myself. The only problem is, it doesn’t last and to get there again you have to drink more alcohol, and over time it becomes addicting. While drunk, you do things that you regret if you have a conscience, and most of the time these things can never be undone. I’ll say it again, hurt people hurt people.

There are no absolutes in the minds of people and it seems as though everyone has been left alone to do whatever they desire without a thought of an impending consequence for the choice they make. Now that self-indulgence has shaped how we live, people refuse to be told or acknowledge their conduct of living is wrong, and that they will be held accountable by a sovereign God.
This is why there is so much wrong in not only America, but in every nation today. This mentality crosses every societal boundary, whether liberal, moderate or conservative, socialist or free. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace or the inevitable judgment of His law. Who do you think you are?

But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Romans 9:20

The Bible is the only how-to manual revealing the foundation of truth capable of restoring self-worth and bringing about lasting change in a culture that has lost all sense of who they are. When all else fails, read the directions. It’s really that simple.


September 11, 2011


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Politicians, the news media, talk-shows, radio, blogs and conversation were all abuzz this past week in remembering the terrible events of 9/11, ten years ago today. More than 3000 Americans lost their lives that day as the result of the terrorist attacks committed by men who acted upon the teachings of Islam’s theopolitical belief system. There has been more thought and opinion given by people than what we can retain as to why these events happened and how it has affected us individually and as a nation. It was a sad day that will be forever remembered in our nation’s history. Thank you to those who were the real heroes that day who sacrificed their safety and for many their lives, in the attempt to help save others. You will never be forgotten.

What, I ask, have we learned about ourselves since the events of September, 11, 2001? Taking a different direction than most every other commentary, it is important to address what we haven’t learned, and why this is so detrimental to America as a nation. This is written to give us pause for thought.

Since 9/11 these events have occurred…

– 14.5 million unborn children have been legally murdered in the wombs of their mothers.
– Thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives and thousands more wounded and are maimed and scarred for life. But is America safer?
– Politicians in Washington, DC, romance with those whose Islamic world-view is totally opposite of the world-view of which America was founded upon.
– Politicians in Washington, DC, riotously waste the American taxpayer’s money and are not held accountable for this waste.
– Past and the present presidential administration have illegally amended the US Constitution to usurp unwanted authority over a free American people.
– The Obama administration has indebted the American people unlike any other administration before. Bringing upon America its first ever credit rating down-grade. And yet, congress and the American people allow this to continue.
– The left–leaning judiciaries of local, state and federal courts have successfully removed from public discourse the remaining remnants of Christian influence from the moral character of the American people.
– The Obama administration has given precedence over the will of the American majority by the inclusion of and the promotion of homosexual equality in marriage, and, of the normalization of homosexuality through the education of our children. This is what is being taught to our children as their cognitive learning has fallen to “Average” in World Education Rankings.
– The masses have embraced Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Rob Bell, and every other kind of religious ideal in hopes of finding answers to appease a guilty conscience.
– Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and atheists now conjointly promote tolerance of each other so that we can all get along.
– America’s children now void of moral reason commonly murder other children. Babies give birth to babies. Alcoholism and drug addiction is rampant. Child abuse and sexual molestation affects the lives of untold thousands every day. Prisons and jails are overflowing. Entertainment and self-gratification are the dominating ambitions of every American society. And this list goes on and on.

What, I ask, can we do to stop our nations decline?

The American people have rejected the only true and living GOD, Jesus Christ. If America is ever to be again a great nation, “We, the People” must repent of our sins.
America is not a Christian nation. But the historical documents that record the founding principles of the nation of America are undeniably greatly influenced by the teachings of the Bible, and of Christian morals. History too proves that all great nations rise and eventually fall. The nation of America is not immune to ruin.
For generations now, politicians in Washingto, DC, have taken upon themselves the sovereign rule of the American people. And look at what this has brought us to. We are like sheep being led to slaughter. GOD will only tolerate the rebellion of men for a time. It’s undeniable that GOD has brought judgment upon our nation and is why America is crumbling from within.

Taking all of this into consideration, it can then be said with confidence that the American people have learned nothing of importance since September, 11, 2001. We did not heed GOD’s warning. GOD will not be mocked. What a man sows that will he also reap. Repent America. Faith and trust in Christ is the only hope we have…

September 10, 2011


If God is not real, we have nothing to be concerned about. But, if what the Bible reveals about God is in fact true, then the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the single most greatest thing in all the world to consider.

