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September 28, 2010


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The observance of a religious ideal of your choosing is not enough…

Nicodemus was a teacher of the Pentateuch. His life was the observance of Jewish law. If anyone had the right to think of themselves as righteous, Nicodemus did. Of all of Israel’s religious leaders, he was the only Pharisee who gave reverence to Jesus. But, Scripture reveals that Jesus rebuked him openly to penetrate his ideology, and cause him to realize that apart from GODs involvement in His divine work of salvation, Nicodemus would be damned.

Fast-forward to 2010. Many evangelical church pastors, theologians and seminary professors, leaders of the Emergent Movement, and the proponents of today’s liberal Christian psychology, have grossly misinterpreted the intended meaning of 2 Timothy 4:1-5.

I CHARGE [you] in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, Who is to judge the living and the dead, and by (in the light of) His coming and His kingdom: Herald and preach the Word! Keep your sense of urgency [stand by, be at hand and ready], whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable. [Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as preacher of the Word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong.] And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unflagging and inexhaustible in patience and teaching. For the time is coming when [people] will not tolerate (endure) sound and wholesome instruction, but, having ears itching [for something pleasing and gratifying], they will gather to themselves one teacher after another to a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold, And will turn aside from hearing the truth and wander off into myths and man-made fictions. As for you, be calm and cool and steady, accept and suffer unflinchingly every hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fully perform all the duties of your ministry.

Where in this exhortation can it be assumed that Christianity is to be the weak and morally compromised, all-inclusive emergent dialogue, that doesn’t dare offend today’s postmodern/anti-Christian culture? IT DOES’NT.

There is no reference in all of Scripture, where Christians, the disciple of Jesus Christ, are commanded to or encouraged to listen to what people think and how people feel, to determine how the Gospel is to be presented. Christians do not share the Gospel; they are to preach the Gospel. Boldly!
Truth presented within the cloak of compassion, is the example given by Jesus and the Apostles, towards those who are sincere and truly repentant.
Truth accompanied by the pronouncement of judgment, is the evidence given by Jesus and the Apostles, towards false teachers and those who are hardened to the Gospel’s message of repentance.

This world is fallen, and separated from GOD because of sin. Nor can fallen humanity approach GOD on their terms. GOD, in His infinite wisdom, has determined how what was created will come into His presence. Your help in the dialogue of popular opinion is not needed. What about this don’t you understand?

GOD can be no clearer than the statement He made in John 6:44:

No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.

And affirmed by the Apostle Paul in Acts 4:10-12:

Let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, by Him this man stands here before you whole. This is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone. Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

The regeneration of humanity cost GOD His deity, and His sinless life, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, upon the cross of Calvary. The person’s life, that has been truly transformed by the Gospel of GOD, realizes that salvation is not a collective effort. Salvation is GODs free gift to humanity, and only by the divine work of GODs Spirit indwelling the regenerated spirit and the renewed mind of that person, can salvation be obtained.

It needs to be said again: “GOD is not concerned with nor persuaded by your perception of how things should be done.” The rule of law we are to live by is revealed in the Bible and to deviate from what Scripture teaches in any way, is to practice a false religion.
The churches, synagogues, temples and mosques encompassing all religious beliefs and meditations, consciences or practices are full of people who think they’re safe, but are in danger of busting hell wide open. When, to their shock, as they stand before an angry GOD with no atonement for their sins, they realize the Bible has been correct all this time.

The preaching of GODs wrath is a subject ministers of today’s easy gospel avoid because of its offensiveness to the hearer. The one common thought among every class of people is that if GOD is a GOD of love, then why would He condemn people to such a terrible place as hell? The truth revealed in Scripture proves GOD doesn’t: you condemn yourself.
There is a price to be paid for the atrocities committed against GOD. This is why the Bible teaches Jesus became the atonement for sin and by doing so, the wrath of GOD has been turned away from the sinner who repents and cries out to Jesus for salvation. But for those of you who choose not to, the day is coming when you will stand alone before GOD to give an account for what you have done. As you find yourself on the other side of GODs grace. There will be no compassion for your cries, no mercy or pity, but only the fierce execution of GODs eternal wrath upon your rebellion of His Sovereignty.

Can we even begin to imagine just how frustrated with humanity GOD must be? The arrogance of people, and the flaunting of their sin in the face of GOD, is leading up to that terrible day of reckoning. But there is still hope. Like GOD has done in times past before His judgment comes, He is warning people of the consequences of their behavior.

