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December 6, 2010

GOD Hears and is Attentive to the Prayer of the Righteous

Filed under: Writing — William D. Simpson @ 4:42 PM

I am beginning to realize the price that will have to be paid to be favored by GOD, and given the trust to be a vessel anointed to preach the Gospel.

Others may chose differently, but I can no longer do what I desire… I’ve had only a glimpse of the Holy, and I’m in awe of His grace.
Great GOD, forgive me of my sin. Cleanse my thoughts, which form the words I speak and the acts I do, that are an offense to you.
Take from me the wicked heart that desires to please my flesh. Break my will and conform my every thought to that which is pleasing to You.
For I have read in the holy Scriptures, that only when I am broken, will I see GOD.

Men today do not have respect for You, Great GOD, because Your sons have failed to represent Your love and Your law, accurately.
GOD in heaven, I ask You to forgive us, Your church, of our sin and of our compromise, with what Scripture reveals that You hate.
And I ask that You draw us close, that we may see the Christ, in all of His majesty, that our lives may be transformed.
So that we can then, boldly proclaim the Gospel of GOD, to the lost souls of men.

GOD of my salvation, I need the hope promised to me by the indwelling of Your Spirit, in the work of regeneration that only You can accomplish.
I love You only because You have first loved me. Take my life, and use it for the praise and for the glory that only You are deserving of.
Let men see in me the hope of their salvation. Honor me with the intimate knowledge of Christ Jesus, my LORD. I need You.
To whom much is forgiven, is much required of. Jesus, You are my Savior, my LORD, my GOD.

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