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March 16, 2011

Love Wins vs GOD’S TRUTH

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What is needed most today is a clear and accurate proclamation of the Gospel of GOD, by Christian preachers, whose lives have been transformed by the work of regeneration. Unitarian spiritualists, such as Rob Bell, cannot, no matter how gifted they are in literary savvy, tell anyone the truth about the GOD of Scripture.

Rob Bell is utterly confused with his ideal of who/what GOD is. He offers no definitive evidence that would give anyone of intelligence pause for thought, or that would challenge their world-view. He writes/speaks from within the safe-guard of speculation, which then, leaves his readers/listeners wide open to the lies of moral relativism. Jesus taught that the preaching of His Gospel would be offensive to every generation because its truth would bring light upon the darkness that men love. The only offense taken as the result of Bell’s message in LOVE WINS is by those who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of GOD, and, that its message is infallible. In other words, THE GOSPEL MEANS WHAT THE GOSPEL SAYS

Both John MacArthur and John Piper, to name just two well-knowns, have spoken/written extensively in reference to the heresy being taught by Rob Bell. We all know where these men stand in the defence of biblical truth. They have given their lives to the study of GOD and to the preaching of the only Gospel message that has the power to transform a life. Their reputations can be trusted.
Rob Bell on the other hand, serves the god of his own unregenerate spirit and a secular mind, which is, as of yet, depraved of the knowledge of creations one and only true living GOD, Jesus Christ.

I do not possess anywhere near the solid theological knowledge of either MacArthur or Piper, but, when I was hopelessly lost in sin and wandering aimlessly through life, GOD personally revealed Himself to me through the person of Jesus Christ. This act of compassion shown to me by GOD is a work in progress which is transforming my life and has given me the confidence of knowing who GOD is and that what the Bible teaches is true.

I’m the author of “LIVING IN THE HOPE OF MY IMAGINATION”. I’ve written a book that presents a biblical account of the sovereign GOD of Scripture, the depravity of fallen humanity, and, of the only way a person will ever come to the true knowledge of creations GOD.
Unlike Rob Bell, I answer the questions we have all asked, based solely upon what Scripture alone, reveals is the will of GOD. You want closure to the questions of which today’s secular writers/speakers have not the answers for?, I would suggest that you read my book. What I’ve written will challenge your world-view, and provoke thought, as to the reality of GOD, and the purpose for all of the pain and suffering, and the struggles we endure in this crazy thing known as life. I address these topics in the chapter titled, “Influence By Design”.

Today’s popular evangelical Christianity is nothing like what the writers of Holy Scripture instructed the Christian witness is to be like. And sadly, church congregants can only emulate what their leaders postulate.

Well did Charles H. Spurgeon write when describing the man yet unregenerate in spirit, and void of the conviction of reason awakened to the call of proclaiming the Gospel.

“GOD chooses not milktops destitute of backbone, to wear His glory upon their faces. We have plenty of men made of sugar, nowadays, that melt into the stream of popular opinion; but these shall never ascend into the hill of the Lord, nor stand in His holy place, nor wear the tokens of His glory.”

Rob Bell, is such a man… Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!


March 10, 2011

The Heresy Of Evangelical Christianity Today

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Here is a link to a recent talk done by Ed Young, who is the pastor of Fellowship Church, in Grapevine, TX, and host of Ed Young Ministries. His is a church I will never attend.

Telling people that if they do not give to the church 10% of their income, that they are wasting his, and, GODs time.

The audacity of this man, who claims to be a Christian, and, a Christian Leader, is appalling. This same example, is what the majority of evangelical churches in America today, are presenting to the people of the world, as the Gospel of GOD. This is a lie, Ed Young is a false teacher, and a heretic. Please, church of Jesus Christ, separate yourselves from this terrible business for profit, known as the Word of Faith Movement.

What these people teach about tithing ten percent of your income cannot be validated by Scripture in the New Covenant. Not one time! Yet the majority of people in these churches happily throw their hard earned money at the feet of these slick charlatans. Who have studied Scripture well enough to know what verses they can use to manipulate spiritually dumb people into believing their money is needed by God.

If you would ever take the time to research the history of the tithe you will discover it was a tax paid by the people to the Levitical Priesthood, who were the theocratic government of Israel at that time. The tithe was used to provide the needs of the priesthood and for the welfare of people. There were two different tithes given each year and a third tithe was required every third year totaling not ten percent, but nearly thirty percent, much like this nation’s tax system.
There are commentaries you can read, by men such as John MacArthur, to gain a better knowledge of this subject, who are Doctors of Divinity, and have studied God’s law for a lifetime. So don’t take just my word. And what you might not have realized yet, there is always the Bible. You have been fed a lie, such as what Ed Young is saying in this video, that has corrupted the true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s time you study the Bible for yourself to then have God reveal His truth.

I wrote extensively about this very subject in the book titled, “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination”

For twenty years, I was involved with this organization. I ignorantly thought they were sincere Christian men and women, but, I have come to believe something quite different as I matured in the knowledge of Scripture. Follow this movement, and you will walk alone. The GOD of Scripture will not carry you.

Ed Young, as is Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Jesse Duplantis, Kevin Mihlfeld and all the others who teach this trash, are GODs judgment upon a people who have rejected Him, and have rather drawn to themselves false teachers who give to a lost humanity what they desire. Material here and now things.

This talk that Ed Young did, is an undeniable example of humanism, and its influence upon the evangelical church today. The only spirit present in these buildings, and upon the minds of those attending, is the spirit of anti-Christ, Lucifer himself.
I tremble in fear for the depth and the severity of punishment GOD will inflict upon false teachers. But in righteous anger, I know GODs judgment is just and fair.

Most of the so-called church, is a lost and confused people, damned to an eternal hell. And still, we play church, and refuse to say what others consider offensive…

“GOD, bring conviction upon your elect, to change our hearts from stone to flesh, and give to us compassion and the boldness to
confront our brothers and sisters who are deceived, and fill our mouths with the words to speak that which will penetrate their calloused reason, and awaken them to the lies that have separated so many from your presence.
GOD, I ask that you forgive your church of its whoredom with the world, and draw us into your holy presence, so that as we are changed into the image of your Christ, the lost will see the evidence of the Gospels message of salvation in what we say and what we do, being so vastly different from what false religion portrays.
GOD, break us of ourselves and our selfish desires, and shape us into the men and women who represent the one true and living GOD, of whom humanity longs to see revealed. In these last days, oh great and sovereign GOD of all of creation, do a work in your elect that will capture the attention of lost souls, and draw them to the impossible work of salvation that only your indwelling Holy Spirit can accomplish.”

“Oh, that your preachers would preach about the sovereign nature of creations GOD, about sin and the depravity of a fallen humanity, and the need we all have of the unmerited and undeserved gift that you offer to all, through the atoning sacrifice that Jesus became on that cross at Calvary, by taking upon Himself our sin and the penalty we are all deserving of.
GOD, I ask that you would bring conviction upon your preachers, and of the urgency of the times we are now in. Your return is near. Judgment and reward is near. Your testament of Scripture is our example and the pinnacle of truth of which your elect children live by. Do a quick work in us, so that we can reach those of whom your Spirit will draw. And bring down to ruin those who are a reproach to the testament of your greatness.”

“God of my salvation, I ask this of you in Jesus name.”

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