This is not the time for friendly dialogue between people of different faiths. Those who claim to be Christian, who then will not defend the inerrancy of Scripture, are liars, and do not know the truth. Evidenced by the secular humanist world-view that dominates world-religions, and the reason why world societies are anti-Christian, and therefore, are anti-GOD.

“IT IS FINISHED”, ends all discussion. The preaching of the uncompromised Gospel of GOD, which has within itself, the power to convict people of their sin and to transform one’s life, is the only hope for today’s depraved and dying humanity.
Herein is the difference between the false apostate church and the elect of GOD. And is the reason why the world is so messed up. The blind cannot lead the blind. But, GOD is moving upon the hearts of His true disciples, to begin again, to preach the awesome fear of creations holy and sovereign Judge.

Watch what I say come to pass.

“GOD chooses not milktops destitute of backbone, to wear His glory upon their faces. We have plenty of men made of sugar, nowadays, that melt into the stream of popular opinion; but these shall never ascend into the hill of the Lord, nor stand in His holy place, nor wear the tokens of His glory.”


September 21, 2010


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Many intellectuals have labored their lifetimes to disprove the existence of GOD. Through science and academia, government and media, literature, arts and entertainment.
Men such as Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Earnest Hemingway, of yesterday, to Stephen Hawking and Christopher Hitchens, of today. Who have contributed greatly to the firm establishment of humanism upon the conscience of today’s post-modern culture.
A culture that acknowledges no absolute authority, but embraces moral relativism as the only virtue worthy of attention, the world over. It is my observation that people today are arrogant, conceited and void of reason.

My goal, in what I write, is to challenge world-views, and hopefully, awaken within those who desire truth, their conscience of reason. That inner-witness, which is indelibly written upon the heart of every human being, to know the difference between moral and immoral conduct. The behavior that strengthens a society vs. the behavior that destroys a society. This is the dilemma we face today, the world over.

Unlike the men I mentioned, I do not have the education to have earned degrees and recognition that would give me the platform and the following they have. But I do have something none of these men, and sadly, few people will ever realize. A conscience awakened to reason.

I did not grow up in a religious home. I was abused, sexually molested and raped as a child. Alcohol and drugs influenced my decisions from a very young age. I never had the opportunity to experience love or to learn how to trust.
Where I grew up, there was thousands of acres of farmland and forest, adjacent to the waterfront. Here is where my reason began to be exercised.

The only solitude I could find is when I went to the woods by myself. This is where I found peace. The sound of wind blowing through the trees and hearing water running over rocks was music to me. The crops growing and the forest of trees with all the sights and sounds of its wildlife was amazing to me. I explored and discovered, and I often wondered how all of it came to be.
I watched with the change of seasons how everything seemed to die, and to my surprise, by the warmth of the spring sun, everything came back to life again. I fished and hunted occasionally with my father, but I never enjoyed taking a life because it was all to surreal. I found in nature what I never experienced at home and I didn’t want it to end. It was in this environment where I felt safe. I didn’t realize until much later in life just how close GOD is in the display of His creation.

Because of my surroundings, there were many opportunities to make wrong decisions. And I did. At the age of fourteen, I nearly died as the result of a drug overdose. Soon after, I was sentenced to juvenile life in prison. For the seven years of my incarceration, I was harassed beaten and stabbed multiple times, defending myself from the many attempted rapes. It was in this environment where I learned how to hate.
For nearly five of the seven years, I was housed in isolation. I had become the monster my environment created. It was in this environment when GOD, began again, to exercise my reason.

I had been place in the infirmary as the result of a fight. I was alone in the room. While lying there in the bed, I heard a voice say, “Pick up my Bible and read it.” I looked around, but there was no one, even at the door.
The next day, I heard that voice again, “Pick up my Bible and read it.” Still, there was no one.
The following day, the voice was very stern, “I said pick up my Bible and read it.”
Just as this was happening, the door to the infirmary opened and another inmate came into the room. He placed his belongings on a bed beside mine, and then asked me if I believed in GOD. I said, “No, but you definitely have my attention.”
These were the first three, of six different times that GOD has spoken to me in an audible voice. The fourth time was about three months later. I was in an isolation cell, and was reading the Bible that inmate had given to me. This time, the voice seemed to come from everywhere. I heard, “Repentance is turning away from that which you are doing.” The presence I felt brought me to my knees, and there, GOD began His work of regeneration.

