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August 28, 2014

The Conspiracy that is No Theory

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All the while the American people worked to earn a living and to have fun, and the occasional debate concerning whose ideals were best to advance Americas dominance of world power, our naivete could not foresee the harsh reality of the very near future.

Lies and deception on mass scale hidden behind the cloak of advanced education, mainstream media propaganda, entertainment and the idolatry of sports. The dumbing down of a civilization of free and self governed people was accomplished with nothing more than the promise of a tax return, a free handout without the concern of one’s personal accountability, and successful political division.

The people thought that they were free but were in reality slaves to a master. Through amendments to Americas and to each sovereign states constitutional laws, the wealthy and privileged ruling class has won the war of world views. In the minds of the low informed  majority, the government knows what is best. It was from the position of an elected office that the American people lost their freedom.

As the result of decades of no Constitutional oversight by the people, politicians wrote into law unaccountable restrictions upon the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness of every American citizen. Taxation and overregulation stifled the free markets initiative, resulting in the loss of personal initiative. Businesses closed, were moved abroad and Americas cities and towns began to die.

Fathers and mothers had to work to ensure that food was on the table and  the bills were paid. The children suffered. Whole societies didn’t care. Alcohol and drugs paid for by government handout angered moral Americans, but guaranteed reelection. The children that had suffered grew up to have children caught up in that dependant lifecycle. Good people said little and did even less. Pastors remained silent and their congregations complacent as the people forgot that it was their duty to remain free. The politicians were always busy. Instigating conflicts and advancing special interests to divert attention while writing into law absolute authority over every aspect of the lives of a willfully ignorant and uninformed people. 

Federal and state servants were armed and equipped as a civilian military and were trained to see the public that they once protected as the enemy. They have robbed from, brutalized, and killed many without any recourse. They knew that the people had no rights and that it was their job under the mandate of Martial Law to subdue all assembly and free speech, and to disarm the  law abiding. Citizens that were aware and concerned with the welfare of family, friends and community came together regardless to discuss options and plan for self preservation. Many of their family and friends laughed and said that they were crazy, but the informed continued to prepare for what was soon to happen.

Politicians, by order of international interests, deliberately devalued the dollar and all foreign governments rejected its status as the words trading currency. Without notice, banks nationwide froze all accounts as the stock market plummeted to never before seen losses. As people realized that they had no access to their monies, panic ensued. Those that had cash available rushed to the markets to buy food, water, and whatever they thought would provide some sense of security. So very few were prepared. The major cities erupted into riots and looting. Mayhem was everywhere as people robbed each other of the little everybody had. The fear of what was happening brought even the good people to do the unthinkable. 

In the days to follow the major cities of New York to LA became the killing fields of lawless people trying to survive. Dead bodies lie in the streets everywhere, bloated, full of maggots, stinking. Abandoned vehicles blocked the streets and highways leading out of the cities preventing anyone else from leaving. Those that were able, locked themselves in their homes and began to portion what food and water they had. Some attempted to navigate the streets to get to where family and friends were. A few made it safely, but others, not so fortunate, were robbed, women raped, and everyone murdered by the gangs now roaming the streets. Law enforcement, the fire department, and EMS were not able to control the chaos because most had left their duty to try to get home to protect their own families. 

Ten days have passed and the major cities are now a wasteland of death and decay. Hundreds of thousands of dead bodies lay everywhere. Buildings reek with the stench of rotting flesh. Flys swarm. Dogs, cats, every kind of creature eat the dead. All services are off. No lights. No water. No gas. No phone. No internet. All commerce has ceased. The stores are empty. Those still alive long for the blackness of the night to hide the horrors of the day. Alone and scared, all hope is lost.

