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August 21, 2011


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Could Zachery Tims untimely death be an act of the judgment of GOD foretold in Scripture that would come upon false Sheppard’s whose motivation was not for the care of GOD’s people, but is rather of themselves?

Read (Ezekiel 34:1-16) – GOD is the enemy of false teachers, and will eventually bring judgment upon those who misrepresent GOD’s truth.

I do not question Tims profession of faith in Jesus Christ. I do though question the sincerity of his salvation because the messages he preached were entirely man-centered and shamefully void of the true Gospel which the apostle Paul wrote that pastors were to proclaim and to defend. Jesus said that the true child of GOD hears His voice, and that GOD knows them because they follow after Christ. (JOHN 10:27)
Tims gospel, which I have heard in person, was not established upon biblical doctrine, but is that of the human desire for health, wealth and self-esteem. (ROMANS 16:17-18) The Word of Faith gospel. The Trinity Broadcasting Network gospel. A gospel which is a combination of Pentecostalism and the Faith Movement, whose root teachings stem from a 19th century New Thought cult made popular by E.W. Kenyon. After Kenyon came Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen. Then came Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar. And is now a gospel being proclaimed to the world through all forms of media and literary art by their sons and daughters of the Word of Faith movement such as Paula White, Joel Osteen, and, the recently deceased Zachery Tims.

This is a false gospel which lowers GOD to mans level while raising man to GOD’s. This is dangerous! GOD is sovereign. Man is sinful. GOD is holy, holy, holy. Man is wicked. GOD made the way for man to be saved. Man must come to GOD on the terms GOD has established. This is to trust GOD to accomplish the finished work of salvation made available only through the atonement which Jesus Christ became on our behalf. Tims preached the prosperity gospel. The Bible teaches that we are to give up all of our wants, needs and ambitions to the work GOD has called each Christian to walkout every day of our lives. To teach anything other than what Scripture reveals is the will of GOD is heresy. Scripture also reveals that the greatest damnation reserved in the depths of HELL is for those who teach another gospel. (GALATIANS 1:6)

I have a history with the Word of Faith movement. For twenty years I thought that those mentioned above were GOD’s generals. But the more I studied the Bible and sought GOD’s guidance in rightly dividing Scriptures truth, the more evident it became that what they were teaching was not of the GOD of the Bible. I withdrew myself from these people and have since surrounded myself with believers who hold to the central tenants of biblical doctrine. I encourage you to do the same.

While Tims’ family and friends, and congregants mourn over his untimely death, I feel it imperative to write this blog in hope that someone reading this will understand the urgency of the time we now find ourselves. The end of mans’ time is very near! Take notice at the world around us. The religious world and the secular world. Scripture too teaches that we will know that the time of Christ’s second coming draws near. False teachings will abound. People will be deceived. It makes no difference how appealing the presentation is. 99% truth is a lie! Most of what is being presented today as the Gospel of GOD is a false gospel.

None of which I have said is anything but my speculations. Still though, GOD’s Word is true. That which a man sows, he will also reap. I’m saddened that Zachery Tims has now met GOD face to face, and was found apostate. Take heed lest you too be found wanting in the presence of the only true GOD Jesus Christ…

Note: According to authorities, there is no evidence of a crime. There is though some speculation in reference to a white powdered substance found in the room. Tims had a history with drugs. Could he have possibly kept hidden from his wife and congregation a temporary relapse to an escape from reality? This kind of behavior is not uncommon among the leaders of today’s false gospel. There are many questions of which I’m sure we will soon have the answers to.


August 7, 2011


America was a nation raised up by GOD, through the work of imperfect men who understood the immoral character of man. This is the reason America’s founding fathers established a written mandate that would, throughout the course of history, be the foundation of moral behavior for both the leadership of the nation of America, and that of its citizenship. The moral standards which greatly influenced the decisions these men made are those set forth in the Christian Bible. These standards are of GOD, and are therefore, irrevocable!

But oh how far has the leadership of the nation of America strayed from the mandate which GOD had our founding fathers establish to be the guide “We, the People” are to follow.

– The Bible has been systematically removed from all public discourse, and its teachings are rejected by the majority of America’s citizenship as being obscure and irrelevant for the time in which we now live.

– False teachers now dominate Christian churches, literary art, both the television and satellite airwaves, and, the Christian music industry. Without right biblical doctrine, the church cannot practice right biblical behavior. Nor can they teach society.

– American citizens vote into leadership “men and women” who have advocated for, legislated into law, and have even encouraged women to murder tens of millions of unborn babies.

– Homosexuality is now accepted as normal behavior and is endorsed by President Barack Obama. Yet GOD has said that women, who exchange the natural for the unnatural, and a man having sexual relations with another man, is an indecent act.

– America’s citizenship is gone after the pleasures of self-servitude, money, sex, intoxication, entertainment, and has given themselves over to the worship of false religious ideals: Catholic, Unitarian/Emergent, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Christian Science, Buddha and Islam, and will even argue and debate the existence of GOD from the irrational mindset of believing themselves Gnostic/Atheist.

This, being the celebrated advancement of government policies now reflected in the lifestyles of the majority of Americans, is why GOD has abandoned our nation and has given us over to the practice of enjoying the expressions of a reprobate mind. Godless leaders cannot lead a nation of godless people to anywhere else but moral depravity. The citizenship of America has followed the example of its leadership in wasteful and riotous spending to the point of owing a bill they cannot pay! And is the reason our once great nation is become bankrupt! GOD raised America up. GOD will also surely bring America to its destruction!