In the twenty-two years that have followed, I have been homeless, upon my being released from prison. I’ve eaten out of dumpsters. Drugs and alcohol dominated my life. I attempted suicide by driving my car off of a mountain cliff, and walked away, unhurt. Angry that even death evaded me.
All the while, I went to different churches, hoping to hear something that would help me to understand how to change my life. But I never saw in these people what I read in the Bible. This made me believe that what was written on the pages of the Bible, was an expectation I could never live up to.
So I lived hard and I lived fast. I’ve done what most people can only imagine, and only when after becoming tired of running to nowhere I wanted to be, did GOD, once again, begin to exercise my reason.

It would be sixteen years before GOD spoke again. This time, GOD was loud and clear. I was thirty-six at the time. I moved around often, and I ended up in Tulsa. OK. I was considering on attending the Rhema Bible Training Institute. I went to a Sunday church service, as I often did, and as I reached for the door, GOD screamed, “NO!” It startled be so badly, that I turned and left the premises. I never went back.
Soon after, I returned to my home state of Virginia. This is when GOD began to have strangers say things to me that no one but me knew about. Several times, I was left speechless after hearing what these people said. Little did I know that GOD was setting up what has become the deliverance from me.

About a year later, I went to a Sunday morning service and there was a guest speaker. This person called me out, and told me my past as no one could. Accurately and to the point. That event rocked my world. I left church that day and began to read and study the Bible intently. It consumed my day. For a year and a half, I went to work, the grocery store and church on Sunday. The rest of my time went to the study of Scripture.
I was during on of these times that GOD captured my imagination. GODs presence was so real, it scared me. GOD said, “I Am the Lord your God. I have brought you out of bondage. You will have no other god before Me. You will put nothing before your worship of Me. I Am the Lord your God and I Am a jealous God over you. I will show you mercy and I will love you all of your life. Love Me and live for Me.”
I dropped to my knees and cried before GOD. I repented of my sin of arrogance, and I asked GOD to forgive me of the wrongs I had done. I wept for what seemed like hours, in the presence of a holy GOD.

Taking into consideration all the injustices, grief and sorrows in this fallen and depraved world, I can understand why there is so much opposition to the acknowledgement of GOD. But when GOD wants to make Himself known to an individual, there is nowhere you can go, that GOD wont eventually get your attention. Running is futile…

I have experienced what all of humanity longs for. A personal encounter with GOD. From my youth, up until today, GOD has revealed Himself to me in so many different ways, that I cannot write about them all. What I have written about is what I’ve based the story-line of my memoir/novel upon.

I’m told often that there is no proof of the existence of GOD, and that I am a plethora of dirty names. All because I know creations GOD, only because GOD has called me to Himself for a purpose I’m yet to realize.

I’m told that I am arrogant because I believe in the absolute truth of Biblical Scripture.
Because I believe that the Bible is GODs revelation of Himself to a fallen humanity in need of a Divine Savior.
Because I believe that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, and the inspired Word of GOD, and that it is without error and contradiction.
Because I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah of GOD, who became the atonement sacrifice, for the sin of all of humanity.
I’m told that I am arrogant because I believe that all faiths, meditations, consciences and practices are a false religious hope, that will never be realized, except for the true Christian faith. Which is the observance of the one true GOD, His laws, and obeying His command that all people repent of their sin.

Call me what you will, but I have no choice but to tell you the only hope you do have. GOD did not reveal Himself to me through Islam, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, nor any of the other 9000 known false religious observances in the world today. Creations GOD unquestionably revealed Himself as the GOD of the Bible, in the redemption of humanity by the person of Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of GOD, who lives within the regenerate believer, to work out His free gift of salvation throughout that person’s lifetime.

If GOD had not done in my life what He has, I would be just like you. Angry at life and confused, and groping in darkness for answers to the questions that will never be answered. The Bible is the only instruction manual that has within itself the power to transform a life. No other document has withstood the test of time, by being the best sold book in world history, no other tells of future events accurately, nor gives definite answers to the questions all of humanity asks. What is so difficult about this? When all else fails, read the directions. It’s really that simple.
Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, Brian Mclaren and all the other self-proclaimed leaders of liberal Christian psychology, dialogue and conversation, cannot offer any spiritual truth because they have no knowledge of truth to offer.

Prison is an environment much like the life many people live in the confines of their own minds. The only difference is that inmates are confined to an actual location, while everyone else can come and go as they choose. They’re oblivious to the bars of confinement restricting the freedoms of an imagination condemned to a lifetime of ignorance.
This is the mindset that plagues world societies today. Humanity in all of their unrestrained behavior, having no moral conscience or thought of accountability. Free to commit crimes of injustice against GOD and the sanctity of human life, the knowledge of our true selves, and condoned by laws passed so the enemies of God may prosper. Few people today realize just how similar their self-perception is to a man or a woman confined to a cell. They have no hope for the future because all attention is focused on surviving today.
I can tell you this from my own personal experience. The confinement of a man’s soul is a darkness that will never be penetrated until Jesus Christ illuminates the darkness with the light of His Gospel.

