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July 6, 2010


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I wrote my book in hope of my life’s story touching you emotionally. If there has ever been a book that needs to be read, to help people understand the reality of a personal God, to whom we will all stand before one day to give an account of our life’s witness, my book could be the one.

My entire life’s story is one on personal tragedy. Some of these events are detailed in my book and used to narrate the moral decline of our societies. It was written with the intent to shock the reader, to challenge the reader, and to make the reader think about how their life’s witness affects their culture, and will, inevitably, be judged by God.

Also written about with great detail, are the times and events when God revealed Himself to me in ways that I could no longer deny the reality of a personal God. And how, by knowing that my Creator cared for someone to whom life never gave a chance, I realized the potential that was within me, and the strength to overcome all adversity.

I am now in my early 40s. I’m sober and drug free. I am married to Shannon, who is the greatest gift I have ever been given. We are the legal guardians of two young girls who were abandoned by their mother. We have been able to do for these still impressionable young girls, what life never gave me the opportunity to realize until now. It’s very rewarding. And the accomplishment of my lifetime, is having become a published author. This is a treasure that no one can ever take away from me.

My life’s story needs to be told. People today are angry and confused, and there seems to be few who are capable to lead a lost and hurting humanity to the true knowledge of a seeking savior. Each of you have influence within your culture, and that influence can not only impact their natural life, but even more importantly, their eternal life. Please help me tell my story to the world. God weeps for His humanity…

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  1. CONFUSED…..are you!

    Comment by William D. Simpson — July 8, 2010 @ 3:58 PM | Reply

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