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August 31, 2010

My Response to the Criticism of Glenn Becks DC Rally

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This is just the beginning. The sleeping giant is awakening. The moral backbone of this country is fed up with being stepped on, lied too and deceived, barred from public discourse, and robbed of their unborn generations futures. The day of reckoning has come.

Evidence that Demands Attention

Americas honor was taken from the people in the 1960s. By politicians motivated by money and power, left leaning judicial activists, Darwin’s great lie that has stupefied our nation, the sexual revolution and Roe vs Wade, the removal of prayer and the Bible from the classrooms of education, and replaced with liberal Christian psychology, which has proven to be the most damning.
We have become a people disoriented and despised by our own. Babies have babies, children murder other children, substance abuse unbridled, child and spouse abuse, 1.4 million unborn babies murdered every year because the mother doesn’t want an inconvenience to hinder her self-seeking pleasures. Crime and corruption have spawned leaderless leaders, resulting in valueless existence.

And now, moral relativism, tolerance and conversation are the only virtues accepted by a progressive and postmodern anti-God culture, that no longer has the mental capacity to understand the virtue of honor. America has fallen, and apart from a mighty move of Gods sovereign grace to bring this arrogant nation to its knees in repentance, we will not get up. It is time for change, but not the change they want you to believe in.

Amidst all of the political and cultural unrest in America, and the global religious contention, I am beginning to see a move that is gaining momentum. If this is what I believe it could be, GOD is using the elect who are called and set apart for Gods use, and the unregenerate to accomplish what He wants done.
Be critical of whom you follow and consider thoughtfully what you would naturally condemn. You just might be found on the wrong side of truth. GOD has had enough.

The present world-view is what motivated me to write my book.

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