It is a fact that in every era as long as there has been a written record, people have worshipped or have observed some form of a higher deity. There are roughly 9000 known religious ideals, and tens of millions of inanimate objects and living creatures, which are idolized by those who want to believe in something greater than themselves. Many believe that religion is good and beneficial for a society, while others give religion no thought at all because of the injustices which have been committed against humanity throughout world history in the name of religion. Studies have shown that poor and underdeveloped nations have a higher percentage of people who devoutly observe religious beliefs, while much of Europe and North America have now embraced humanism as the only practical truth. There has always been, is, and always will be a never-ending debate over whose god is real, is there a God, why this god is superior to others, and will attempt to proselytize new converts. This is a brief history lesson of the story of religion…

There is though a fundamental flaw in the observance of all these differing world religions. Ideological adherents have both passionately and successfully confused everyone else as to the truth about who and or what God really is. Humanist philosophers have always and will continue to insistently argue the impractical evidence of any God at all. Why do so many highly educated people give all of their attention to something of which they believe does not exist? Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Hawking to name just a few. This should lead us to believe that there is an even greater fundamental flaw in the minds of those whom the world recognizes as the leaders of modern societies. It is, quite laughable, that they attempt to suppress within themselves and us, the innate conscience of reason that reveals to us the existence of creations God.

“For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So that they are without excuse”. Romans 1:19-20

The questions which we have all asked have already been answered in our own minds. The moral conscience of knowing the difference between right and wrong, is the evidence of a lawgiver. What people are looking for to confirm what the mind already knows is real, is the natural evidence of God at work in the lives of those around us. This is the reason for me writing this blog…

Think objectively for just a moment. God is not confused. God is a spiritual being who is separate from humanity. God created all things and commands that all things operate within the bounds which God has set. Even science suggests that there is an order to everything. Nature proves that both plant and animal life can only reproduce after its own kind. And procreation affirms that sexual union between a man and a woman is what God determined from the beginning.
God answers to no one. Nor is God mindful of what we think is the way things should be done. God knows all things before they ever happen, because nothing ever has or will ever happen without God’s providence allowing it to happen. Regardless of what some people may think, God has never been taken by surprise.

God is an eternal being. Time does not apply to God. This is, without question, beyond what our natural minds can comprehend. God is infinitely more majestic than anything anyone could ever imagine. And to help us to understand and to vaguely comprehend all that God is, God moved upon men in times past, over a span of 1600 years, to have them write a testament about God and bout God’s plan to restore humanity to intimacy with God once again. This testament is known as the Bible. God’s letter begins with the statement: “In the beginning, God created”. What, I ask, is so difficult with this?

All created things unflinchingly obey the commands of the sovereign God. Yet the only created being which is wonderfully fashioned in the image and in the likeness of God dares to scream NO! Why, I ask, do we do this? The answer is simple. SIN.
God has a moral law and God expects all of humanity to obey this law. A law which is impossible to obey because its application goes against the wickedness of every person’s fallen nature. And is why in the testament which God has given to humanity, there is repeatedly mentioned the propitiation that God provided on behalf of those who would believe.
Jesus Christ became that atonement. Humanity deserves one thing and one thing only. To be punished by the holy God for the sin and for the atrocities we all have committed against God. But God, because of love, came to this earth in the person of Jesus and willingly gave His life as a sacrifice to appease God’s wrath against a sinful and rebellious humanity. After taking upon Himself everything that God hates, the man Jesus was crushed under the weight of God’s anger. Only God was worthy. It was our sins that nailed God to the cross of Calvary. Then, the man Christ Jesus did what only God could do in raising Himself from the dead to be a living witness to the testament of His deity.
There were eye witnesses who saw Jesus die. There were eye witnesses who saw Jesus alive after being buried and, His resurrection. There were hundreds of eye witnesses who saw and spoke with Jesus, and several of these men including two of His half brothers pinned writings which became books in the New Testament Bible.

The factual evidence is irrefutable as to the historical record of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. No other world religion can stand up to the evidence put forth in Scripture that proves Jesus is God. Nor can Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, or any other religious ideal transform a person’s life. This is why it is so evident that those who adhere to these false religions are yet dead in their spirit and reprobate in mind, and though they honor God with their words their hearts are so far from God.
No matter the years of advanced education, ignorance of the truth cannot deny the existence of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Their only argument is that they have chosen to not submit their lives to the sovereign will of the only true and living God Jesus Christ. Because they love sin above the knowledge of God. Fools everyone.

How impossible of a story is the Bible that anyone could have ever imagined to write! That God would die to save humanity. How impossible it is for anyone but God to tell of future events hundreds and thousands of years before they ever happened. And these events are recorded in other books throughout world history. How impossible is the transformation of a person’s life apart from God drawing to Himself those as vile as we are, to then begin a work of salvation that only God can accomplish. Those things we once did we no longer desire to do, because as God does, so do we now hate that which is immoral.
God has given the evidence of which no one can deny. God justly commands all people to repent and to believe in Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins. For without having done this, no person can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. God demands that we are to love Him first and foremost, and, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. These too are impossible acts without the help of God’s Holy Spirit, who indwells the recreated spirits and the renewed minds of those to whom God has given the privilege to be declared sons and daughters of righteousness.

