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August 31, 2010

My Response to the Criticism of Glenn Becks DC Rally

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This is just the beginning. The sleeping giant is awakening. The moral backbone of this country is fed up with being stepped on, lied too and deceived, barred from public discourse, and robbed of their unborn generations futures. The day of reckoning has come.

Evidence that Demands Attention

Americas honor was taken from the people in the 1960s. By politicians motivated by money and power, left leaning judicial activists, Darwin’s great lie that has stupefied our nation, the sexual revolution and Roe vs Wade, the removal of prayer and the Bible from the classrooms of education, and replaced with liberal Christian psychology, which has proven to be the most damning.
We have become a people disoriented and despised by our own. Babies have babies, children murder other children, substance abuse unbridled, child and spouse abuse, 1.4 million unborn babies murdered every year because the mother doesn’t want an inconvenience to hinder her self-seeking pleasures. Crime and corruption have spawned leaderless leaders, resulting in valueless existence.

And now, moral relativism, tolerance and conversation are the only virtues accepted by a progressive and postmodern anti-God culture, that no longer has the mental capacity to understand the virtue of honor. America has fallen, and apart from a mighty move of Gods sovereign grace to bring this arrogant nation to its knees in repentance, we will not get up. It is time for change, but not the change they want you to believe in.

Amidst all of the political and cultural unrest in America, and the global religious contention, I am beginning to see a move that is gaining momentum. If this is what I believe it could be, GOD is using the elect who are called and set apart for Gods use, and the unregenerate to accomplish what He wants done.
Be critical of whom you follow and consider thoughtfully what you would naturally condemn. You just might be found on the wrong side of truth. GOD has had enough.

The present world-view is what motivated me to write my book.


August 30, 2010

What President Obama is Not

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During his much publicized march to the Oval Office, President Barack Obama claimed to be a Christian. Rick Warren and the ignorant evangelical lobby embraced this new charismatic hopeful with open arms. But at the very same time, on national television, Mr. Obama made the statement that it is his opinion that what’s written in the Bible is obscure and irrelevant for today.

The tactics worked. He wanted the support of the religious right, and got it, while at the same time being sympathetic to special interest lobby groups. Like so much of his voting record (PRESENT), he continues to avoid taking a hard stand on any issue considered to be divisive. His promise to fundamentally transform America is fastly proving to be accurate. Towards socialism.

President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on September 15, 2010, is evidence of just how anti-Christian he really is. It pained me to listen to his speech for twenty-three minutes before the statement was made in reference to the Declaration of Independence.
Any person who has ever studied America’s true history, unmolested by academia and the judiciary, knows that our founding fathers were greatly influenced by Judeo-Christian values. The evidence is undebatable. Thomas Jefferson, penned his moral values clearly and distinctly.
We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This statement has become, throughout American history, the moral standard by which many citizens of the United States have strived to uphold.

An ideal not shared by Mr. Obama. In his speech, he quoted this famous historical statement in its entirety, minus a few very important words, “That they are endowed by their Creator” to the applause of the predominately Hispanic audience. Every time President Obama opens his mouth, the evidence of his world-view incriminates many statements he has previously made.

I question his sincerity of the faith he proclaims. Either you believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God or you do not. If you really think about the context which he was referring to, that Scripture is irrelevant, his comment is the epitome of ignorance. The passage of scripture he referred to in Romans 1, is a very real and definitive description of what the American culture has become. “Dazed and Confused”. And this man is heralded by the advocates of change to be the one who knows what is best for you and me. That’s a scary thought.

What the American people haven’t taken the time to do, then or even now, is find out what this man really stands for. Based upon my research and to the best of my understanding, Mr. Obama adheres to ideals much like that of the Fabian Communitarian socialist agenda. Founded in 1884, individuals who adhere to Fabian doctrine plan to implement world socialism incrementally through legislation. They believe individualism has no relevance, and private ownership of business and lands should be relinquished for the good of the state and the welfare of other people.
We all remember the now famous “Joe the Plumber” question and what Mr. Obama’s response was. He wants to spread the wealth around. If he is the man you have based your hope of change upon, you are exactly what the ruling class has created. A people unaware of the reality that awaits.

President Obama is not, nor has he ever been a true Christian. Is he a Muslim? We will probably never really know. I honestly don’t think Mr. Obama knows who he truly is. His grooming for the placement in the Oval Office by those who were his mentors, have clouded his reason and this is evidenced by the utter chaos of his and his administrations actions.

The real purpose for Mr. Obama’s placement in the Oval Office by those who are truly in power is being witnessed by the great influx of governmental control over the financial and business industries, and the promotion of every ideal that opposes what the true Christian world-view stands for. Through the control of money through credit and lending, the government will eventually control the people.
With leaders like these making decisions affecting every person’s life, it’s very clear why America’s foundation has been ruptured. Truth has been banished from the scales of justice only to allow lies for the intent of deceiving the masses. There has been so much neglect and abuse to the needs of humanity that God’s judgment is to allow His people to be led by men and women with no moral ethics. I believe God has given the American people not only what we want, but also what we deserve.

The Bible commands the Christian to pray for those in authority, and my prayer for Mr. Obama is to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His stand alone on politics proves he has no knowledge of the life transforming power of the Gospel.

And to those of you who were, and are, the proponents of his hope and change platform, the fools you were played to be…

August 28, 2010

My response to Sharon Bakers book, RAZING HELL, and her recent blog: The Problem With Hell, on the Huffington Post.

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To be a professor of theology and religion, Sharon Baker has, as so many people do, failed to understand the reason for Jesus’ life, death and ressurection.

GOD is holy. YOU are not. A fallen, evil humanity cannot approach God on their terms. As Creator, GOD has determined how what was created will know His presence.

To the suprise of many, HELL is the subject referred to most frequently in the Gospels by Jesus, who is GOD. No person can explain away the reality of HELL just because the idea is unpleasant and makes GOD out to be some vindictive monster.

A price had to be paid in the redemption of humanity. That price was GODs own deity in the person of Jesus. A life that knew no sin, became sin in place of a sinful humanity. Jesus is the substitute that turns away GODs wrath from the person who cries out to GOD for salvation.

If there is no repentance, then there is no substitution. This is the account of GODs love for His humanity. To reject what GOD has done through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, is to reject GOD. And the penalty is eternal seperation from the presence of GOD.

If you want the truth, my book will give you a bibically accurate definition of this subject. I don’t tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what GOD has said.

Blog: https://wsimpson.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/why-i-wrote-my-book/

August 11, 2010

Christopher Hitchens Will, Inevitably, Believe In God

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Christopher Hitchens has fulfilled his purpose in this life and will, inevitably, stand face to face with God, whom he has denied. This is not a position that any person in their right mind would want to find themselves.

CH, nor any of you, can change that fact that God is, God is sovereign, God is holy, and God will judge the unregen…erate by the person of Jesus Christ.You have only this natural lifetime to make the decision of either accepting or rejecting Gods free gift of salvation. For in the life to come, every person will bow their knee and confess that Jesus is Lord. But sadly, for most of humanity, their confession will be too late.

Who do you think you are, the OBJECT of Gods reason for creation, to arrogantly flaunt your wicked and feeble humanity in the face of God, who holds the power of eternal life and death in His hands. Only the fool says there is no God… Christopher Hitchens has made his choice, how brave are you?


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