It is my intent to challenge the way you think and the witness of your life’s expression. If I can overcome a lifetime of anger, substance abuse and regret, to finally realize what I had always imagined life could be like, there is no excuse for you! You can argue with me in disagreement to try to justify why you live the way you do, but the evidence of my life’s transformation and the depth of my conviction is greater than the weakness and the compromise that has defined yours!
I don’t care how much education a person might have. If your hope is in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, you are not a very smart person. You just might want to distance yourself from the influence you’re so familiar with to learn the truth. It’s the only hope you have.

I’ve written this to give evidence of GODs involvement in my life’s transformation. I don’t know why GOD chose me, but He did, and I’m glad. And just maybe, someone reading this blog will then read my book, and begin to allow GOD to awaken within them, their conscience of reason. Your life’s transformation will not be easy. There is much that you will have to give up, in order to overcome. You are fighting for you life. It is not wise to dismiss what I say. Eternity is a long time.
I will for the rest of my life, as will you, learn about GOD and of what is required of me as a disciple. Every day, I repent of thoughts, words and acts that I know are displeasing to GOD. But GOD is merciful and forgiving. No matter what you have done, GOD will hold you in His hand until you learn how to stand on your own, unashamed, knowing that you are declared righteous. Your life’s witness obligates GOD to help you to realize what is so hard to believe with the natural understanding. If you would only give GOD a chance. You will not be disappointed.

GODs invitation is available to all. But I believe that only those who are truly intelligent, and willing to give all of themselves to GOD, will answer the call. GOD knows the heart of every man, woman and child. You cannot fool GOD, and neither can you come to GOD on your terms.
It’s my prayer, that what I’ve written about, helps to push you to take that first step into the unknown. Eternity awaits, Don’t miss the reward.

“Living in the Hope of My Imagination” is in bookstores nationwide, and on Amazon.

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September 13, 2010


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Events that are being covered by the mainstream news media, and independent news, is happening so rapidly, that I cannot address issues individually. This blog is merely an attempt to lay the foundation of what is really happening. If you cannot, or chose not, to accept this reality, you are a values-less person, whom I have no sympathy for, nor will I have a concern for your welfare when it gets ugly… 12/15/2010

Few people have taken the time to find out what Barack Obama’s world-view really is. Newt Gingrich’s statement of President Obama maybe holding a “Kenyan Anti-Colonial World-View” is just another opinion. Its truth, like all the others in circulation, will remain unknown. There are too many in the shadows of the Obama administration that would prefer that the truth of his rise from obscurity to the Oval Office, never be known. I seriously doubt the American people will ever know. Until it’s too late.

My opinion, is just that. But there is evidence that gives me reason to make the statements I do. Based upon my research and to the best of my understanding, Barack Obama adheres to ideals much like that of the Fabian Communitarian socialist agenda. Founded in 1884, individuals who adhere to Fabian doctrine plan to implement world socialism incrementally through legislation. They believe individualism has no relevance, and private ownership of business and lands should be relinquished for the good of the state, and the welfare of other people.
This is an ideal that has come to fruition under the mentorship of President Obama, his administration, and the unconfirmed czars that have been appointed to numerous positions of leadership and counsel, who then, can greatly influence every aspect of American life.

We all remember the now famous “Joe the Plumber” question and what Barack Obama’s response was. He wants to spread the wealth around. By his own words, Barack Obama has proven his socialist ideals.
If he is the man you have based your hope of change upon, you are exactly what the ruling class has created. A people unaware of the reality that awaits. President Barack Obama is heralded by the advocates of change to be the one who knows what is best for you and me. That is a scary thought.

During the last years of George W. Bush’s presidency, the American people were on the verge of a revolution. Republican, democrat and independent, and those who chose not to vote because of the frustration with dishonest and criminally inclined bipartisan politicians. Who have gotten wealthy illegally, and have become complacent to the wishes of their constituents. The oaths they swore to uphold, are a distant verbiage in the minds of many elected officials, who never had any intention to protect and preserve the constitutional rights of their electorate.
Just when “We the People” had had enough, out of nowhere came the good-looking and smooth-talking, charismatic black senator, who mesmerized the American sheeple with his charm. His speech was eloquent. His smile intoxicating. His promise of leading a transparent government and the fundamental transformation of America, won him the accolades of the young and old and both the rich and poor. His popularity earned him an unprecedented victory during the primaries and the honor of becoming the first black President of the United States. And “We the People” who were on the verge of a revolution, and just irate enough to hold elected officials accountable to the oaths they swore allegiance to, reclined in stupefaction, wondering at these events and the newfound hope of promised change.

