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January 24, 2011

There Is Something Very Wrong With The Amoral Conscience Of The American People Today!

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Recent Press Release…

The recent shooting deaths of innocent people in Tucson, Arizona, Fort Hood, Texas, and the massacre at Virginia Tech, tells a story that few are willing to address.

As difficult and as painful as life can sometimes be, so too, is the answer to the question we have all asked. WHY? In his new book “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” William Simpson tells a compelling story of neglect and child-abuse, similar to what so many other people have endured, which has, as a result, determined the lives of so many. Stories which tell the truth about the realities of every-day American life, and are so often left untold, for the shame which has been endured.
Simpson narrates the moral decline of America’s societies as few well-known authors can. His observations are candid, and the examples which are used, draw out of each reader the emotions of what they have felt themselves, with each story they read.

The Reason Why People Don’t Speak Up
Simpson writes from first-hand experience, giving example after example, as to how family life, education and culture, has been manipulated by political activism to systematically remove from the American people their moral conscience. And The Inevitable Results…

“Take away the thought of accountability, and ignorance will run rampant.”

“We are now a people despised by our very own. The genocide of 1.4 million aborted fetuses every year in the name of convenience. Children murder other children and babies give birth to babies at an unprecedented rate. Alcoholism and drug addiction fuels the rage of hope shattered, and having no knowledge of how to put their broken lives back together again.”

“Each day is met with the basic instinct of survival at any cost to everyone else. And you wonder why the American culture is so screwed up!”

There Is Hope. But Only If The Truth Is Told, And People Act
Simpson believes that there has never been a time in America’s history, as there is right now, for principled men and women, of strong character and moral values, to stand up to injustice, no matter the cost to their person or reputation. Whether in public office, be it local, state or federal government, the market place, education, and especially from behind the pulpits of community churches in every sate of this nation.

“Where there is no moral leadership, immorality ensues. This can be no more evident than the examples that have been set by many who call themselves Evangelical Church Leaders in America today. The grass-roots community leaders, who have neglected the ministry of preaching Gospel truth for the business of profit, and, as a result, the criminality which is being committed by those elected to represent the constituents of their state.”

“Sadly, the watchmen of men’s souls have neglected their call.”

“Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” is a much needed dialogue that confronts the amoral conscience so prevalent in America today. William Simpson definitively answers the question we have all asked. That answer though, may not be what you would think it should be… Finally, there is an author who’s not afraid to offend the reader’s conscience, to challenge entrenched world-views with the intent to provoke thought, with conviction that cannot be denied.


January 20, 2011


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The Knowledge Of GOD Is The Light Of Hope To A Fallen Humanity, While
The Truth Of The Gospel Is The Salt That Cures Humanities Depravity.

From before the foundations of the world began, GOD knew me, and called me to be separated for this time, for His glory.
Fear, is a healthy observation of the awesome presence and the unfathomable depths of GOD’s majesty. Who am I?
I cannot alter, nor permanently change this world-system. This is not the duty of the Christian. I can only help others to see the purposes of GOD through all of its craziness.
The highest call in service to humanity, is preaching Gospel truth to convict humanity of their sin. Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good.
The salvation of the souls of men is the work of GOD alone. Revival can only be followed as the Spirit of GOD convicts the conscience of sinful men… Not by the advertisement or the promotion of men. But by the hammer of GOD, to shatter to pieces beyond repair, the prideful will of the sinner awakened to the mercies of GOD.

GOD, of all of creation, teach me how to pray, that by my life’s witness, I might lead others.

“You are Holy, and deserving of the praises of all that you have created. Everything that has breath, will praise the LORD!
I thank you GOD that your Spirit has recreated me anew, and has shapen the conduct of my life’s witness. Men shall see GOD, by the evidence of my love, and by my conviction of defending your truths.
Not what I want, but only what your Spirit leads me to do. This is that all men would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
GOD, you provide me all that I need.
It is beyond my understanding as to why you have forgiven a wretch like me, therefore I can do nothing other for my fellow man, but that which you so graciously and unwarranted, have done for me.
And it is through the trials and the tests of this life, that I have come to understand your purpose is not to destroy me, but to mold me into a man, ready, for his Masters call. For my life, from the breach of my mothers womb has been ordained and directed by your divine will.
And that in all that your Spirit will have me to do, is for the praise and for the honor which it will bring to you, as men repent of their sin and cry out to the only true GOD, for the free gift of the salvation of their souls which only your Spirit can accomplish.” Matthew 6:9-13

True salvation is dying to self, submission to GOD, missions to the needy, and teaching this lifestyle to others.
When one life has been made alive by the regenerative work of GOD’s Holy Spirit to salvation, then, my duty as a Christian has been fulfilled.
Though the world hates me, never-the-less, it’s not I, but Christ Jesus who lives through me. GOD has called. Will you answer?