A man looks at his wife and two small children sitting on the couch at the high rise condo where they live overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Weeping, holding his dead baby in his arms because they have not eaten nor had water to drink in four days. Looking at his wife he says “I‘m sorry”, and then turns and jumps from the balcony to his death. The woman, in shock, remains seated on the couch, unmoved by what had just happened. In Dallas, a single mother screams in agony as she watches both of her children take their last breaths and die after drinking the pool water that she had boiled, thinking that it would be safe. In Atlanta, an apartment building burns to the ground killing everyone in it. Gangs now rule the streets and kill each other for the food, water, and resources that’s being taken from those that had the foresight to have stored what was needed, but not the guns and ammunition to keep it. 

Two weeks in and suburban America is also a wasteland. It’s now eerily quiet except for the sound of gunshots . Gangs, having looted the cities, have now made their way to the suburbs. Killing everyone they see. Taking all they can. There’s no one to stop them.

Trash is everywhere. Dead bodies. Dead animals. The sickening stench. Vacant homes. Abandoned vehicles. Empty businesses. Absolute societal collapse. Nothing to resemble what used to be.

One month has passed and there’s now massive movement in many of the major cities and urban areas. The US Military accompanied by UN Military and the Engineering Battalions of both armys begin to dispose of the countless dead. 200 million estimated. Bulldozers push the dead into piles as people in full hazmat gear and masks throw the lifeless corpses into huge plastic coffins. Eight to ten bodies in each. No compassion. No sympathy. Only trash to be removed. The coffins, lined up, are then loaded onto flatbed trailers, sealed and secured, and then transported to a designated location where massive holes have been dug to place tens of thousands of these coffins into and then be covered up. First the streets, and then the homes and building are cleaned the dead. 

Whole cities and towns are then torched and burned to the ground. Buildings detonated and leveled, and then covered with dirt. No memory of anything having ever been there. 

Throughout this process survivors have been found. Happy to be rescued, these people willingly go with the people whose duty is to process the living. They are transported to a large fenced holding area where they are stripped of clothing, cleaned with water and a chemical disinfectant and then fed and housed while a determination is made as to what their individual use may be to the New World Order. Those who will comply are implanted with a tracking chip and placed where their labors are needed. Those thought to be noncompliant or combative are shot and killed immediately and the bodies thrown into a plastic coffin to be transported and burried. The entitlement mentality having reaped the end result of their ignorance.

Rural America though tired an bloody, has survived and thrived. Whole communities joined together for the betterment of eachother. It wasn’t easy! There were struggles and people died. Gangs intending to rob homes were confronted by men with superior ground tactics and fire power, and the will to survive at all costs. Civilian, military and law enforcement, people from all backgrounds and skill levels. Oath Keepers of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the American Republic. These are the people that will now face both foreign and domestic armies on the streets we drive and in the homes where we live with the resolve of  “I will live free, or die fighting!”





April 8, 2014

Now is the Time for Confrontation

There are far too many people in America today that do not understand the inevitable consequences of not paying attention nor being willing to be outspoken regarding the criminal behavior of those employed by the people in all levels of government leadership. What was at one time a guarded intent known only by government elite and their financiers is now being orchestrated in plain view for all to see. It’s unfortunate that the “too many” naively believe the hope and change nonsense or that they’re so thoroughly void of common sense that they themselves are advocates of the demise of our sovereign Republic.

Thankfully, because of the few people willing to expose what is really happening, there is an awakening and a growing concern with the ever increasing encroachment upon our individual rights, civil liberties, and our unique form of government by those who were elected to be the watchmen of and defenders of Americas rule of law. The two party political system has proven beyond any doubt that politicians do not value their oaths nor do they have any respect for the American people. Bush Sr. and Jr., the Clinton’s, Barack Obama and his arrogant wife, career politicians, lobbyists, and those that pull the strings of all the puppets believe that we the people exist to provide them with position for the obtaining of wealth and absolute control over our lives. They ignore Constitutional Law while changing laws by deception and then impose these laws upon us to advance their agenda unashamedly. They tell us one thing and then do something very different. The self-appointed ruling class, in their arrogance, have violated the trust of the American people and they must be held accountable for what they have done.

