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July 8, 2010


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My book offers candid and honest answers as to why the hope and change platform of Obamas administration is nothing more than DC politics as usual. I worked in both Washington DC and the Northern Virginia areas for 20 years among high-end restaurants that catered to political heavy weights and lobbyists, their lawyers and the many up and coming juniors who will do anything to gain the attention of established monarchs, to secure their public service tenure. My observation sheds a whole new light on the few select minds that dictate how the American people live.

Living in the Hope of My Imagination is a much needed discussion that does this in a fashion that’s rare in the literary world. I write from and use my life’s and my work experience to detail the collapse of morality in America, and the inevitable price we have all had to pay.

Senators and Congressman play the Republican and Democrat party game as if the two parties have different points of view. They present themselves as being loyal to their constituent’s hopes and wishes, and will say what the Gallup Polls or senior advisors tell them what they had better say. But in reality, bipartisan politics have raped the American people of their moral conscience and self-respect.

I have served drinks to heavy-hitters from both sides of the political circus and after inebriation sets in, public enemies become intimate friends. The power lunches are about tactics to impose new policies and laws, who to lobby and pork spending, and the dinners are to celebrate the ignorance of their constituents. It is my personal belief that many elected politicians are working together to strangle the life out of Americas endangered constitution. 

The American people should be concerned with special interests like the Matthew Sheppard/James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Bill, which was signed into law on October 28, 2009 by Obama. This is believed by many among the law abiding constitutionalists, to whom liberals like Pelosi, call terrorists, to be a successful attempt to establish government controlled regulations that will eventually be used to restrict free speech. The examples of what has already happened in Europe and more recently in Canada, proves the direction in which the federal government desires to take the American people. 

If politicians are successful in the amending of, or rewriting the First Amendment to appease special interests, the class separations will eventually fall. This is when the proponents of hope and change will realize the fools they were played to be.

Socialism has only two classes. Those with power, and everyone else.

Living in the Hope of My Imagination a must read for those who long to know what it will take to bring these criminals to justice, and then restore hope in a nation’s people who have lost awareness of who they really are.

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