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July 15, 2011


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Recent Press Release

America, Your God Is Calling You, Will You Answer?

Ever the bold speaker, William Simpson, author of the contentious, yet influential Living In The Hope Of My Imagination, believes that America’s increasingly amoral behavior is abetted by the government, mainly President Obama’s administration, the Senate, House, and Judiciary. With the 2012 presidential election drawing near, Simpson uses his blog, wsimpson.wordpress.com to not only mount a controlled resistance to Obama and the Democrats, but also to condemn homosexuality, abortions, adultery, and financial debt—the byproduct of greed. Simpson’s blog emphasizes the preaching of the Gospel, and the God of Scripture, such that God will show mercy and instill the morality and value of human life that made America a world superpower.

Following the words of the Gospel and trusting in the God of Scripture has made America great; just ask the Founding Fathers and examine the Constitution. Why then, is America adamant about criminalizing Christianity—essentially eliminating Christianity and its elements from schools and other public media—and legalizing sinful behaviors such as homosexuality? Government legalization, Simpson points out, does not make the behavior moral in the eyes of the true judge, God. Why then, do “We, The People” remain silent?
Simpson’s blog discusses the means by which Obama is systematically desensitizing expressions of Christianity and moral behavior from individuals’ characters. Will such a society have the strength and moral fortitude to face the wrath of the God of Scripture if free speech is silenced forever and Christianity is criminalized? Simpson suggests that if sinful behavior condemned by the Gospel is condoned by America, then there is basically a war between the words of GOD and what is sanctioned by our government.

Rampant crime ranging from child abuse, abortions, “babies giving birth to babies,” alcohol abuse, and much more have resulted in a deluge of prisoners. However, America itself is a prisoner of God’s judgment for it “exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.”

Focus on the God of Scripture and We the People can effect change, one person at a time, Simpson pleads.

Simpson’s argument, as put forth in his Living In The Hope Of My Imagination, whether we agree or disagree, is undoubtedly thought provoking and well worth our time and consideration—if we are to change the quality of life in our communities and in our nation.

Review Copies Available Upon Request

For more information on Living In The Hope Of My Imagination by William Simpson, please contact the publisher – Yorkshire Publishing – at (918) 394-2665 or Todd.Rutherford@YorkshirePublishing.com

Yorkshire Publishing
9731 East 54th
Tulsa, OK 74146

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  1. The Godly men & women that came to America and wanted Freedom of Religion and formed our Great nation was it all in vain? now let us pause and look around would they recognize or even know the USA today?

    We have let our country go down to the ditch because we have kicked GOD out of every way of our life.
    The beginning of Knowledge is the Fear (AWE) of GOD. We as a people & nation have become to Wordly when GOD says come out of the present world as it is passing away to destruction.

    Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the re-newing of your mind (daily) by letting the Word of GOD transform your mind. For the Word of GOD is Quick, Powerful & sharper than any 2 edged sword cutting to the very core of our being.

    Read the word of GOD and let it lead you to repentance, it is Good for reproving, teaching, bringing you closer to GOD. No one seeks after GOD but Thanks be to our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ whom has redeemed us and allows us access to GOD the Father so we may know GOD.

    We as a nation & people should be running getting closer to GOD as we see the days of evil getting worse, our home is not this present world.

    I have read your book and every one should read it also, it is a good testimony and a Powerful work of GOD in your life. Keep up the Good work of being a Watchman and telling people of GOD’S Love and Mercy also to repent and come to the Saving knowledge of Jesus and the Free Gift of eternal life.


    Comment by Larry Owens — July 16, 2011 @ 7:32 AM | Reply

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