Since that time, Barack Obama has proven that he is unqualified to be the President of the United States. He and his administration, have done nothing to bring about positive changes with the mess that was inherited from both Clinton’s, and the Bush administration.
The drunken euphoria that intoxicated the revelers at Barack Obama’s presidential victory celebration, has rapidly dulled to an ever-increasing frustration with DC politics as usual. People are, once again, becoming irate at the abuse elected officials are subjecting their constituents too. The Tea Party movement is just one of many organizations that are trying to organize enough people together, under the common cause of regulating the federal government’s ever widening control over every aspect of American life. Commendable cause, but unfortunately, too late.

Their agenda is deeply imbedded into the ideals of the American ideology, and reaching far beyond the borders of this once great nation. For several generations, the world elites have tactfully programmed the world-view of the average American citizen.
America is a nation morally divided. This began with the intentional dumbing-down of children with the lie of Darwin’s theory of macro-evolution, and the process of natural selection. Taught as irrefutable truth, this lie is so deeply imbedded into the moral fabric of everyone’s life, that its damning result is monitored and played back to the conscience of every person by the news media outlets twenty-four hours a day. Programming that’s intended to make a person think less of themselves than of whom they were really created to be.
How can we ever have any respect for a humanity that has no respect for themselves? Tens of millions of unborn babies are murdered every year, in the name of convenience. In the present day, among all of the technological advancements, hunger, disease and genocide are lethal killers the world over. Wars to fund governments and overthrow others, are the business of the elites, who have no concern for the lives that are lost, bodies maimed, and hopes that are forever dashed upon the will of an inhumane humanity. One of the most asked questions is “Why do so many bad things happen?”, and yet we are too stupid to realize why.

The United States Federal Government is no longer concerned with protecting the civil rights of its people. Those who are truly in power are now set, and in position, to drastically expand social programs that will control every aspect of every person’s life, and means of sustenance. The limiting of individual, and the inevitable destruction of this nation’s sovereign freedoms, has already begun, and there is nothing the American people can do to stop it. Delay the inevitable, maybe. But America’s future is sure, based upon the example of world-history, and that of all great nations that have risen and fallen, just as America will.

Our government has created an unsustainable debt that can never be repaid, and we are, today, watching the house of cards begin to fall. There will be no quick fix, stimulus jumpstart, get out of jail free card this time. The greed of this nation has, as history has once again proved, brought its people to the mercy of its leaders. Who are themselves merciless, and drooling with anticipation of the forthcoming conquest they have strategically planned out and implemented for decades now. Many have died, never to realize the joy of victory, but with the fall of America’s sovereignty, their new world government will be obtained.
At one time this was a subject never spoken of publically, but today, leaders the world over, are vocal, and proud, of advancements being made to bring the nations of governments under the leadership of the United Nations Coalition. The evidence is everywhere, and available for the person who wants to know. But to the anger of patriots and free people, the world over, there is nothing that can be done to stop the socialism of America, its people, and eventually, all nations. There is a grander purpose. And we have the privilege to watch Biblical Prophesy being fulfilled among us.

The destruction of individual freedoms in America, which will eventually lead to socialism, is the aggressive removal of the Bible from public discourse. From public schools and universities, the business sector, to court rooms and government offices. The Christian world-view is now considered irrelevant and unwelcome. GOD is no longer welcome in America. There is a remnant, but the vast majority of America’s population wants to have nothing to do with the GOD of the Bible.
And to those of you who are forever bringing up the separation of church and state defense, this statement is not in the Constitution, nor was it ever Thomas Jefferson’s intent to remove the influence of Scripture from public discourse. Learn the truth about America’s founding fathers and the influence Holy Scripture had upon the documents these men wrote that make up the Charters of Freedom. If this is your defense, then it would be better for all American’s that you keep your mouth shut. You have no intelligent thought that needs to be heard.

What has happened because of our government’s hatred for the Bible, is a nation of people who have now given these merciless people absolute control over their lives. With each new policy they make and law that is passed, our freedoms are being taken away legislatively. Are you beginning to understand? Or are you really that stupid? They do not give a damn about you. You are an object towards their goal. Which is complete control.
The power elites intended purpose is to determine for the American people what THEY say is right, moral, and what will be tolerated. You will have no free choice. Freedom and socialism cannot coexist. And just in case you are really that stupid, this is what our government is doing to “We the People” right now. It began several administrations ago, but it is now being aggressively pursued by the Obama administration. One last amendment to this blog is the recent passage of the Senate bill S510, wich, if it becomes law, will give the government controll over the foods we eat. You better wake up to reality, and turn to the only help you have.