It then becomes the commission of the Christian disciple to tell others about the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the words they speak being confirmed by the evidence of a life forever changed. No greater example can be given to an unbelieving world than that of a wretched sinner whose life has been touched by God.
We have been given this natural life to prepare us for the eternal life to come. The truest love that one person can ever show to another is to tell them that God is angry with them, but also tell them that faith in Jesus Christ is their pardon. “Romans chapter 1 is the foundation of biblical preaching and of one on one witness”. And, if they choose to not believe, they will be damned to an eternal HELL. Where forever they will be tormented by the wrath of God with full knowledge of having no hope of salvation. This is the Gospel of God.

Distance ourselves we must from the heresy of TBN’s easy faith believism. Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland and Paula White, are God’s judgment upon a society that desires that which God hates. Apostates who promise heaven where God does not reside. The true leaders of the church of Jesus Christ have been given a God imposed mandate to uphold the truths of Scripture and, a moral obligation to rightly understand what Scripture teaches so that they can correctly teach the community of believers, Without the knowledge of right biblical doctrine, the believer cannot practice right biblical behavior.
It is a terrible responsibility to be called by God to tell people “Thus Saith God!” Heretics have no regard for the people of God, therefore it is just that God’s preachers have no regard for false teachers. They must be exposed in hopes of snatching away God’s elect from following their pathway into the depths of HELL’s fire which is reserved for false teachers. This too is the Gospel of God.

This message is not one that is happily welcomed. But when the message is preached and a sinner believes, their gratitude is sincere in knowing that their name is eternally etched into the Lambs Book of Life. The fields are white for the harvest. Pray that God will send laborers into the field…

September 7, 2011


I’ve renamed my youtube video and wanted to post it again.

September 4, 2011


My name is William Simpson. I’m the author of the controversial and thought-provoking book: “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination”. Book Synopsis: http://www.victorygraphicsandmedia.com/williamdsimpson/

The books story line is a narrative non-fiction account of the moral decline of American society. Issues which are addressed focus on what the federal government has intentionally done to advance the socialist ideal upon our societies and, what the evangelical church has not done being the reason why. My life’s story narrates the injustices we have all had to endure, and the comming consequence unless “We the People” act to remove from public office those who intend to bring our freedoms to an end. GOD gave birth to our great nation, and until we again recognise GOD as the source of what made America so great, “We the People” will will have no one to blame but ourselves as we witness firsthand America’s destruction. I believe that what I’ve written about is a much needed dialogue, and that the issues I address will capture your emotions.

There are so many things that are so very wrong in America today. Few have been willing to address these issues in fear of both the political and the social consequences of confronting the immoral behavior of another person. Those who were elected to the offices of federal, state and local governments, have, over my lifetime, raped the American people of the virtues that had once made this nation great.
They have methodically removed GOD from the conscience of the American people through the venues of ploitical legislation, judicial activism, education, the media and entertainment, and have tactfully instilled the ideal that moral relativism is what is right for each person. And what is even worse, is the compromise of many leaders among the evangelical church of our time, who have made religion an enterprise rather than being the voice of moral accountability.

America has lost all sense of identity, and we are now a people despised by our very own. My book was written to awaken the person who is ready to hear the truth, and just maybe, as lives are changed, we can once again believe in hope and help those who are willing, to realize their purpose in life.

My life’s story compels me to address the injustices we have all had to endure. I was a child of rape. For the first 3 ½ years of my life, there were things done to me that should never be done to a child. I was taken from my mother and eventually adopted. My new family life proved to be no different. There was abuse and neglect, and when I was 8 years old, I was raped by a pedophile. My parents embraced the homosexual lifestyle. They did not educate me nor did they protect me. Being scarred emotionally robbed me of all sense of purpose and I grew up angry.
In the environment that I grew up around, alcohol and drugs were readily available, and by the age of 10, I was getting high or drunk almost every day to hide from the shame. No one ever took the time to ask why I was so angry, and it seemed as though everyone took their shots at me. I was 13 when a drug overdose nearly took my life. I was expelled from every school I ever attended and at the age of 14, I was sentenced to juvenile life in prison. For the 7 years of my incarceration, I was harassed, beaten and stabbed multiple times defending myself from the many attempted rapes.
In prison, I witnessed the lust, the vulgarity and the violence associated with homosexuality of which Hollywood, the media and advocates do everything they can to not allow this information to be made public.

