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January 24, 2011

There Is Something Very Wrong With The Amoral Conscience Of The American People Today!

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Recent Press Release…

The recent shooting deaths of innocent people in Tucson, Arizona, Fort Hood, Texas, and the massacre at Virginia Tech, tells a story that few are willing to address.

As difficult and as painful as life can sometimes be, so too, is the answer to the question we have all asked. WHY? In his new book “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” William Simpson tells a compelling story of neglect and child-abuse, similar to what so many other people have endured, which has, as a result, determined the lives of so many. Stories which tell the truth about the realities of every-day American life, and are so often left untold, for the shame which has been endured.
Simpson narrates the moral decline of America’s societies as few well-known authors can. His observations are candid, and the examples which are used, draw out of each reader the emotions of what they have felt themselves, with each story they read.

The Reason Why People Don’t Speak Up
Simpson writes from first-hand experience, giving example after example, as to how family life, education and culture, has been manipulated by political activism to systematically remove from the American people their moral conscience. And The Inevitable Results…

“Take away the thought of accountability, and ignorance will run rampant.”

“We are now a people despised by our very own. The genocide of 1.4 million aborted fetuses every year in the name of convenience. Children murder other children and babies give birth to babies at an unprecedented rate. Alcoholism and drug addiction fuels the rage of hope shattered, and having no knowledge of how to put their broken lives back together again.”

“Each day is met with the basic instinct of survival at any cost to everyone else. And you wonder why the American culture is so screwed up!”

There Is Hope. But Only If The Truth Is Told, And People Act
Simpson believes that there has never been a time in America’s history, as there is right now, for principled men and women, of strong character and moral values, to stand up to injustice, no matter the cost to their person or reputation. Whether in public office, be it local, state or federal government, the market place, education, and especially from behind the pulpits of community churches in every sate of this nation.

“Where there is no moral leadership, immorality ensues. This can be no more evident than the examples that have been set by many who call themselves Evangelical Church Leaders in America today. The grass-roots community leaders, who have neglected the ministry of preaching Gospel truth for the business of profit, and, as a result, the criminality which is being committed by those elected to represent the constituents of their state.”

“Sadly, the watchmen of men’s souls have neglected their call.”

“Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” is a much needed dialogue that confronts the amoral conscience so prevalent in America today. William Simpson definitively answers the question we have all asked. That answer though, may not be what you would think it should be… Finally, there is an author who’s not afraid to offend the reader’s conscience, to challenge entrenched world-views with the intent to provoke thought, with conviction that cannot be denied.

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