William D. Simpson

January 17, 2011


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From Prison To The Pulpit
One Man’s Life-Changing Revelation

In his new book “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” author William D. Simpson narrates a vivid first-hand account of the moral decline of American culture. Using his own experiences with verbal, physical and sexual abuse, Simpson illustrates how the resulting feeling of insignificance lead him and so many others into a life of despair.

“I was abused as a child. Sexually molested and shamed. I was exposed to alcohol and drugs at a very early age. At the age of fourteen, I was sentenced to juvenile life in prison. After being released from prison, I was rejected by my family and the church, and my lifestyle reflected what I thought of other people and myself.”

“I hated people and I hated myself… [In prison], I was beaten and stabbed multiple times, I was homeless, ate out of dumpsters, I attempted suicide, I struggled inwardly with the influence of what happened in my past, had a lifelong alcohol and drug dependence, I had no hope…”

Simpson is candid with his observations, and believes that the decisions people have been intentionally influenced to make, has determined the lifestyles they live. And only after coming to his end, did he realize that there was only one place left to turn. Simpson began to study the Bible in order to try and find meaning through the experiences of his life, and this is when he experienced a “life changing revelation”.

“…When I had come to my end, God revealed Himself in a way that I could no longer deny His existence and the good news of the Gospel became relevant to me as its message transformed my life.”

The Systematic Removal Of America’s Moral Conscience – By Church And By State

As the Gospel began to unfold before him, Simpson came to realize that his own relentless exposure to the amoral was thanks in large part to a societal pandemic that was systematically stripping America of its moral conscience. In more than twenty years of work experience in the restaurant/bar industry among Washington D.C. elites, Simpson witnessed firsthand the disregard elected representatives have for the American people.

“The focus of my book is to expose what the United States government has done through the intentional dumbing-down of the American people, to lead us to an ideology that a fascists government is the answer to all of our problems, and an even more critical observation of what today’s seeker-friendly evangelical church has not done to expose this reality, thus the culture we have become.”

“I know why you feel the way you do, what you think of yourself and the lie you are living… A naïve person can be fooled but when I look at someone who knows pain, your life is an open book. I see it in the faces of people every day. I hear it in the words you say and I can smell it on you.”

“The irrefutable evidence of hopelessness, and having no knowledge of how to put their lives back together again, is the amoral conscience of the American people today.”

The Business Of Evangelical Christianity

According to Simpson, the majority of Evangelical Churches today have forsaken the teachings of biblical doctrine and have instead embraced the secular psychology propagated by the U.S. government through both education and special-interest legislation. In so doing, church leaders have allowed every type of worldly influence to infiltrate their thinking. The result? The church presents to its congregations and the world, a false message of health, wealth and self-esteem as opposed to the true meaning of the Gospel.

Moral-Relativism Has No Defense

“It’s my intent to challenge the way you think and the witness of your life’s expression. If I can overcome a lifetime of anger, substance abuse and regret, to finally realize what I had always imagined life could be like, there is no excuse for you. You can argue with me in disagreement to try to justify why you live the way you do, but the evidence of my life’s transformation and the depth of my conviction is greater than the weakness and the compromise that has defined yours!”

A Challenging Read, “Living In The Hope Of My Imagination” is a journey away from ignorance and compromise and towards the discovery of who God created each person to be.

“What you do with your life’s experience reveals true character and this is what defines who you are. Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine that I could be so at peace, and of all things, be a published author. Don’t allow life to rob you of the song your life’s witness is meant to sing.”

“And should you choose to read my book, I hope that what I’ve written gives you pause for thought.”


All media interested in obtaining review copy of book, or to arrange an interview with author, please contact publiicist.

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