After I was released from prison, my family would have nothing to do with me and I ended up being homeless. While living on the streets, I ate out of dumpsters. I did whatever I had to in order to survive. I know what it’s like to be abused by life and forgotten. I had come to believe that what I had experienced in life would be all I would ever know and at the age of 24, I attempted suicide by driving my car off of a mountain cliff.
The car landed in a tree, and I walked away unhurt. It angered that even death evade me. And like so many people today, I lived at the bottom of a liquor bottle to not have to deal with the person I had become.

If what I have just described brings to mind the events of your life or someone you know, you know what I’m saying is true. We’ve all had experiences in life that shaped our perception of other people, and of ourselves. How we have been made to think has greatly influenced American culture today, and if something is not done to instill in each of us moral values and a genuine concern for the welfare of other people, then the America of tomorrow will be a scary place. Life is hard, but I refuse to allow what other people have done to me, to determine the outcome of my life.

The victim mentality is propagated by education, entertainment and media, and the many special interests of morally corrupt people. Regardless of how an individuals behavior might affect the life of that person, and the lives of other people. How you conduct yourself in your personal life is not just a private matter. What you do in private is who you really are, and if you were to take notice of those around you, it would be impossible to not see that what a person thinks of themself is how they treat other people. Hurt people, hurt people!

What one person thinks is morally relative is offensive to a lot of other people, and yet those who practice whatever lifestyle they choose to live, believe it’s within their right to impose that behavior upon everyone else. And will even dare anyone to speak in opposition of or criticize their behavior.
This is what concerned me when then senator Barack Obama said that it was his intent to fundementally transform America. His actions since becomming the President of the United States has proven that he is oppossed to Christian morals by promoting and advancing every kind of behavior that is contrary to what the Bible reveals is the willl of GOD.
This proves what is the real motive of the democratic individual and group causes, who claim tolerance as the only acceptable virtue. As a child who was raped by a pedophile, it angers me that the American Psychiatric Association is attempting to normalize pedophilia, all because we have a presidential administration who is friendly towards, and is determined to promote the homosexual agenda upon our societies because of the promised financial pledges.

I refuse to allow the few who are motivated by the ideals of political and cultural correctness, to determine the lives of everyone else. It’s time for truth to stand up against the flow of humanity.

Because of what happened to me as a child and its influence upon the lifestyle I chose to live, my potential was never realized. I lived a hard life, and only in the last few years did I realize that a gift had been given to me. My unique writing style allows me to articulate thoughts into words that has the potential to help you see what is really behind the culture war of ideals affecting every aspect of our lives today.
For twenty years I worked among high-end restaurant which catered to political heavy-weights, and both the entertainment and the sports industries. I have witnessed what these people think about you and what they think about me. And if what they believe to be what is right because of their financial position was ever made known to “We the People”, it would anger even the dumbest of the dumbed down. The American people had better wake up!

What I’ve written about is raw and it’s real. My life’s experience gives me the right to say what I do. I know why you feel the way you do, what you think of yourself and the lie you are living. A naïve person can be fooled, but when I look at someone who knows pain, your life is an open book. I see it in the faces of people every day, I hear it in the words you say and I can smell it on you.
Ignorance of who you really are is rampant, and misery attracts its own. And only when you, like I did, are willing to sever all ties to what is in your past by surrounding yourself with the true source of where all goodness comes from, will your life’s experiences become meaningful as the healing process begins.

Unlike so many authors today, especially those who write Christian literature, I do not have a reputation to loose. Mine was lost the day I realized that my life is no longer my own. My life’s transformation was so radical that I cannot not tell people what GOD has done for me, and, what GOD requires of us all.
It is my intent to challenge the way you think and the witness of your life’s expression. If I can overcome a lifetime of anger, substance abuse and regret, to learn the truth and to finally realize what I had always imagined life could be like, there is no excuse for you! You can argue with me in disagreement to try to justify why you live the way you do, but the evidence of my life’s transformation and the strength of my conviction is greater than the weakness and the compromise that has defined yours! GOD is, and GOD has the final say in all that a person will ever do! To those of you who want to debate the reality of GOD, I challenge any of you to read my book and then attempt to deny the existance of creations GOD. You have no evidence to support you world-view. While the transformation of my life is evidence that GOD is real, and that one day we will all give an account of our lives to the GOD of Bible, Jesus Christ. Bring it on!

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine that I could be so at peace, and of all things, be a published author. What you do with your life’s experience reveals true character and this is what defines who you are. My book is available in bookstores nation wide. Should you choose to read it, I hope that what I’ve written gives you pause for thought.

Amazon Book Reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Living-Hope-Imagination-Compelling-Revelation/product-reviews/088144488X/ref=cm_cr_dp_all_helpful?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

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