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September 7, 2010

The War of World Views

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I want to begin this blog with a statement that no one can deny. The practice of a religious ideal has been the cause of many atrocities committed against people throughout world history. All faiths, meditations, consciences and practices equal.

That being said, there’s only one faith, in the one true GOD, which has influenced the convictions of men and women to realize the need of, contend for, and eventually achieve, many of the greatest humanitarian causes in world history. This evidence is undebateable.

Today, the world over, everyone debates the authenticity of their religious view. Christianity, Judaism and Islam, considered to be the Abrahamic religions, and all the other 9000 plus known religions, that are Jesus plus works, no Jesus at all, or a humanistic meditation thought to achieve a god-consciousness, or that of no religion at all, are the rave among religious teachers, authors and the media, the world over. It is my opinion that all of these ideals are irrelevant and void of truth.


One of these religious ideals can prove its authenticity.

One, and only one has. But, the world over, people continue to debate its reality because they do not want to have to submit to the moral obligations that this religious ideal claims, as the inerrant word, and will, of GOD.
For several generations now, here in the United States, and several more in Europe, academia has played down the authenticity and the inerrancy of biblical Scripture. This has happened because of the fear of Scripture teaching the truth about the holiness of GOD, the truth about fallen humanity, and the need of divine salvation in the regeneration of sinful people. Humanisms ideal has, and will always will be, the greatest obstacle people will have to overcome, if they are to ever know GOD personally.

This, according to Scripture, is GODs greatest desire. But this relationship cannot happen apart from what GOD has determined. Humanity cannot, nor will they ever, approach GOD on their terms… What is so difficult with this?
Every religion in the world, except for atheism and Christianity, teaches a works salvation. Atheism is the belief in nothing. The idiocy with atheism, is that the people who contend for this ideal, are at odds with their own reason. GOD has indelibly etched upon the conscience of every person, the knowledge of Himself. This truth cannot be denied. Why have people like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and Christopher Hitchens, spent their lifetimes arguing that GOD is an irrelevant ideal, unsuccessfully? That answer is easily revealed. GOD is, and no created human being can explain away the facts of creations GOD.

Their denial is nothing more than the rejection of GODs expectation of their life’s witness. This also defines your rejection of GOD…

Any religious ideal that adds to the free gift of atonement, or denies, by practice, is a false ideology that will find the practitioner groping blindly in the realm of spiritualism, but never to obtain what is sought. This defines stupidity.

GOD has made available to the seeker of truth, the answers that will lead to revealed knowledge. But you need to understand that truth will only be revealed to those to whom GOD has granted the gift of understanding. That is why, the world over, people argue with the truths about GOD revealed in Scripture.
Election is a doctrine that I don’t yet fully understand. But I do understand that GOD is omniscient (all knowing), from the beginning of creation until now, and that He is fully aware of those who will accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, thus allowing GODs Spirit to begin the work of salvation that only GOD can accomplish. This proves that all religious ideals are a false worship of the only true GOD.

The Bible is an account of humanities redemption that no human being could have imagined. The one true GOD, who determined how what was created will come to know His presence, and by that determination, gave birth to Himself through a virgin woman, so that His sacrifice would not be subject to the nature of sin all of humanity is born slave too. Jesus then became the example for those who would accept GODs revelation of Himself, and by that example, subjected His natural body to the wrath of GODs anger to become the substitute for sin in the place of all of humanity.
This proves that human writers, over any period of time, could never have concocted a story so unbelievably accurate, as what is presented by the Gospel of God. GOD, who sacrificed Himself, for all of humanity, past, present and future, is a story that only the pure of heart could even consider to be true, and given only to those to whom GOD has called as His elect.

Scripture tells a future story, and then proves its reality by fulfilling that story. No other religion, meditation, conscience or practice, can claim the authenticity of GODs revelation of Himself, other than the Bible. No ideal can transform a person’s life like the life submitted to the transforming power of the Gospels message.

Judaism is a set of laws that no one can follow. Islam is nothing more than a political conquest. And religion, of itself, is nothing more than bondage to an ideal that will never be obtained.
Christianity too, has been abused. By men who have taken advantage of the unsuspecting. But when GOD has begun the work of salvation in a person’s life, Christ-likeness takes on a whole new meaning. That life is no longer motivated by what motivates others. The genuine concern for the eternal salvation of other people becomes the purpose that motivates the Christian-world view. This is why Christians, the world over, are still persecuted and murdered for the defense of the Gospel. No other religion or world-view dose this, other than Islam’s militant practitioners. This is the true face of Islam.

It’s now 2010. Read the stories about Christians being tortured and murdered in third world countries. This is happening the world over. And now European and North American countries are doing everything they can to aggressively remove the Bible from the discourse of public life.
Both Canadian and the United States government are anti-GOD, anti-Bible, anti-Christian and anti-truth, and are pro liberalism, pro big government, pro moral relativism, pro homosexual and pro any movement that exalts itself above the knowledge of GOD. The United States was a nation built upon the foundation of Christian values, but is fastly becoming an anti-GOD culture. This again proves the accuracy of biblical Scripture.

World-views will always clash. But there is one world-view that will always triumph. And there will always be men and women whose lives that have been radically transformed by the Gospel of GOD, who will continue to be the thorn in a fallen and unregenerate humanities side. It matters not how many academia, or false teachers, abound in today’s culture. GOD will still have His Gospel preached. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. I am among that number…

If you are tired of the lies that have defined your existence, it’s time you learn the truth. My book can be purchased in bookstores nationwide and Amazon.

This blog defines what motivated me to write my book.


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  1. Good writing I like the way you explain the Word of GOD.

    I like to read Hebrews 4:12 that tells me know how powerful the
    word of GOD is.

    You are correct no man seeks after GOD BUT I thank GOD every day that
    Jesus did seek me and found me.

    Thanks for writing the Absolute Truth!

    Comment by Larry Owens — September 7, 2010 @ 12:15 PM | Reply

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