Why should GOD bless America when its people have rejected GOD? America, we are ever so close to reaping what we have sown. Consider the nations throughout world history whose government and its people have done what we are now doing. They did not survive. And unless the church of Jesus Christ repents and cries out to GOD in repentance of its sin, and once again, preachers proclaim the message of the Gospel to change the hearts of America’s leaders and of its people, then neither will we. You have been warned!

August 2, 2011


This “DEBT CEILING BATTLE DEBACLE” is nothing more than Washington DC politics as usual. Entrenched Republicans or Democrats could give a damn about the American people! We are nothing more to these elites than beneficiary slaves. I know this for a fact! I worked in high-end restaurants in both Washington, DC and Northern Virginia for twenty years waiting on the likes of Boehner, Pelosi, McCain, Reid, Frank, Clinton, their lawyers, their lobbyists’, and all the rest. I was invisible to these people. They are all arrogant, conceited and out of touch with those whom they are elected to represent. And what is even worse is that the American people believe these criminals are doing what is best for our national security and for the betterment of our societies.
The long-term politicians of Washington, DC, detest every one of us. We are not of their lineage. We do not deserve their concern. We are an annoyance whom they publically tolerate.

When alcohol is consumed people talk freely. I have witnessed conversations over $5000.00 dinners, much of this cost being alcohol, of which our tax dollars have paid for that would infuriate even the dumbest of the dumb-down. They laugh at our ignorance as they celebrate the divisions among constituent party-liner’s.
For decades we have played right into their trap. The “too many” different diversions have kept our attention clouded as they have masterfully brought our once great nation to the brink of financial collapse. And still “We, the People” do nothing about it. FOOLS! Every one of us!

Should America become Greece, or like the many impoverished nations they send our military too to rob and plunder under the disguise of liberation, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. When there is no longer a first amendment, a second amendment, nor any other amendment available to the people of this nation who are subject to the rule of law which has been imposed by an international government, what then will be our complaint, and to whom will we offer a plea of mercy?
Yes, that is right! There will be no one to hear our cries because there is no currency. There will be no more mass-produced food. There will be no medical care. There will no longer be the creature-comforts we have gorged ourselves upon. We will be like hungry animals, preying upon those weaker than ourselves. We will be like Somalia. The once wealthy will be the vagrant on the street as will those who were educated, privileged and affluent, knowing first-hand the gnawing pain of hunger and despair.

What then will the motivation be of the republican, the democrat or the libertarian, the conservative, the moderate, the liberal, the Christian, the Catholic, the Buddhist or the Muslim, the oriental man, the black woman, the Hispanic heterosexual or the white homosexual, but to survive among a society of people’s whose hope has been crushed upon the realty of the United States of America having succumbed to the socialist agenda of those currently serving in the federal government. Who, for monetary benefit, have betrayed our trust to the world-elites, all because of their hate for everything that made America so great? Again, FOOLS! Every one of us.

We hurl insults, we call names, we slander, we defame, we discredit, and we condemn righteousness while with the same breath we celebrate immoral injustice. We are a people so divided and confused, and are unsure of or unwilling to embrace the rare and the few citizens still committed to the upholding of our sacred Constitution, along-side the elected representatives who are either outsiders or new to DC politics as usual, to understand that they may just be the last defense against America imploding from within.
The elites have been successful through government programs, education, and judicial activism, the news media and entertainment, in creating a nation of people who do not think objectively for themselves. And as we continue to squabble amongst ourselves about which political party is to blame for the morass we now find ourselves and, are so offended that anyone would dare to challenge publically the moral-relativism of our culture, they angrily push us ever more relentlessly towards the edge of societal pandemic.

Citizens of the United States of America, open your eyes to what is happening! Please listen to the few who are warning of the impending doom that will come upon us individually and as a nation, unless we act. Read world history. Read about our founding fathers. Read about America’s history. Read for your own benefit the Charters of Freedom – The Declaration, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, of which Barack Obama is aggressively, and recent past presidential administrations have grossly subverted, to impose unconstitutional regulations, policies and laws upon a free American people.
It is beyond the time of complacency, indecision and useless public debate! If we do not act to remove from public office the statist’s whose intent is to join our nation with the European Union, which is no longer being kept from our knowledge, then the scenario described above and that of which is happening to nations all around the world, will become reality among the cities, the towns and the communities where we all live, as our unique way of life is forever lost!

It is also of utmost importance that we who do value our freedoms, to engage in public conversation and to expose those whose speech and conduct are a threat to our freedoms. It is, without argument, a known fact that liberal thinking, statist socialists dominate the Democratic Party. They control the media but, their numbers are fewer than the good and decent society who understands that the laws which govern our nation were implemented to uphold the moral standards we have for all the people of our nation. And should anyone violate these standards, they should be charged for their infringement of said law, convicted in a court of law and sentence then carried out.

Our founding fathers pledged their lives and their fortunes to the establishment of a nation which was built upon the foundation of Christian morals. No, America is not a Christian nation, but there is undeniable evidence showing that the writers who penned the statutes of law for the intent to forever govern the elected body of the federal government, and that of America’s citizenship, were greatly influenced by the writings of the Bible. They would not recognize the US Federal Government of 2011, as the governing body they established 240 years ago. And, given the history of these men, they would again secede from the current encroachment “We, the People” are being subjected too.

As history has proven that none of our founding fathers were without fault, neither should it be entertained that those who currently hold elected office are any different. What should be considered is the cost to their persons, their families and their livelihoods, in their defense of America’s sovereignty as a free nation. As the recipients of the freedoms not freely given to us, but, which have been earned by those who gave their lives on the battlefield, and, from the Senate floor, we should support these men and women, while holding them accountable to the defense of the Constitution they swore under oath to uphold. This must be again the requirement of every elected official to then be given the privilege of serving their constituents. Do this, and America will survive and will thrive. Do this not, and America will be brought to its destruction!

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