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July 21, 2010


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They hate my law, they mock my messengers, and their hearts are far from me.

Did not I command my disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, telling my lost humanity to repent of their sins and to turn to me for forgiveness?

Are not my disciples to be ready at all times to give defense of the inerrancy of my written revelation, to correct when needed, and to rebuke those who teach anything other than what I have commanded. My Gospel is not all-inclusive. The pathway to my kingdom is not open to individual interpretation. Sin cannot survive my holy presence, therefore my atoning sacrifice must cover the wickedness of the sinner. Apart from this, they cannot know me.

My law has been given, and I require all people to obey my law. Anything other than absolute adherence to my command is lawlessness. I will not allow disobedience to go unpunished.

My love, for my humanity, is best displayed through what I have done to provide a substitute for those who will turn from their sin, and cry out for my mercy.
There was a price that had to be paid. This is my best. There was no other way. Nor will my anger be long-delayed.

The pathway to me is through Jesus, my Messiah, and Him alone. But the will to answer, is mine to give to whom I’ve called. I know the hearts of all men.
My plea is that they will come to me while there is still time, and as they learn of who I AM, they will withdraw themselves from the deceivers.

Faith, is a journey, that only the pure of heart will follow, and by my design, finish triumphantly. I have called many, but few will choose to answer my call.

Mock me, you feeble men, but the “Day of the LORD” will come upon you, as my awful greatness is displayed. You will cry out in fear, but there will be no comfort for your souls. My grace will no longer be your free gift. It is my righteous judgment that will condemn your lawlessness, as my wrath consumes your eternally damned souls.
I hold the power of life and death in my hands. It is you, O foolish man, who lives as if there is no GOD, whom I shall mock.

Once I’ve rid the world of those who have hated my law, I will then remake my paradise anew. And together, I will, with my redeemed sons and daughters, spend forever in the joys of eternal happiness. Where I will forever, reveal my awe-inspiring greatness to those whom my love has perfected. Heaven awaits.

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  1. Preach, dear brother. Keep separating the sheep from the goats. I know, everyone says that determining who is good and who is evil is a job only fitting for the Lord on the Last Day. That only he truly knows who will call him “Lord” vs. who is just using His name to validate themselves and their entire existence with a web of false righteousness, legalism and condemnation. I say we don’t wait for the Lord, let’s get the party started. It looks like you have – consider me on the invite list!

    I hope this helps.


    Comment by thefakejohnshore — September 13, 2010 @ 2:29 AM | Reply

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