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December 26, 2018


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This life I’ve lived hard at times yet here I stand unmoved, the ugliness is painful it’s pleasures cherished lessons many fond memories few

Kind to everyone close to none at times misunderstood, solitude my only friend

Reserved quiet always watching deep in thought I compose

A work of art which provokes emotion the intent, this being the only outlet to my souls content

The curse of a writer has been bestowed upon me of my chosing I’d think no, never the less with pen and paper I vanquish my inner woes



December 23, 2018


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If I could begin again I would, I’d write a different story

My parents would love me, shower me with praise, tell me of my potential every single day

Be my providers of the things I truly needed, teach me right from wrong, be a good example

They would make me laugh, hug me when I’d cry, wipe the tears away with silly faces that made me smile

I’d have loved and respected my father and mother for they were a shield my protectors

Of all the childhood moments which should have shaped the life I lived, sadly, these I never had

I would have never known hurt, the bruises, the anger, when bullied I’d just walk away

Said no to weed when peers pressured nor dry heaved drunk on liquor

Not get into that stolen car or commit fellony break and enter

I would not have been with the crowd I was, rob the stranger with a gun, never would I have pulled that trigger

These I didn’t and and the cost severe, life in prison without parole, my absence to societies cheer

A neglected child locked away never to know the joys of life that you take for granted, your failure as a parent on display

I am but one of many forgotten yet always near

Don’t be this parent you owe them so much more, a child needs to be loved so that they will not hate nor have to shed these tears

December 21, 2018


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They met, attraction intense, daydreams of what it would be like

He was willing but her commitment kept them apart

Separate ways, each often wondered where the other

Then that moment hope ignights, no longer bound, unafraid

She reaches out, his embrace, they come together

Long awaited desire explodes, passions hot, they kiss


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As do seasons transformation is subtle, a watching eye captures its splendor

Dark, gloomy, the old shead off, breaking free, new blooming

A delicate petal, unyielding, made strong by adverse winds

Aglow, colors radiant, creations wonders on display, beauty to behold


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Faith hope an ideal, throughout all the ages people have adorned what they think to be true

To many their cultures religion, some that of their parents, to others what life has brought them to

Millions of books have been written about this topic, each one a bondage to differeing revelations

Here’s just some of the nonsense that people believe, reader discretion advised

Eastern religions tell tall tales of many lives, coming back again and again until all things are made right

Muslims refuse to assimilate, women do not have equal rights, male chauvinists threaten to kill everyone and routinely blow shit up

Kooky Christians stammer gibberish, jerk, twerk, faint, dance joyfully when throwing money at the charlitans feet, yes some even kiss snakes

Catholics trust drunk pedophiles of whom they call father, with holy comunion and their hopes of saving grace

Jews are forever wailing at a wall, leaving notes in cracks hoping YHWH will answer them all

Athiests top the chart of mental disorder, exuding such effort to convince others to believe in nothing at all

There are thousands more all just as strange, hell, even the devil has a throne

No one really knows what’s true as these examples show, one thing is for certain though, death visits us all

Only then will truth be revealed when our Creator makes the final call


















December 20, 2018


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A womans company is preferred, highly desired, unique

Dogs are therapy, happy to see you, your attention being all it seeks

A dog will never lie, women though do most of the time

Some little some big but lies just the same, a man never really knows with her what the next moment might bring

Dogs adore regardless, women only when they get their way

A dog is loyal, women will stray, her mood will change, a dogs stays the same

Men need women with this there’s no doubt, there are things she can offer one in particular a man cannot live without

Dogs want to be petted heads stroked butts rubbed, throw of a ball, something hid they can find, simple things like being fed

Women on the other hand demand so much more, so much that being in a relationship with her is more like a chore

A man and his dog an inseparable pair, when she comes along it’s here his cahoonas come to bare

She accepts them loves them all will be well, and should she have a dog,  a match made in heaven this life they’ll share

Dreaded is the other “It’s me or the dog”, more frequent than one would think, this defining moment separates men from twinks

As much as a man needs a woman to feel like a man, those hateful of dogs do not deserve a good man