With the removal of the Bible as the only moral standard, and a socialist leader heading the attack against Scriptures truth, who is backed and financed by world elites, bringing the American people under the bondage of socialism will soon be accomplished.

A recent speaking engagement proves his socialist ideals.

President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on September 15, 2010, is evidence of just how anti-Christian he really is. It pained me to listen to his speech for twenty-three minutes before the statement was made in reference to the Declaration of Independence.
Any person who has ever studied America’s true history, unmolested by academia and the judiciary, knows that our founding fathers were greatly influenced by Judeo-Christian values. The evidence is undebatable. Thomas Jefferson, penned his moral values clearly and distinctly.
We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This statement has become, throughout American history, the moral standard by which many citizens of the United States have strived to uphold.

An ideal not shared by Mr. Obama. In his speech, he quoted this famous historical statement in its entirety, minus a few very important words, “That they are endowed by their Creator” to the applause of the predominately Hispanic audience. Every time President Obama opens his mouth, the evidence of his world-view incriminates the hope and change platform his presidency was built upon.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever believe this would happen, but the evidence is too forthcoming to deny its reality any longer. This year, next year, five years from now, who knows. But socialism is in America, and is influencing the young and the old, the educated especially, and the illiterate, the wealthy and the middle class, and the poor greatly. Who have no one to look to other than the government, because much of what calls itself the church, here in America, is just as corrupt. There is the true body of Christ, who are the real church, but they are few among the evangelicals of American Christianity.

I am convinced that the only hope for people today is the uncompromised message of the Gospel of GOD. There is no other chance for the healing of this nation, or reconciliation with the only true GOD, Jesus Christ. The Gospel is a message of repentance, and turning from the selfish and sinful lifestyle a person lives, to total dependence upon GOD to accomplish His gift of salvation in that person’s life.
The Gospel is not all-inclusive, and there is a price that you will have to pay. Nor does the Gospel promise health, wealth and a good self-esteem. What it does promise is a life transformed and given hope, eternal security, and the promise of being hated by the world, who also hates creations only true GOD. Salvation is a free gift offered to all. But I have found that only those who are pure in heart have the common sense to realize they have need of divine salvation. Humanity will die in their sin, arrogantly proud, and eternally damned, while the smart person has the pleasure of watching GOD bring to life what is so hard to believe with the natural understanding.

The hope Christians have, is that when all hell breaks loose on the earth, and people are starving and dying under socialisms end-time rule, GOD will call His children home to forever be safe with Him. Choose wisely.

September 9, 2010

Are the Ten Commandments Un-American?

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This article, by Alex Wilhelm, is just one more example of how ignorant people have become.

He knows nothing about America’s history.

And to be advertised as a religious commentator, Mr. Wihelm is void of revealed knowledge of Jesus, the Christ, the one true GOD of creation, who is both Savior and Lord, and Judge of mankind. He’s ignorant of what the Bible teaches, the study of theology, the Cannon of Scripture, hermeneutics, Christian world-history, The Reformation, and how the Ten Commandments are a guideline that, if followed, would cause a utopia of humanitarian advancements unequalled in world history.

GOD is perfect, humanity is not. This is why GOD penned His law on paper, by men influenced by GODs Spirit, to be preserved throughout time, so that humanity would always have physical evidence that confirmed their conscience of reason, which is an indelible characteristic GOD has written upon the heart of every human being. “This is why we know the difference between right and wrong”.

This is also the very same conscience, that greatly influenced the ideals of America’s founding fathers, that created the documents of the Charters of Freedom, which made the United States such a unique, and great nation. Ideals, which have sadly, fallen into the morass of moral-relativism. Ideals, that are propagated by the deceived, such as Alex Wihelm.

More and more, unqualified people voice their opinions to the world through literature, television and media, and blog sites. Who, as in the case of Alex Wilhelm, have nothing to say worth listening too, because it’s of no value to the hearer. The blind cannot lead the blind!
Humanity is separated from GOD because of sin, and the only way to be reconciled to GOD, is by hearing the Gospel of GOD, preached by the man or woman who is called of GOD, to be the voice of GOD to this generation. Be careful to whom you listen to.