People are beginning to realize what’s really at stake should we continue in complacent acceptance of the scary intent of these criminal politicians. Through lies and deception they have a greater majority of low-informed people that lack sensible common sense and are unwilling to accept the truth when presented with factual evidence. Education and main stream media being the avenues by which the gullible have succumbed to the planned initiative of indoctrination. It is astounding to us who can plainly see what is happening that there are those who refuse to believe that our own government intends to harm all of us.
By illegal executive orders the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is null and void at any time government deems appropriate. Politicians at both federal and state levels are doing all that they can to disarm the American people. They have passed an unconstitutional law which makes it a felony for a citizen to question a politician in what they say is a no-free-speech-zone. Home Land Security has militarized local police forces in preparation of Martial Law for when civil unrest erupts. They have crippled the economy by moving jobs overseas. We manufacture and export almost nothing! Some 40 million people are dependent upon government handouts and are not prepared for the dollars collapse resulting in the panic and mayhem to follow. Well have the political elite set up the American people for the inevitable fall of our society should we continue to allow this unobstructed tyranny to continue.

There is still a chance to stop what will happen. History tells the tale of those who had the resolve to fight injustice. Do we have within us what it will take to pay that price? It is evident by the surge of Constitutional rally’s in recent years and the act of civil disobedience by the people in Connecticut in regards to the unconstitutional gun registration law that we do, and that we will follow through with bringing the long overdue justice to criminal politicians. We have to take from those people the privilege of leadership that we have given them. We know that they have intentionally dumbed-down the low-informed of our citizenship and have unashamedly ignored our Republics rule of law while advancing the rule of fascist communist international law. We have to put a stop to this. The UN must be expelled from within our borders. That form of unelected rule does not work within the framework of government established by America’s founding fathers. Is bondage to fascist rule really what we want? Are the lessons of history so soon forgotten? No, but by doing nothing our silence is an endorsement for the lawless behavior of most politicians holding office today. Only we the people can put a stop to this criminal aggression. It is way beyond an electorate process.
The American people must bring criminal charges against both federal and state government officials. We have to advance upon these people with documented proof of criminal actions and make a citizens arrest in-mass. To transport to jail both Republicans and Democrats deserving of punishment with the intent to imprison them. To then take from their ownership, family and heirs all monies, property, and assets. Thus being made an example of the consequence of domestic tyranny. And the reminder to future politicians that the people are the arm of authority, not those born to privilege and wealth.

Why has the 300 million passively allowed the privileged few to destroy the life and freedoms guaranteed us as free-born American citizens? It is because they are not educated. It then falls upon those of us who are aware and informed to tell people what they don’t want to hear. This voice is gaining momentum and those who value their freedoms are awake! Alone we can do nothing. United with this resolve in mind, we can restore the unique governance of the people by the people for the people. To those employed in any level of government public service, it is your duty to obey the documents of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the people. This is what made America different than any other nation in all of world history. This is the only thing that will make America different again.

While we are appreciative of the conservative voices whose research and reporting have helped us to grasp the magnitude of what the future may very well be like, it is greatly concerning that their voices (Beck, Limbaugh, Huckabee, Levin, Hanity, Bongino, etc.) is nothing more than a skit to advance book sales. Is it money or or justice that they really seek? It is without any reservations that the time of confrontation is at hand. Either we stand for what is right, or we will be just another example of sad world history.

September 5, 2013


“There is no power, but of GOD, the powers that be are ordained of GOD”

What is the role of the church? The church must continually ask the state (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government) whether its actions can be justified as legitimate action of the state, i.e., as action which leads to law and order, and not to lawlessness and disorder.
It is the churches role to help the state to be the state. If the state is not creating an atmosphere of law and order, as Scripture says it must, then it is the job of the church to draw the state’s attention to this failing. And if on the other hand, the state is creating an atmosphere of excessive law and order, it is the church’s job to draw the state’s attention to that too.