The moral of this story dogs are a man’s best friend











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Awakened to the sound of rain drops against the window sill all else silent

Bed cozy her body naked asleep my fingers trace her curves

Soft silky skin warm to the touch no makeup hair amess never more beautiful to me

Nipples arise with each gentle pinch cupped and massagged I kiss her neck

Her back to me leg curled up soft petals awaiting my touch

An ass so fine I must kiss her body now hot my lips searching tasting

‘Mmmmmmm’ she moans finally awake in her hands my hair she takes

Minutes pass by my tongue direct her body shakes “Oh my” she breathes


December 19, 2018


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Well it’s Christmas I find myself alone no warning just up and gone
She was pretty much younger “I’ll love you always” she’d told me so
I was her man strong and true a rock for her to lean on she told me this too
Couldn’t imagine her life without me together forever she assured
Her favorite she promised never would I ever know another love like hers
The apple of her eye loyalty she vowed talked of marriage settling down
I was the one she claimed no other could hold a candle to
That skip in her step those ruby red lips her toned sexy body damn what a catch
I lived the dream yes I did she was good for me treated me like a king
Her touch so soft loins wet warm she made love to me like no other held me tight brought so much joy
Gone just like that I’m taken aback this doesn’t seem fair
How can one exude such love then run away without shedding a tear
Where she’s gone I do not know but this I know for sure
For a time this provocitive angel led me to where I had never been before
Goodbye my love

December 18, 2018


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Courting forgotten, values disdained, no strings attached, it’s popular these days

Meet online, text a few times, a drink maybe dinner, whose place, hookup

Quick, no commitment, one or more at the same time, discretion, hell, neither have none

No free time, school, work, exercise, family, everything demands, wanting only sex, a name, who gives a damn

This is the age in which we now live, those seeking relationship really don’t fit in

Holding hands, taking walks in the park, courtship cherished, an art almost lost, yes, this some still desire

Qualities to share with to love and to care for, so much to give yet finding sincerity so rare

Sifting through applicants, frustrating at times, each one more laughable than the other

Online their liars, pictures fifteen years old and fifty pounds later, the profile description conveniently omits these deal breakers

At the bar good luck, the gym is better for here their somewhat put together but vain many are

Depressing, the realization of finding a suitable date, how much aloneness can one take

Where should one go, locations to meet and greet endless, eyes connect, smile fleeting, a few words spoken, their crazy revealed

On and on it goes an endless circuit, another bar, the same old empty faces, drunk breath and dirty dancing, it’s a goddamn circus

A single’s life for all who wonder, an Uber ride home, drunk, alone, pornhub videos toys and KY jelly, big ‘O’ the climax, yes, the life we ponder


Attractive, educated, successful career, acreage, lakefront house, white picket fence
All the toys a girl could want, time to play money to spend
One of three siblings, both sisters married with kids, family close by, great friends, yet still alone sleepless in her bed
CEO, work romance a taboo not allowed, dating a challenge, her success scares
On the lake bikini rocking women jealous men stare silent
Saturday night out tight dress high heels, three martini’s in she asks him to dance
Liquor emboldened his hands go where they shouldn’t, not desperate she pushes away
Martini four, a favorite song alone she sways
Last call martini five knowing not to drive, key in ignition, several miles blurred by
Up early Sunday head pounding couldn’t sleep, gin and tonic double in hand
Misty morning sun beginning to peek, sitting on the dock toes in the water, pondering, she weeps
So much to give, expectations set high, not willing to settle has the right one slipped by
Alone, no one near, at the moment vunerable, in weakness it could all end here
Drink thrown back, so much pain, silent grave the cold deep water she leans
Phone rings, a boy she new in college now a man, distance too far, they kept in touch but it’s been a long time
Family business sold no longer tied, willing to relocate, for hours they talk, laugh, cry
Three days she waits, excited, the possibilities of what this good fortune might bring
There he stands tall, dark, handsome, the man she admires
Pulling her close his arms strong embracing, the kiss gentle, she melts
Lights dim, dinner, a bottle of wine shared, music playing softly, they talk of future hopes, goals, plans
Spooning, her hand firmly grasping his, finally at peace, she cries happy tears

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