If you continue to listen to the world’s academia, literature and media, you will miss out on the opportunity to be reconciled to GOD, and thus, miss out on the true purpose of life. Don’t be deceived. You won’t like the end of the story…

September 7, 2010

The War of World Views

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I want to begin this blog with a statement that no one can deny. The practice of a religious ideal has been the cause of many atrocities committed against people throughout world history. All faiths, meditations, consciences and practices equal.

That being said, there’s only one faith, in the one true GOD, which has influenced the convictions of men and women to realize the need of, contend for, and eventually achieve, many of the greatest humanitarian causes in world history. This evidence is undebateable.

Today, the world over, everyone debates the authenticity of their religious view. Christianity, Judaism and Islam, considered to be the Abrahamic religions, and all the other 9000 plus known religions, that are Jesus plus works, no Jesus at all, or a humanistic meditation thought to achieve a god-consciousness, or that of no religion at all, are the rave among religious teachers, authors and the media, the world over. It is my opinion that all of these ideals are irrelevant and void of truth.


One of these religious ideals can prove its authenticity.

One, and only one has. But, the world over, people continue to debate its reality because they do not want to have to submit to the moral obligations that this religious ideal claims, as the inerrant word, and will, of GOD.
For several generations now, here in the United States, and several more in Europe, academia has played down the authenticity and the inerrancy of biblical Scripture. This has happened because of the fear of Scripture teaching the truth about the holiness of GOD, the truth about fallen humanity, and the need of divine salvation in the regeneration of sinful people. Humanisms ideal has, and will always will be, the greatest obstacle people will have to overcome, if they are to ever know GOD personally.

This, according to Scripture, is GODs greatest desire. But this relationship cannot happen apart from what GOD has determined. Humanity cannot, nor will they ever, approach GOD on their terms… What is so difficult with this?
Every religion in the world, except for atheism and Christianity, teaches a works salvation. Atheism is the belief in nothing. The idiocy with atheism, is that the people who contend for this ideal, are at odds with their own reason. GOD has indelibly etched upon the conscience of every person, the knowledge of Himself. This truth cannot be denied. Why have people like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and Christopher Hitchens, spent their lifetimes arguing that GOD is an irrelevant ideal, unsuccessfully? That answer is easily revealed. GOD is, and no created human being can explain away the facts of creations GOD.

Their denial is nothing more than the rejection of GODs expectation of their life’s witness. This also defines your rejection of GOD…

Any religious ideal that adds to the free gift of atonement, or denies, by practice, is a false ideology that will find the practitioner groping blindly in the realm of spiritualism, but never to obtain what is sought. This defines stupidity.

GOD has made available to the seeker of truth, the answers that will lead to revealed knowledge. But you need to understand that truth will only be revealed to those to whom GOD has granted the gift of understanding. That is why, the world over, people argue with the truths about GOD revealed in Scripture.
Election is a doctrine that I don’t yet fully understand. But I do understand that GOD is omniscient (all knowing), from the beginning of creation until now, and that He is fully aware of those who will accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, thus allowing GODs Spirit to begin the work of salvation that only GOD can accomplish. This proves that all religious ideals are a false worship of the only true GOD.

The Bible is an account of humanities redemption that no human being could have imagined. The one true GOD, who determined how what was created will come to know His presence, and by that determination, gave birth to Himself through a virgin woman, so that His sacrifice would not be subject to the nature of sin all of humanity is born slave too. Jesus then became the example for those who would accept GODs revelation of Himself, and by that example, subjected His natural body to the wrath of GODs anger to become the substitute for sin in the place of all of humanity.
This proves that human writers, over any period of time, could never have concocted a story so unbelievably accurate, as what is presented by the Gospel of God. GOD, who sacrificed Himself, for all of humanity, past, present and future, is a story that only the pure of heart could even consider to be true, and given only to those to whom GOD has called as His elect.

Scripture tells a future story, and then proves its reality by fulfilling that story. No other religion, meditation, conscience or practice, can claim the authenticity of GODs revelation of Himself, other than the Bible. No ideal can transform a person’s life like the life submitted to the transforming power of the Gospels message.

Judaism is a set of laws that no one can follow. Islam is nothing more than a political conquest. And religion, of itself, is nothing more than bondage to an ideal that will never be obtained.
Christianity too, has been abused. By men who have taken advantage of the unsuspecting. But when GOD has begun the work of salvation in a person’s life, Christ-likeness takes on a whole new meaning. That life is no longer motivated by what motivates others. The genuine concern for the eternal salvation of other people becomes the purpose that motivates the Christian-world view. This is why Christians, the world over, are still persecuted and murdered for the defense of the Gospel. No other religion or world-view dose this, other than Islam’s militant practitioners. This is the true face of Islam.