If the state is creating excessive law and order, then the state develops its power to such an extent that it deprives Christan preaching and Christian faith…..of their rights. The church must reject this encroachment of the order of the state precisely because of its better knowledge of the state and of the limitations of its actions. The state (Branches of Government) which endangers the Christian proclamation negates itself.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in a speech to his Christian brothers in church leadership 1933

Quoted from Eric Metaxas book: BONHOEFFER


What precisely is happening in America today, 2013?

Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of “Separation of Church and State” has been so fundamentally misrepresented that our current federal, state and local governments, academia, media and society as a whole view those who are Christian and believe that the biblical world-view is good and moral and right, are the blight upon American society as were the Jewish people in Germany during the Nazi Reich.

The church as most people see it today is divided, unsure of its purpose, and is therefore powerless. History does not lie! What happened less that 100 years ago is happening once again. While technology and advancement and most everything has changed since then, what our elected government officials are doing to restrict individual rights and outright outlaw all the other privileges the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantees every American citizen, is an exact replica of what Hitler and his supporters did leading up to and once their democratic republic became a dictatorship.

The confessing church then went underground. Christians were intimidated, slandered, imprisoned and murdered because they spoke the truths of the Gospel in opposition to the inhumane and criminal actions of the Nazi Reich.
What will the professing church of Jesus Christ do today in America to confront those in government with the ever relevant truths of the Gospel whose actions are godless, immoral and inhumane? Only time will tell. But as world history shows, persecution separates the visible church from the true church. I do…..and I am prepared. Are you?

Meditate upon this…

August 28, 2013


No, this is no longer true!

A black man, Barack Obama, has won the Oval Office…..twice! A black woman, Oprah Winfrey, has topped the highest income bracket in America. Black people born of every conceivable social class have attained the most coveted achievements the world-over. What more can black Americans hope for? In reality, these examples take all excuses away.

It’s black uneducated children living in godless fatherless broken homes surrounded by ignorant lazy adults whose dependence upon government welfare handouts along with unchecked drug and alcohol habits have nurtured a youth culture to have no respect for themselves or the lives of others, who are the ruthless criminals and killers of themselves and of innocents today. The prison population in America is what it is for these reasons.

No, racism will never be non-existent. There will always be insecurity and cruelty among every generation and social class of society. But the black Americans’ worst enemy are those of their own race. Barack Obama, Bernice King, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Malik Shabazz, and all the others… These are those who will not allow the financial conquests of racism to cease to inflame the black hoodlum youths lust for lawless behavior and for revenge for having been born black. Rather than incite already fragile racial tensions, black leaders should go to any length to educate the young and still impressionable black American youth to the possibilities of what their life could be like if they would only work for it.

Politicians, the media and angry black Americans need to stop blaming white people for the bondage blacks inflict upon themselves!

August 24, 2013

Government is not Exempt from the Rule of GOD

Ever sense GOD revealed to me the divine truth of Christ and of the work of salvation which only GOD can accomplish in my life, I have often thought about what my responsibility as a Christian is when faced with the blatant disregard of human life by another person.

Because of the life I have lived, I naturally react aggressively towards the person committing a criminal or inhumane act against another person. I despise viscous amoral people!

I am commanded by the teachings of Scripture to defend the revealed truth, to provide for my family and for the less fortunate. I cannot separate provision from protection. If someone were to attempt to harm myself, my wife or a child or one of the few people I have come to respect, I have no reservations with using any means necessary to stop this person.

I am currently reading the book: “Bonhoeffer – Pastor Prophet Martyr Spy” This book reveals the personal life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who though being a theologian and pastor and deeply convicted with the Christian faith, attempted to kill Adolph Hitler during the horrific reign of the Nazi Reich. He was murdered by the Nazi’s in a concentration camp just before the end of WWII.

