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April 16, 2010

The Person They Didn’t See

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Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to hear what people said, and know them for who they really are? This was me. For twenty years I worked as a waiter and a bartender in the fine dining restaurant industry. In the cities of Washington, DC, northern Virginia and in Miami, Florida. I have seen and heard things that most people only read about or the news story watched on television. Most bartenders are your local neighborhood psychologist, and after a few drinks, people often tell you their most intimate details. Some of what they say is quite juicy, while the other conversations reveal what a person really thinks about themself, their circumstance and everyone else around. Alcohol is the great equalizer! The stories I could tell…

Most Americans believe in their party of choice, but they are too stupid to realize politics is no different than WWF. They play the Republican and Democrat cards as if the two parties have different points of view, when in reality, bipartisan politics have raped the American people of their moral conscience and self-respect. I have served drinks to heavy-hitters from both sides of the political circus and after inebriation sets in, public enemies become intimate friends. The power lunches are about tactics to impose new policies and laws, who to lobby and pork spending, and the dinners are to celebrate the ignorance of their constituents. One more notch in the noose to strangle the life out of our endangered constitution.

I am partial to no party, for they are all crooks, who lack the backbone to stand firm upon the truth and for the sanctity of what they swore to uphold. They despise the people whom they were elected to represent, for we are not of their lineage or worthy of the grooming one must endure to become the heartless monsters they are. Have you ever asked yourself why so few (less Than 300) determine the course of life for so many? (300 million) Where does the god complex come from? You and me! Representatives of both parties enjoy a standard of living most people will never realize, and the authority to implement change when beneficial to the agenda being propagated. And no one dares to hold them accountable. This is the sum of their intent…

“Give to a person what they want and in time it will become an expectation. Left unchallenged, anticipation turns into habit and once trained, independence gives way to dependence. When people are reliant they become comfortable and at that moment, they are led astray”. Sadly, this defines American culture today.

Wake up people, before it’s too late! You are happily being led to the slaughter and you don’t even know it. Their political agendas and a systematic dismantling of moral ethics have created a way of life that has ruptured the foundation of who we are. Money, power and self-gratification are now the heartbeat of a nation that once held human life in high esteem. We have become a people despised by our very own. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are leading the assault against our constitution today. And they need to be stopped! For the people involved in everything from politics to education, science to medicine, entertainment, media and the arts, to false world religions and those who just don’t know, your time of accountability has come. It is time for change, but not the change they want us to believe in. Get involved, or loose the freedoms we all hold dear!

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