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September 3, 2010

Stephen Hawkings New Book Will Surely Deceive

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So much knowledge, yet so little common sense.

Stephen Hawkings new book “The Grand Design” is another feeble attempt by an ever-increasing and cluelessly unsuspecting myriad of scientists, academicians and authors to try to disprove the reality of GOD. Enough already… They really have nothing new to say.

My book, newly released and in bookstores nationwide, disproves Hawkings claim as to the reality of GOD’s existence. I did not grow up in a religious home, and what little religious expression I was exposed to, made me not believe in the existence of GOD. But GOD had a different plan for my life, and through several vivid encounters, GOD revealed Himself in ways that I could no longer deny the reality of a personal GOD.
Now years later, my life has been transformed, and the confidence I have in knowing GOD through a personal relationship is greater than the lies of deception that have misled many of the most educated minds in world history. You can argue with me in disagreement to try to justify why you live the way you do, but you cannot argue with the conviction of a transformed life. It’s beyond belief now. I know that GOD is.

GOD is reality in its fulness revealed, and has revealed Himself through the person of Jesus Christ. No other religion or world-view will allow a person the privilege of knowing GOD personally until GOD has called that person and given them the understanding of the Gospels message of salvation. Apart from this acknowledgement and submitting one’s life to the call, they will never know GOD.
As Creator, Lord and Sovereign Judge, GOD has the right to determine how what was created will know His presence. What is so difficult with this? Einstein, Hawkings, Hitchens and those like them, have attempted to disprove the reality of GOD by human intellect, but their intellect is internally connected to their reason, which is where GOD has indelibly etched the knowledge of Himself upon every human being. That is why these men are forever infuriated with the ideal of the Christians explanation of the existence of God…..”Faith”. It is really just that simple.

I have never read any of Hawkings material, or the writings of Christopher Hitchens. I don’t want to pollute my mind with their musings. But some day, very soon, they will both come face to face with the GOD whom they have vehemently opposed by the denial of their life’s witness. Naked and ashamed, they will give an account of themselves to GOD, and sadly, they will have nothing to say that GOD will approve of.
On that day, as will all of humanity, they will bow their knees in the presence of the holy GOD of all of creation, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. But for them, salvation will no longer be obtainable. And GOD will then condemn the unregenerate to an everlasting separation from His presence, as the full fury of GODs wrath punishes the wicked and lawless of humanity in eternal HELL.
Here, they and you, who choose to deny GOD by the rejection of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice to redeem a lost humanity, will forever condemn yourselves for the decision you chose not to make, and will have no hope of salvation. That, of its self, is an accurate definition of HELL.

But the good news is that Jesus has already paid that price for you. Come to GODs work of salvation while there is still time.

Do not be deceived. These men, whom the world of nations have and continues to give accolades, and praised as brilliant thinkers and reformers of modern theory, are mocked by GOD. Their education, knowledge of science, careers in academia, books written, awards, ect, ect, ect, mean absolutely nothing to a sovereign GOD who holds life and death in His hands, and grants to whom He wills, eternal life, and to whom He wills, eternal death. Their end is bitter. What will be yours?

My book “Living in the Hope of My Imagination” is available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. I challenge you to read something that will give you answers to the questions no one has yet to answer. I don’t have the education these deceivers have, but I do have the knowledge to challenge your world-view and cause you to stop and rethink what you have been taught. They are not right, and your life depends upon the truth you learn. Don’t be a fool…



  1. The problem with religions is that all of them are scary, and nobody I know will be in Heaven. Moreover, if I come up with enough money to purchase a ticket to be absolved, such as the ones the Catholic Church has sold for centuries, I would only find there, the biggest sinners of all.
    Some religious laws don’t match the laws of Nature, morality, ethics, common sense, and respect for each other. Even though, the leaders of the faith would have nothing to do with God, they brake all the rules they preach.
    Old muslim men marry children, priests rape altar boys and girls, preachers are found having sex with prostitutes, children, their own daughters, men in public bathrooms, have multiple wives as young as 8 years of age, etc..
    Therefore, it becomes difficult to believe that if God is there, God would be paying attention to what we do.
    The Universe happened, period. God is in us because we put it there. It is our conscience, our sense of guilt, our remorse, our fears, our inability to explain the simple things in nature.
    Some people do not need to believe in God to be good people, and some people cover their sins with the word of a God they made up. All the religious writings I know of, were written by men, to keep women under their thumbs, because they have been afraid of women, and do not understand them.

    Comment by Alberto — September 12, 2010 @ 9:24 AM | Reply

    • Alberto, so much said but no valid defense of GODs inexistance. Learn more before beginning a debate.

      Comment by William D. Simpson — September 12, 2010 @ 10:37 AM | Reply

  2. If history is studied then you will find the answers are there. The ancient africans knew of what hawkings is explaining, basically people are celestial and terrestrial beings, similarly as the universe. The superbrains are trying to explain the forces of the universe, just as the ancients were doing. Everyone that speaks of religion was taught it! The story of all religious concepts were pasted down by word of mouth or writing…what is different with what Hawkings is doing and saying?? The ancients said always referenced to the sky..why? we come to find out the universe was created in the center of space…where the pyramids point in the heavens….so all the pieces are there for us to put together. The universe is celestial as we are!!

    Comment by sright14u@yahoo.com — September 13, 2010 @ 2:41 PM | Reply

  3. Your very first sentence is wrong. Read the book before you try to review it.

    Comment by Ben — September 14, 2010 @ 12:32 PM | Reply

  4. Thank you very much my friend, you are very kind in sharing this useful information with? others…. he details were such a blessing, thanks.

    Comment by Marie Chelle — September 16, 2010 @ 9:16 AM | Reply

  5. I wonder if one can offer proof of the existence of a father figure who rules in the affairs of men or the opposite who is desperate to make life difficult for man. Anyway, I will be grateful to test the theories which assures of the the existence of a father figure.

    Maybe God is not what we have been told he is otherwise it is conclusive that he has no business engaging humanity. The inconsistencies revealed in the history of religion confirms that either God needs help or he is dead.

    Comment by adotey hoffman — September 18, 2010 @ 4:02 PM | Reply

  6. Bob, you are an idiot.

    Comment by William D. Simpson — September 21, 2010 @ 5:36 PM | Reply

  7. GOD says ” His ways are higher than mans, and His Thoughts are higher than mans.” are we our own god? Not in this life time, but sons of GOD through Christ Jesus. But first we must believe there is a GOD to attain to be a son of GOD.

    Comment by Larry Owens — September 23, 2010 @ 7:45 AM | Reply

  8. yeah my dad will like this

    Comment by weight — September 27, 2010 @ 11:24 PM | Reply

  9. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

    Comment by Slenceerymn — December 4, 2010 @ 3:47 PM | Reply

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