Fast forward to today. Our own state and federal elected government officials are attempting to do what Hitler did during his rise to power. On all fronts and with no attempt what-so-ever to hide from us what they are doing. While the church, for the most part then and today, remains silent. The question that I have repeatedly asked myself is: “What is my moral obligation as a Christian when knowing that those in the federal government are setting up the American economy for collapse, and the inevitable chaos which will ensue when Martial Law is declared because everyone no longer has the means to provide for themselves and their families?

I am to proclaim the good news of the Gospel. This goes without question. Government offers no solution for the amoral plight of people today. Only Christ revealed and the transformation of a persons life by the work of GOD’s Spirit can change a society for the better one person at a time. This is not the thought I wrestle with.

I have though come believe that it is my responsibility to learn about what is happening, research the information to verify, and then tell people what their elected officials have done, are currently doing, and based upon their history, will continue to do to enslave all of us to the bondage of a tyrannical fascist socialist government rule. The America of 2013 is no longer the American ideal of 1776! America was established as a Constitutional Republic. “Rule by Law.” Republicans and Democrats currently in office, except for a very few, have no regard for the United States Constitution nor for The Bill of Rights of the citizenry. And yet the church has chosen to not hold these men and women accountable to their behavioral guidelines set forth in Scripture. Government is not exempt from the rule of GOD. Government is to be the example of GOD’s rule of law. Americas sacred documents cannot be rightly interpreted apart from the revealed truths of the Christian Bible. They are inseparable.

Secular ideology has never ceased to silence Christian morals in the realms of government, education, debate, and in every aspect of American life. But it is only the born-again church of Jesus Christ that has the authority to instruct those in government as to how they must act! GOD has spoken through Scripture, and as Christ’s disciples we have the moral obligation to proclaim to all people what GOD expects of each of us. As so many in government have done, it is the responsibility of the church to learn the facts regarding the world-view and conduct of every politician in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. To make known this information so that the people of the states who have voted these men and women into office will have the information that is necessary to determine if one is morally capable to hold public office. The church has neglected this responsibility. And because of this neglect, the immoral conduct of American society is the result of the amoral conduct of those in leadership in first the church and in government.

The Christian life is not the crutch of weakness so many believe it is. GOD’s calling has consequence! Anyone can live the cowardly life of moral relativism and self servitude. It takes courage though to be the voice of reason and of accountability. The men and women who dare to believe the Gospel of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ are the most influential people among any society. The church must speak up…..with bold humility.

August 16, 2013


GOD is love, but you must be made to understand that GOD’s love for humanity is conditional, and that condition demanded justice. Most people today do not have a correct understanding of GOD because far too many people in religious leadership themselves do not have a correct understanding of GOD. A price for your and my sins had to be paid. Christ died so that we could live, and only GOD could be the substitute in our place. GOD became sin so that we might be declared righteous. All false world religions are man’s attainment to the god of their choosing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ alone is the account of GOD’s redemption of man. The Gospel is foolishness to the sinner, but it is the power of GOD through the life-long work of salvation resulting in the transformation of one’s life to those whom GOD has called. Those opposed to this message reject GOD’s gift of love or have went out from Christian fellowship by choice into the world because you are not nor were you ever of us. Salvation is not something that you decide to begin one day. Salvation is the work of GOD. I pity you. It will be a terrible day when the unsaved of humanity stand before the one true GOD on their own merit to be judged, and are then subject to the eternal wrath of GOD.

The Christian Gospel is the greatest truth in all the world to consider. In all honesty, how could men have ever imagined and then written a story so unbelievable as what is presented in the Bible as GOD’s self-revelation to humanity? This alone gives evidence that the Bible is the only true revelation of GOD… GOD cannot, GOD will not conform to what we want GOD to be. We must conform to what GOD demands we become. Do not be wrong, your eternal life depends on the decision you make!

