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April 14, 2010

Why God Weeps

Filed under: Writing — William D. Simpson @ 5:48 AM

I recently held a new-born baby in my hands and while admiring her innocence, I began to cry. Tears gently ran down my face as I thought about how life would soon distort her beauty and corrupt her mind. And knowing how her mother lived, it would not be long before youthful  imagination became loathe and despair. Why?  

This is a question most people refuse to answer. Its truth gets in the face of what we do to justify why we live the way we do. As long as people are left alone to do whatever they choose, everybody is happy and most even get along. But the moment someone says what you are doing is wrong, an icy chill runs down your spine as your countenance bristles in contempt of their supposed criticism.  “How dare someone expose my weakness and compromise” is the emotion of anger felt, and in defense of a wounded ego, the real you speaks. 

In today’s culture, it’s considered incorrect to tell another person that their behavior is inappropriate, and if you dare be so brave, some how, some way, those whom you have offended will find a way to cut you down. I have seen the ugliness in people all of my life and felt the pain of injustice done to me. But still, I know there is hope for people, because I was that ugly person whose life has forever been changed. Gone is the anger of what angry people have done to me, and in its place is a calm observation that appreciates Gods grace.

If I’m ever given the platform to speak, I hope that you will hear the compassion in what I say and not judge me for the way in which I say it. All people, from every nation need to hear the truth even though that truth will be offensive. The God of all creation is calling, and only by answering that call, will the innocence of lost youth be restored. For the way to life is narrow and not always what you think it should be. And as to the cost of those who are eternally lost by trying to enter on their own…..God weeps.

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