It’s now 2010. Read the stories about Christians being tortured and murdered in third world countries. This is happening the world over. And now European and North American countries are doing everything they can to aggressively remove the Bible from the discourse of public life.
Both Canadian and the United States government are anti-GOD, anti-Bible, anti-Christian and anti-truth, and are pro liberalism, pro big government, pro moral relativism, pro homosexual and pro any movement that exalts itself above the knowledge of GOD. The United States was a nation built upon the foundation of Christian values, but is fastly becoming an anti-GOD culture. This again proves the accuracy of biblical Scripture.

World-views will always clash. But there is one world-view that will always triumph. And there will always be men and women whose lives that have been radically transformed by the Gospel of GOD, who will continue to be the thorn in a fallen and unregenerate humanities side. It matters not how many academia, or false teachers, abound in today’s culture. GOD will still have His Gospel preached. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. I am among that number…

If you are tired of the lies that have defined your existence, it’s time you learn the truth. My book can be purchased in bookstores nationwide and Amazon.

This blog defines what motivated me to write my book.

September 3, 2010

Stephen Hawkings New Book Will Surely Deceive

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So much knowledge, yet so little common sense.

Stephen Hawkings new book “The Grand Design” is another feeble attempt by an ever-increasing and cluelessly unsuspecting myriad of scientists, academicians and authors to try to disprove the reality of GOD. Enough already… They really have nothing new to say.

My book, newly released and in bookstores nationwide, disproves Hawkings claim as to the reality of GOD’s existence. I did not grow up in a religious home, and what little religious expression I was exposed to, made me not believe in the existence of GOD. But GOD had a different plan for my life, and through several vivid encounters, GOD revealed Himself in ways that I could no longer deny the reality of a personal GOD.
Now years later, my life has been transformed, and the confidence I have in knowing GOD through a personal relationship is greater than the lies of deception that have misled many of the most educated minds in world history. You can argue with me in disagreement to try to justify why you live the way you do, but you cannot argue with the conviction of a transformed life. It’s beyond belief now. I know that GOD is.

GOD is reality in its fulness revealed, and has revealed Himself through the person of Jesus Christ. No other religion or world-view will allow a person the privilege of knowing GOD personally until GOD has called that person and given them the understanding of the Gospels message of salvation. Apart from this acknowledgement and submitting one’s life to the call, they will never know GOD.
As Creator, Lord and Sovereign Judge, GOD has the right to determine how what was created will know His presence. What is so difficult with this? Einstein, Hawkings, Hitchens and those like them, have attempted to disprove the reality of GOD by human intellect, but their intellect is internally connected to their reason, which is where GOD has indelibly etched the knowledge of Himself upon every human being. That is why these men are forever infuriated with the ideal of the Christians explanation of the existence of God…..”Faith”. It is really just that simple.

I have never read any of Hawkings material, or the writings of Christopher Hitchens. I don’t want to pollute my mind with their musings. But some day, very soon, they will both come face to face with the GOD whom they have vehemently opposed by the denial of their life’s witness. Naked and ashamed, they will give an account of themselves to GOD, and sadly, they will have nothing to say that GOD will approve of.
On that day, as will all of humanity, they will bow their knees in the presence of the holy GOD of all of creation, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. But for them, salvation will no longer be obtainable. And GOD will then condemn the unregenerate to an everlasting separation from His presence, as the full fury of GODs wrath punishes the wicked and lawless of humanity in eternal HELL.
Here, they and you, who choose to deny GOD by the rejection of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice to redeem a lost humanity, will forever condemn yourselves for the decision you chose not to make, and will have no hope of salvation. That, of its self, is an accurate definition of HELL.

But the good news is that Jesus has already paid that price for you. Come to GODs work of salvation while there is still time.

Do not be deceived. These men, whom the world of nations have and continues to give accolades, and praised as brilliant thinkers and reformers of modern theory, are mocked by GOD. Their education, knowledge of science, careers in academia, books written, awards, ect, ect, ect, mean absolutely nothing to a sovereign GOD who holds life and death in His hands, and grants to whom He wills, eternal life, and to whom He wills, eternal death. Their end is bitter. What will be yours?

My book “Living in the Hope of My Imagination” is available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. I challenge you to read something that will give you answers to the questions no one has yet to answer. I don’t have the education these deceivers have, but I do have the knowledge to challenge your world-view and cause you to stop and rethink what you have been taught. They are not right, and your life depends upon the truth you learn. Don’t be a fool…

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