August 7, 2013



Podcast of the interview I had tonight featuring my book. http://wildfire.gigya.com/facebook/preview.aspx?fb_sig_api_key=f7667e9ebccf2157d6f15f991a5e3ce9&wid=669276061&p=bHQ9MTM3NTg1MTIwMjQzMCZwdD*xMzc1ODUxMjA1MDUxJnA9NDUwOTcyJmQ9SG9zdElEJTNhJTIwNzc1NTYmbj1mYWNlYm9vayZnPTImbz*wMjhlY2ZhZjJlYjU*MWZmYTBjZTM*NjYxYzQxNjc3MSZvZj*w&s=1

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August 6, 2013


Reza Aslan has written a blasphemous book about why he does not believe the biblical account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“William D.Simpson has authored one of the most interesting accounts of Christianity you might ever read, (LIVING IN THE HOPE OF MY IMAGINATION) written from the heart and with brutal honesty about the darker side of life, compassion, and the Christian faith.”

Deborah Beeksma – Blog Talk Radio Host
Online Interview Tonight (Tuesday, August 6, 2013 – 10:00 PM EST)

Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/god-discussion/2013/08/07/a-compelling-story-for-compassion-and-the-christian-faith?fb_action_ids=10200980620772054&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.Uf6HqWlhnZ4.like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

August 2, 2013



“There is no higher opinion than the voice of GOD”

Throughout recorded time “men” have given their opinions regarding what they believed or not, about GOD. All of their atheistic and religious writings reveal what humanity can do to either ignore or to obtain GOD’s acceptance, or through some mystical unanswerable means achieve the knowledge of a pathway to a higher spiritual attainment. In short – man makes the rules regarding what one can choose to do to either reject the knowledge of GOD or be accepted by GOD…

The Bible, the only comprised writings by men throughout the span of time that it took to give us the Canons of Scripture, all reveal that GOD is sovereign in the account of creation, and with the affairs of man. That no man can approach GOD on any terms other than the term established by GOD.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

That GOD is holy holy holy and righteous and sovereign, and is judge of all things, means that what you and I may believe is irrelevant when compared to what GOD has said in the revelation about GOD given to us by GOD through the hands of men inspired of GOD

Is GOD confused? No, it is we…

Among the authors of non-fiction opinion there is not often a book written which presents inspired objective opinion. Thankfully I have not had any University level indoctrination nor do I consider myself an overly-intelligent person. But what I do possess is the knowledge given to me by GOD in regards to my Savior Jesus Christ. This truth is evident through the life-transformation which GOD has begun in me. This book which I wrote is the account of my personal testimony. I should not even be alive much less serving the one true GOD, but I am alive and I am no longer the person that I used to be.

People today the world-over deny that the Bible is true while forever searching for something or someone who can give to them that which helps to satisfy that unfulfilled desire for inner peace and acceptance. The worlds false religions and most authors today are evidence of this reality. But…..what if someone were able to give a compelling and convincing testimony which gives evidence that the Bible is the only true revelation of GOD. With all the seeking and yet no answers being revealed, would you at least be willing to read a book that does just this? Every single reader review to date has said that the book’s message is intense and is thought-provoking. You have questions, I present answers! Download the eBook for free, read it, and then consider the evidence. This is all that I ask of you. GOD will do the rest.

The message of the Christian Gospel is the single most important truth in all the world to consider!

Amazon Reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Living-Hope-Imagination-Compelling-Revelation/dp/088144488X

August 1, 2013




Give to a person what they want and in time it will become an expectation. Left unchallenged that anticipation turns into habit and once trained, independence gives way to dependence. When people are reliant they become comfortable and at that moment, they are led astray. This defines American culture today. WAKE UP PEOPLE! You are happily being led to the slaughter and you don’t even know it. Self-indulgent political agendas and a systematic dismantling of moral ethics have created a way of life that has ruptured the foundation of who we are. Money, power and self-gratification are now the heartbeat of a nation that once held human life in high esteem. We have become a people despised by our very own. For the people involved in everything from politics to education, science to medicine, entertainment, media and the arts, to false world religions and those who just don’t know, your time of accountability has come. It is time for change, but not the change they want us to believe in.

Amazon Reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Living-Hope-Imagination-Compelling-Revelation/dp/088144488X

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