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October 9, 2010


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The loss of a person’s life, so young, is very sad. But, amidst the outcry of the homosexual community for equality, and the media’s coverage of who is to blame, the real bully is left alone to wreak havoc upon those who have no idea of whom they were created to be. There is so much that can be said, that’s not being said, by the church, which has given the proponents of the homosexual lifestyle the unchallenged platform to deceive the youth of America.

The homosexual lifestyle IS NOT Gods design for humanity, no matter the influence of judicial activism, government sanctions, educational indoctrination, or most recently, the social acceptance of, and the church’s evident compromise with, what Scripture teaches is the unmistakable pronouncement of homosexual sex being sin, and an obimination to God.

The life you live is not yours to do with what you choose. From the breath of God you came, and into the presence of God will you return. All that you are is of God, and God requires that you give to Him, all that you do.
Humanity has fallen. Wickedness separates sinful people from the presence of God, who is sovereign, holy and righteous, in His pronouncement of who will be justified, and who will be damned. You cannot approach God on your terms. Nor can a society dismiss the conscience of reason to appease the knowledge of guilt, and expect creations God to turn a blind eye to the injustices which that society has committed against Him.

This is the only message the true church of Jesus Christ can proclaim, to give humanity the chance of accepting Gods only offer of salvation. Choose wisely…

Pastor John MacArthur, presents a much more detailed account of Gods view of the temptation of homosexuality, that has enslaved so many people to a life of debilitating sin. Only the good news of the Gospel can transform a life.



October 2, 2010


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Protestant and mainstream denominations, Catholic cathedrals, and the plethora of independent evangelical churches that dot nearly every street corner of America’s cities and towns, are, nearly all, headed by men and women whom GOD does not know. Forgotten is the central message they have been instructed to tell the world. What we hear instead, are words dripping with deceit that are cloaked within the perception of what is said to be the will of GOD, by a society whom GOD does not know. This is a grave dilemma which we now face.

Gone is the proclamation of the whole counsel of GOD. Except for a remnant of faithful men, who earnestly contend for the truth. Only to have been replaced with liberal Christian psychology, social justice theology, the secular wish-list of health, wealth and self-esteem, and universalism, which has been repackaged and sold to adherents of the emergent dialogue, all of which are rooted in the original sin of humanism?

GOD is not welcome. Neither are the laws that GOD established to rightly direct the decisions of humanity. What GOD determined to be the foundation for society, is considered to be irrelevant to today’s postmodern, anti-GOD culture. Who think of GOD as merely a mythical illusion or a delusional nightmare, and the Bible as nothing more than antiquated rubbish, written by ancient and bigoted men. Words that could not even possibly, have the remotest chance of being seriously considered as valid truth, by an educated person. This is the end-result of the dilemma we now face. Leaderless leaders are teaching world-societies how to be just like them. And you wonder why there is so much injustice in the world today.

In light of all the evidence that proves the spiritual destitution advancing the immoral condition of America’s, and world societies, I would like to suggest that it’s time we begin to read the directions again. There is no argument that can disprove nor rightly defend, what humanity has done in the name of religion, to cause harm towards people the world over. But neither is there a defense that can disprove the humane conquests that Christian men and women have accomplished for the benefit of humanity, the world over. When all else fails, read the directions… It’s really just that simple.

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